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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records Bonner-Brand

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with B contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

B-Barnes Barnett-Bee Bend-Berryman Bi-Bonds Bonner-Brand
Brandon-Bright Brimage-D Brooks E. Brooks-P. Brooks R. Brooks-Brunt Bryant-Byras






PG #



Bonner, Albert Johnson, Eliza 02/20/1880 Yazoo A 552 Barnes, Peter
Bonner, Albert Shannon, Lucy 03/20/1919 Holmes 16 182 Hazley, P. Minister
Bonner, Otho Ford, Lula 05/01/1907 Yazoo W 338 Townsville, G. T. Minister
Bonner, Willis Stewart, Roxie 04/13/1907 Holmes 9 148
Borman, John Hudson, Dorcas 02/01/1903 Holmes 6 218    
Bounds, Alberts House, Callie 07/20/1901 Clarke G 239 Washington, C. Minister
Bounds, Berry Husbound, Dianna 02/09/1867 B 15 Brashier, P. Minister
Bounds, Bob Evans, Bertha 08/04/1908 Clarke 1 470 Reggins, W. R.
Bounds, Bob Townsend, Bessie 12/15/1904 Choctow F 13 Smith, J. L.
Bounds, Elbert Hands, Lizzie 10/03/1889 Clarke E 62 Lloyd, H. Minister
Bounds, James Barner, Tabitha 10/28/1897 Clarke F 416 Welch, J. G. J. P.
Bounds, Jesse McCanty, Hattie 05/02/1918 Clarke 3 434 Anderson, J. J. Minister
Bounds, Jesse Evans, Dora 11/30/1905 Clarke 1 125 York, V. S.
Bounds, John Holmes, Elizabeth 04/29/1900 Pike H 223 Pillars, August
Bounds, John Harris, Ester 12/17/1924 Quitman 13 383 Johnson, A. R. Minister
Bounds, Lawrence Bender, Nara 05/13/1923 Jones 4 559 Scarbough, D. G. J. P.
Bounds, Mundy Gilmer, Fellis Ann 07/01/1880 Clarke C 447 Merrill, W. W. J.P.
Bounds, Mundy Crawford, Sandi 12/10/1885 Clarke D 298 Cooper, M. Minister
Bounds, William Waters, Eliza 11/20/1891 Clarke E 263 Faierson, C. Minister
Bourbon, Vincent Green, Delphi 11/10/1867 Jefferson D 246 Wade, Lawrence J. P.
Bowman, Aaron Johnson, Fannie 04/14/1892 Adams 5 204 Swan, Alfred Minister
Bowman, Abraham Jones, Rachel 01/01/1869 Yazoo 3 190 Thomas, Charley M. G.
Bowman, Alec Dilling, Angelina 01/08/1898 Lincoln 1 534 Clark, N. L. M. G.
Bowman, Alec Porter, Bettie 11/09/1907 Lincoln 6 484 Daughty, J. B. J. P.
Bowman, Alex Hollins, Elvis 01/26/1915 Wilkinson U 121 Reynolds, M.
Bowman, Andrew Horton, Mary L. 01/06/1898 Holmes 2 369 Owens, Ed Minister
Bowman, Charlie Pullen, Mary 12/22/1900 Holmes 4 379 Owens, Ed M. G.
Bowman, Clark White, Irena 07/21/1915 Yazoo C 589 Bell, E. S. J. P.
Bowman, D. C. Frazier, Fannie 09/10/1917 Yazoo E 414 Clay, W. C. Minister
Bowman, Dan Frazier, Martha 03/08/1921 Yazoo S 477 Lighteap, T. M. M. G.
Bowman, E. Johnson, Emma 01/28/1886 Yazoo C 466 Goodwin, G, W.
Bowman, Eddie Washington, Sallie 11/24/1892 Yazoo F 402 Houston, J. G. Minister
Bowman, Edward Stancy, Lydia 01/03/1849 Yazoo E 169 Godfrey, J. A.
Bowman, Henry Jackson, Plesa 09/29/1917 Yazoo E 451 Jones, P. M. Minister
Bowman, Howard Collins, Cynithia Ann 08/05/1903 Holmes 6 338 Edwards, R. M. J. P.
Bowman, J. B. Andrews, Helen 01/08/1898 Holmes 2 370 Owens, Ed Minister
Bowman, James Jr. Coleman, Rose 12/12/1900 Yazoo P 78 Watford, S. T.
Bowman, John Howard, Leota 01/14/1923 Holmes 18 225 Crafton, C. C. Minister
Bowman, Morris Perkins, Nan 10/15/1917 Yazoo E 456 Johnson, P. M. Minister
Bowman, Pat Johnson, Ella 02/10/1883 Yazoo B 437 Hillman, Robt.
Bowman, Tom Wright, Ireania 03/02/1919 Holmes 16 152 Hester, W. H. Minister
Bowman, William Davis, Lovella 01/01/1916 Yazoo D 234 Hertage, A. R. M. G.
Bowman, Willie Johnson, Lori Yazoo C 193 Thomas, P.
Brabbar, Benj Grant, Mary Lou 12/04/1916 Monroe 27 594 Hale, J. H. Minister
Brabbon, Contellar Turner, Catherine 12/26/1910 Montgomery 11 571 Houston, L. P. Minister
Brabham, Joseph Travis, Parnesy  03/28/1840 Amite 3 84
Bracey, Henry Foster, Winnie 02/03/1916 Yazoo D 300 Robinson, W. A.
Bracket, John Ellis, Hannah 02/21/1913 Holmes 1 241 Duke, S. M. Minister
Bracton, George Leake, Emma 02/06/1875 Yazoo 1 37 Cheathman, Logan
Bracton, George Jr. Johnson, Evelel 06/29/1907 Yazoo W 419
Bragg, Abner Montgomery, Rosa 04/05/1912 Holmes 12 400 McGee, J. C. Minister
Bragg, Edgar Owens, Louvenia 09/30/1925 Holmes 19 286 Coffer, J. C. Minister
Bragg, Peter Shaw, Norris 01/11/1899 Holmes 3 195 Land, M. C. Minister
Bragg, Peter Smith. Sallie 02/13/1890 Holmes K 348 Land, M. C. Minister
Braggs, George Wiley, Chanley 01/23/1923 Holmes 18 229 Ousley, E. D. Minister
Braggs, George Griffin, Cora 12/26/1900 Holmes 4 400 Jackson, J. H. Minister
Braggs, Peter Rogers, Mamis 12/07/1924 Holmes 19 65 Young, James Minister
Braggs, Richard Cross, Essie 02/01/1920 Holmes 16 462 Booker, Robert Minister
Brakefield, Lewis White, Rachel 08/30/1916 Yazoo D 545 Moody, I. C. M. G.
Braksdale, R. G. Rowe, Desnee 04/27/1920 Holmes 16 531 Bragg, D. A. Minister
Branch, Robert Calhorn, Malinda 03/29/1900 Holmes 4 159 Nalls  
Branch, Roy Wenable, Lizzie 12/29/1880 Yazoo B 29 Price, H. V. M. G.
Branch, Stephen Bollin, Maggie Bell 12/09/1923 Holmes 18 404 Threadgill, J. T. Minister
Brand, Green Halsey, Maria 01/10/1878 Yazoo 1 632 Golden, T. P. C.
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