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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records Barnett-Bee

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with B contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

B-Barnes Barnett-Bee Bend-Berryman Bi-Bonds Bonner-Brand
Brandon-Bright Brimage-D Brooks E. Brooks-P. Brooks R. Brooks-Brunt Bryant-Byras






PG #



Barnett, Alfred Lee, Mary 04/25/1893 Yazoo G 35 Carter, A. C. Minister
Barnett, Allen Alexander, Millie 10/20/1917 Holmes 15 273 Reid, C. K. J. P.
Barnett, Daniel Fisher, Milly 03/16/1867 Yazoo 4 565 Hinter, J. H. J. P.
Barnett, Edward Davis, Francis 07/05/1866 Yazoo 4 98 Langford, L. D.  
Barnett, Fred Strong, Callie 07/13/1902 Washington 24 367 Hagan, Wm J. P.
Barnett, Henry Wilson, Mary 04/09/1901 Holmes 4 558 Owens, Ed M. G.
Barnett, Henry Woodcock, Mattie 03/02/1925 Holmes 19 193 Dortch, D. A. Minister
Barnett, Henry Simmons, T. Brecker 05/04/1921 Holmes 17 227 Griffin, J. L. Minister
Barnett, Jack Mitchell, Jessie 07/06/1925 Holmes 19 255    
Barnett, John Church, Savannah 03/05/1897 Holmes 2 70 Cooper, C. Minister
Barnett, Louis Stephenson, Eliza 12/08/1921 Holmes 12 133 Gart, Miles Minister
Barnett, Randolph Jones, Ada 04/08/1897 Holmes 2 109 Cooper, Thomas Minister
Barnett, Will Jefferson, Mary 06/07/1905 Holmes 8 16    
Barnett, William Fort, Minnie 07/31/1895 Holmes H 518 Turner, A. W. J. P.
Barnett, William Donelson, Rosa 01/04/1903 Holmes 6 62 Carson, E. C. Minister
Barnett, Willie Brooks, Henretta 02/01/1895 Holmes H 440 Nixon, Geo. F. J. P.
Barnhill, Gillham Williams, Jenette 03/08/1898 Holmes 2 525 Carson, E. T. Minister
Barns, Manel Strong, Margett 08/11/1912 Sunflower 4 230 Manglin, J. C. Minister
Barns, Manuel Strong, Margaret 08/11/1912 Sunflower 14 230 Manglin, J. C. Minister
Barns, Milford Pitchford, Beatrice 12/01/1922 Yazoo I 120 Blount, J. T. J. P.
Barrier, B. J. Taylor, Mary Grace 07/21/1899 Yazoo N 226 Wilson, F. C.  
Barrow, Turner Shackleford, Mandy 12/16/1895 Holmes
Barrs, Ben Brown, Sarah 11/10/1917 Yazoo E 505 Montgomery, S. E. J. P.
Barry, Joe Weir, Louisa 10/19/1916 Holmes 15 32 Reid, C. K. J. P.
Bayman, Dave Wilson, Alice 09/19/1918 Holmes 15 578 Garner Minister
Bayman, Neely Williams, Maggie 11/01/1918 Holmes 16 13 Mobberly, E. T. Minister
Bayman, Otha Streeter, Joe Auria 02/03/1918 Holmes 15 441 Anderson, D. Minister
Bayman, Tom Kemp, Tye 02/08/1917 Holmes 15 165 Crafton, C. Minister
Bayman, William Reed, Susie 08/17/1924 Holmes 18 586 Tate, W. R. J. P.
Baymon, Berry Fucus, Pearlie 08/16/1920 Holmes 16 578 Mobberly, E. T. Minister
Baymon, Tom Brown, Victoria 02/24/1908 Holmes 9 506
Baymond, Tom Robertson, Emma 06/19/1909 Holmes 10 406
Beaman, Albert Lane, Sue May 11/07/1912 Attala L 366 Warren, J. D.
Beaman, Ben Irvin, Emma 12/21/1916 Holmes 15 100 Washington, Ed Minister
Beaman, Ben Brown, Margaret 01/06/1904 Holmes 6 559 Willies, T. W. Minister
Beaman, George Johnson, Carrie 12/03/1910 Yazoo X 462 Rapton, W. J. J. P.
Beaman, George Griffen, Lillie 01/21/1905 Holmes 7 462
Beaman, George Young, Tempie 07/15/1901 Holmes 4 632
Beaman, George Davis, Cora 12/19/1915 Holmes 14 230 Brown, Davis Minister
Beaman, Lucus Gillyard, Minnie 06/15/1913 Holmes 13 123 Scarbord, E. Minister
Beaman, Luse Williams, Parthena 01/09/1915 Yazoo C 374
Beaman, Robert Little, Lillie 12/03/1922 Holmes 18 143 Wallace, P. W. Minister
Beaman, Robert Williams, Mary Alice 06/15/1918 Holmes 15 529 Lane, E. D. Minister
Beaman, Sam Moore, Dasie 12/28/1904 Holmes 7 387
Beeman, Wess Harvey, Carrie 02/12/1899 Holmes 3 244 Williams, T. W.
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