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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records Bend-Berryman

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with B contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

B-Barnes Barnett-Bee Bend-Berryman Bi-Bonds Bonner-Brand
Brandon-Bright Brimage-D Brooks E. Brooks-P. Brooks R. Brooks-Brunt Bryant-Byras






PG #



Bend, Willis Gamble, Ariant 12/21/1914 Yazoo C 329 Maple, L. C. M. G.
Bender, Thos. Hudson, Willia May 06/30/1919 Winston 13 551 Huffer, A. L. M. G.
Bennett, Victor Brown, Elizabeth 09/26/1925 Lawrence H 386
Bennett, Victor Smith, Mary 09/05/1924 Jones 5 239 Shorbaugh, R. C. J. P.
Bennett, W. B. Freucli, Rosa 01/07/1924 Clarke 5 102 Miller, J. A. J. P.
Bennett, W. E. Kelly, Anna H. 12/07/1916 Montgomery A 79 McEven, Reid Minister
Bennett, W. H. Beck, Edna 04/29/1923 Montgomery B 87 Titus, M. L. Minister
Bennett, W. H. Jones, Perline 05/09/1909 Quitman 4 216 Johnson, R. B. Minister
Bennett, Wade Flowers, Arcana 12/18/1884 Desoto 6 99 Hawkins, Alex M. G.
Bennett, Walter Carter, Adaline Mrs. 09/16/1913 39 9 Jackson, W. Minister
Bennett, Warren Young, Belzars 12/19/1912 Montgomery 12 243 Townsend, T. A.
Bennett, Wesley Fergueson, Sallie 09/03/1870 Desoto B 346 McClainrock, S. M. G.
Bennett, Wilkes Miller, Elizabeth 12/22/1925 Holmes 19 374 Lane, G. L. Minister
Bennett, Will Taylor, Ethel 03/05/1920 Washington 50 535 Wiley, W. H. Minister
Bennett, Will Johnson, Mariah 11/26/1912 Washington 37 507 Sims, C. W. Minister
Bennett, William Marsh, Adilia 06/02/1895 Clarke F 237 Ward, H. R. J. P.
Bennett, William Johnsonton, Ella 04/24/1918 Clarke 3 429 Harrison, J. H.
Bennett, William Johnson, Emaline 12/11/1896 Montgomery 3 151 Nabors, A. M. G.
Bennett, William McDode, Little Mrs. 12/29/1915 Quitman 7 222 Bayne, J. A. Minister
Bennett, William Malone, Louisa 02/04/1916 Perry S 106 McInnis, L. C.
Bennett, William Trotter, Luatlina 09/10/1905 Montgomery 9 506 Hand, J. A. M. G.
Bennett, William Kin, Mollie 02/08/1904 Montgomery 9 332 Martin, J. H. Minister
Bennett, William Cunningham, Martha 02/10/1921 Perry 8 470 Bush, Charles L. Minister
Bennett, William H. Reynold, Willie 02/10/1915 Benton 8 293 Guyton, Y. R. Minister
Bennett, William Killie Wiseman, Minerva 04/15/1886 Claiborne 10 293 Sission, Jas. A. Minister
Bennett, Willie McCoy, Bettie 01/16/1916 Sharkey 15 271 Sydney, L. E. Minister
Bennett, Willie Page, Cornelia 01/24/1925 Lomar 1 379 Collins, W. E. M. G.
Bennett, Willie Webster, Ella 06/03/1918 18 259
Bennett, Willie Belton, Essie 01/15/1903 Adams CC 453 Richards, William Minister
Bennett, Willie Washington, Gertude 07/19/1913 Yazoo B 175 Hayden, C. M. Minister
Bennett, Willie Johnson, Lizzie 05/30/1918 Quitman 9 178 Marshall, S. P.
Bennett, Willie Wilson, Nettie 04/03/1915 Yazoo
Bennett, Willie Sanders, Pearl 04/08/1922 Montgomery A 580 Moth, H. M. Minister
Bennett, Willie Coleman, Rosa 03/07/1909 Adams GG 75 Johnson, T. J. Minister
Bennett, Willie Nowell, Sinie 01/20/1897 Quitman 1 210
Bennett, Willis Nauno, Levenia 12/19/1884 Clarke 2 238
Bennett, York Jenning, Peggy 11/14/1896 Attala G 531 Davis, B. J.
Bently, Will Johnson, Anne Mae 08/22/1925 Humphreys 5 68 Johnson, G. S. Minister
Bernard, Ike Frances, Mary 01/31/1914 Yazoo B 546 Royster, W. J. J. P.
Berry, Anthony Peifer, Mary 12/20/1910 Holmes 11 354 Jordan, W. H. Minister
Berry, Bill David, Fannie 03/05/1916 Yazoo D 342 Weatherby, W. C. M. G.
Berry, Charlie Gracie, Sarah 01/05/1894 Holmes H 106 Williams, Lincoln M. G.
Berry, Clark Diggs, Luella 01/02/1910 Yazoo X 44 Epps, L. E.
Berry, Dan Gilmore, Mandy 12/25/1917 Holmes 15 375 Coleman, D. L. Minister
Berry, Dan Banks, Savannah 03/25/1899 Holmes 3 317 Banks, C. Minister
Berry, Harry Hines, Carrie 01/03/1890 Holmes K 262 Shackleford, G. W. J. P.
Berry, Hill Callous, Fannie 03/22/1914 Yazoo C 35 Heritige, A. R. M. G.
Berry, Jasker Hampton, Florence 04/17/1914 Holmes 13 367 Brown, D. B. Minister
Berry, Marshall Green, Mariah 06/15/1916 Holmes 14 551 Joe, E. H. Minister
Berry, Otha Bunch, Henretta 01/31/1921 Yazoo G 428 Montgomery, S. E. J. P.
Berry, P. W. Townsend, Lennie B. 12/18/1913 Yazoo B 370 Green, G. P.
Berry, Perrie Simmons, Viola 05/24/1914 Yazoo C 100 Lewis, S. A. M. G.
Berry, Prince Harris, Lizzie 01/02/1890 Holmes K 276 Broadway, W. M. Minister
Berry, Robert Owens, Lucy 05/27/1899 Yazoo N 171 Watford, G. S.
Berry, Willie Washington, Ellen 12/05/1907 Yazoo W 509 Brown, A. F. M. G.
Berry, Willie Owens, Mamie 12/17/1920 Yazoo G 288 Hammond, R. S. Minister
Berry, Willie Taylor, Rena 11/19/1910 Yazoo X 431 Wilkes, Ed Minister
Berryman, Josh Randall, Roena 12/26/1889 Holmes K 238 Jackson, J. K. Minister
Berryman, Thomas Clairborn, Lucinda 01/31/1895 Holmes H 443 Jackson, J. H. M. G.
Berryman, William Forninn, Bobie 08/21/1890 Holmes K 474 Jasper, P. H. Minister
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