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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records Bi-Bonds

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with B contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

B-Barnes Barnett-Bee Bend-Berryman Bi-Bonds Bonner-Brand
Brandon-Bright Brimage-D Brooks E. Brooks-P. Brooks R. Brooks-Brunt Bryant-Byras






PG #



Bindes, John Davis, Denise 09/19/1916 Wayne 4 302 Pusher, G. P. M. G.
Birgham, Arthur Armstrong, Lizzie 09/09/1907 Yazoo W 497 Jones, W. L. G. M. G.
Bohanan, Abe Jack, Sandra 02/28/1916 Kemper 1 561 Jordan, L. L. M. G.
Bond, Andrew Payne, Ethel 02/01/1931 L 366 Campbell, Lumzy Minister
Bond, John Opem, Peailie 01/06/1897 Lee 6 50 Riser, B. M. M. G.
Bond, William Precisrte, Mary 12/30/1881 Lee 3 400 Marshall, R. Elder
Bondabough, Andrew Pierce, Julia 12/11/1905 Washington 28 179 Perkins, B. J. Minister
Bondage, Andrew Williams, Rosa 01/22/1893 Wilkinson N 261 Bell, C. Minister
Bondagough, William Black, Angeline 11/11/1905 Washington 28 95 Archer, Stevenson Minister
Bonds, Albert Cumminham, Annie 02/27/1916 Lee 12 177 Bowen, G. W. M. G.
Bonds, Amos Carr, Sarah 02/05/1925 Jasper 4 95 Coleman, J. S. Minister
Bonds, Benj. Coats, Ella 12/25/1876 Wilkinson J 500 Marks, Elder
Bonds, Bert Bryon, Ella 04/26/1898 Lee 6 207
Bonds, Charles Jackson, Laura 09/15/1907 Wilkinson S 383 Neylark, Adam
Bonds, Charles Johnson, Patsy 08/15/1914 Quitman 7 36
Bonds, Chatman McLain, Leva 09/24/1919 Wilkinson V 81 Rose, J. N.
Bonds, Clarborne Bolres, Olivia 12/29/1897 Wilkinson P 124 Byant, J. H. J. P.
Bonds, Clarence Perkins, Anna 11/15/1914 Quitman 17 83 Jackson, Elias
Bonds, Claudice Lewis, Jannie 01/01/1908 Franklin 9 539 Jordan, L. E. M. G.
Bonds, Cottrell Wilson, Eless 02/21/1923 Amite 25 329 Cockerhen, L. C. J. P.
Bonds, David James, Bettie 02/17/1911 Tate 14 135 Osteen, A. R. J. P.
Bonds, Elijah McLain, Catherine  07/14/1899 Amite 16 73 Jones, J. H. J. P.
Bonds, Elijah Van Norman, Janie 01/12/1914 Amite 21 588 Stratton, A. G. J. P.
Bonds, Elijah Havard, Charlotte 05/24/1900 Amite 18 317 Jones, J. H. J. P.
Bonds, Elijah Van Norman, Katie 12/28/1920 Amite 24 394 Carroll, A. B. J. P.
Bonds, Elisha Sloearingen, Ella 02/28/1913 Amite 18 220 Gardner, E. M. G.
Bonds, Ester Webb, Lulla 12/23/1913 Lafayette S 480 Yarber, Geo. M. G.
Bonds, Eugene Winding, Dellie May 04/16/1924 Amite 26 39 Carrol, A. B. J. P.
Bonds, Eugene Hornsby, Sarah 05/12/1908 Wilkinson S 559 Blackmore, E. B.
Bonds, Frank Van Norman, Lemon 04/29/1921 Amite 24 465 Jenkins, Joseph
Bonds, Frank Van Norman, Minnie Lee 12/31/1919 Amite 24 183 Stratton, A. G. Mayor
Bonds, Frank Patterson, Rose E. 10/21/1924 Quitman 12 29
Bonds, Fred Braxton, Hattie 10/22/1911 Washington 36 470 Martin, C. M. Minister
Bonds, Geo Luter, Rosebud 04/29/1900 Pike H 224 Pillars, A. Minister
Bonds, George Williams, Belle 03/02/1902 Wilkinson Q 392 Humphrey, Noah J. P.
Bonds, George Hunt, Frances 07/30/1911 Lee 10 132
Bonds, George Bowling, Hetdel 11/14/1911 Lee 11 337 Jones, J. S.
Bonds, Harrison Campbell, LeFlore 11/13/1923 Amite 25 433 Chapman, J. A. Minister
Bonds, Henry Boyles, Belzra 10/17/1917 Panola 7 584 Bloud, J. H. Minister
Bonds, Henry Westbrook, Jane 12/30/1880 Franklin Z 38 McGhee, J. H. M. B. S.
Bonds, Henry Pace, Viney 05/08/1882 Yazoo B 307 Carroll, Peter Minister
Bonds, Homer Hugh, Annie 04/25/1909 Wayne 3 119 Patterson, Z. S. M. G.
Bonds, Hugh Nevell, Lucille 09/08/1923 Jones 5 29 Harrison, W. H. Minister
Bonds, Hy Conerly, Fannie 12/18/1895 Pike F 9
Bonds, Isaac Bonds, Alice 12/27/1922 Franklin 6 37 Allen M. G.
Bonds, Isiah Holston, Willie 09/22/1909 Lafayette Q 479 Coleman, F. L. M. G.
Bonds, Isiah Johnie Graves, Lula 01/24/1889 Franklin 2 405 Graves, W. H. J. P.
Bonds, Ivy Adams, Min Parilee 04/25/1906 11 386 Hall, A. J. M. G.
Bonds, James Cain, Mary 04/28/1872 Pontotoc FM 227 West, James D. Minister
Bonds, Jas Smiley, Annie 08/05/1902 Pike H 526 Quin, R. M.
Bonds, Jerry Andrews, Jane 12/21/1900 Pike H 118 Cook, J. C. Minister
Bonds, Jim Evans, Hattie 04/30/1904 Clarke G 537 Fatherer, J. W. J. P.
Bonds, John Price, Ara 02/07/1895 Claiborne 13 433 Dimes, R. W. Minister
Bonds, John Hayes, Margaret M. 11/21/1882 Lee 3 465
Bonds, John Young, Allie 08/10/1902 Lee 7 157 Riser, B. M. M. G.
Bonds, Johnnie Jackson, Alice 03/04/1922 Amite 25 125 Cassels, Delos Minister
Bonds, Johnnie Jenkins, Lillie 02/09/1918 Amite 23 205 Grossly, W. A. Minister
Bonds, Jonas Wells, Eve B. 03/07/1923 Amite 25 340 Robins, C. C. Minister
Bonds, L. F. Butler, Carrie 11/29/1919 Amite 24 134 Carroll, A. B. J. P.
Bonds, Lee Young, Doretha 01/26/1923 Amite 25 310 Prey, W. D. J. P.
Bonds, Lee Lee, Lillian 05/05/1924 Amite 26 43 Carroll, A. B. J. P.
Bonds, Llewlyn Ruee, Ora 09/14/1923 Amite 4 251 Quin, B. C. J. P.
Bonds, Luther Boxley, Rosie 10/29/1917 Franklin 7 72 Saxon, R. G. J. P.
Bonds, Melford Winifield, Ellen 12/19/1916 Wilkinson U 279 Neyland, S. L.
Bonds, Monroe Woods, Belle 09/20/1914 Pontotoc 7 50 Golden, G. W. M. G.
Bonds, Nathan Sargent, Rachel 11/13/1878 Lee 3 49 Bolden, Barlease
Bonds, Oscar Richardson, Hattie 10/10/1915 Lee 12 62 Daily, Will M. G.
Bonds, Sam Gulledge, Carrie 02/12/1917 Pike U 3
Bonds, Senels Wenfield, Mattiles 12/19/1916 Wilkinson U 280 Neyland, E. L.
Bonds, Solomon Lacking, Ruby 12/08/1923 Amite 25 451 Stratton, A. G. Mayor
Bonds, Solomon Davis, Sarah 02/20/1896 Wilkinson O 433 Armstrong, Chas. Minister
Bonds, Spence Burnes, Charlotte 02/07/1878 Wilkinson K 42 Marshall, Henry
Bonds, Sula Wells, Ruby 11/09/1917 Amite 23 107 Watkins, C. Minister
Bonds, Theadore Gardner, Ethel 02/17/1923 Prentiss 13 368 Miller, U. L. J. P.
Bonds, Tony Black, Maltie 10/26/1906 Lafeyette O 42 Huston, W. M. M. G.
Bonds, Willia Knox, Mabel 03/08/1908 14 32
Bonds, Willis Knox, Mabel 10/10/1907 11 481
Bonds, Wright Johnson, Sarah 06/06/1889 Lee 4 520 Pope, J. W. M. G.
Bonds, Wyatt Davis, Rhamey 02/21/1869 Wilkinson H 410 Finn, Wm. Minister
Bonds, Young      , May June 01/04/1886 4 179 Lloyd, G. W. M. G.
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