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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records Brandon-Bright

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with B contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

B-Barnes Barnett-Bee Bend-Berryman Bi-Bonds Bonner-Brand
Brandon-Bright Brimage-D Brooks E. Brooks-P. Brooks R. Brooks-Brunt Bryant-Byras






PG #



Brandon, Albert Rogers, Mary Alma 02/08/1920 Holmes 16 417 Brown, C. H. Minister
Brandon, J. H. Rowe, Leontine 12/09/1894 Holmes H 323 Allen, J. H. M. G.
Brandon, John Pitchford, Princella 01/03/1920 Holmes 16 421 Mobberly, E. T.
Brandon, Lee McCullen, Mary Ann 01/06/1894 Holmes H 15 Baker, B.
Brandon, Richard Caldwell, Mary 12/31/1896 Holmes 1 507 Rose, J. W. J.P.
Brandon, Tom Clayborn, Beatrice 10/01/1923 Yazoo S 46 Bennett, E. L. Minister
Brandon, Will Brister, Alice 01/17/1901 Yazoo P 257 Miller, Rebun H. Minister
Brandon, William Anderson, Amanda 11/27/1910 Yazoo X 450 Epps, L. E. Minister
Brandy, Albert Taylor, Susie 12/24/1911 Holmes 12 225 Johnson, Wm. Minister
Brantley, Arthur Hooker, Francis 11/23/1907 Holmes 9 289    
Brantley, Nazareth A. Hoskins, Mamie B. 10/23/1920 Holmes 16 605 Johnson, J. A. Minister
Brantly, Charley DaBerry, Montana 06/20/1906 Yazoo T 422 Sanders, M. I. M. G.
Brassell, Cicero Strong, Elizabeth 12/30/1897 Panola 4 458 Polk, H. P.
Braxter, Clark Wilson, Katie 07/13/1900 Holmes 4 225
Braxton, Anthony Washington, Mary 03/22/1907 Holmes 9 134
Braxton, George Williams, Ella 12/28/1893 Holmes H 73 Byrd, E. M. M. G.
Braxton, Phillip Felton, Ellen 12/21/1922 Yazoo I 182 Burnett, S. P. Minister
Braxton, Phillip White, Florida 12/24/1914 Yazoo C 321 Starks, F. S. M. G.
Breckel, Walter Wilson, Elmira 02/03/1914 Yazoo B 538 Roberts, D. F. J. P.
Breckenridge, D. Hall, Alice 08/13/1895 Holmes H 383 Campbell, Abe M. G.
Breckenridge, Jesse Burks, Roselie Lee 03/12/1916 Yazoo D 355 Martin, J. Minister
Breckenridge, William Smith, Hester 05/29/1917 Yazoo E 350 Jack, Booker Minister
Brennin, Joseph Byrd, Louisa W. 06/14/1870 Yazoo D 354 Mounger, E. H. Minister
Brent, John Hendricks, Mary 03/29/1913 Yazoo B 55
Brentley, Henry J. Clagne, Katie C. 04/09/1882 Yazoo B 297 Wise, Jas. L. Rector
Brewer, Alex Brooks, Estella 02/28/1902 Holmes 9 513
Brewer, Alex Standback, Mattie Mrs. 06/11/1911 Yazoo V 416 Johnson, J. M. Minister
Brewer, Barney Tolbert, Sallie 02/14/1904 Holmes 7 9 Owen, A. G. Minister
Brewer, Barney Toliver, America 02/03/1897 Holmes 2 18 Rice, Stephens Minister
Brewer, Charley Hunington, Maggie 07/22/1895 Yazoo I 263 Knight, John  
Brewer, Chester Archer, Callie 12/24/1923 Holmes 18 438 Givins, I. W. Minister
Brewer, Codie Bollicoffer, Auzola 12/30/1919 Holmes 16 417    
Brewer, Dred Nall, Harriet 01/19/1919 Holmes 16 128 Mines, J. M. Minister
Brewer, Dride Freeman, Anna 01/21/1923 Holmes 18 235 Givens, I. W. Minister
Brewer, Eddie Johnson, Callie 09/15/1912 Holmes 12 488 Johnson, L. J. Minister
Brewer, John Sledge, Carnelia 01/18/1895 Yazoo I 52 Brumfield, John J. P.
Brewer, John Walker, Hannah 03/12/1891 Yazoo F 29 Bowman, Robert Jr. J. P.
Brewer, Lee West, Margaret 06/21/1900 Yazoo O 352 Taylor, J. T. Minister
Brewer, Lee Underwood, Mary 12/23/1890 Holmes K 562 Watkins, Wm. Minister
Brewer, Manuel Smith, Amy 01/27/1914 Yazoo C 420    
Brewer, Mike Givins, Eliza 12/26/1920 Holmes 17 51 Coleman, Ed Minister
Brewer, Porter Watts, Nannie 02/20/1910 Holmes 11 83    
Brewer, Riley Thurmond, Emma 12/21/1908 Holmes 10 135    
Brewer, Salberice Wilson, Martha 02/07/1906 Holmes 8 346    
Brewer, Scott Thurmond, Ollie 02/03/1904 Holmes 6 636    
Brewer, T. W. Scott, Mattie 12/14/1908 Holmes 10 110    
Brewer, Walter C. Patterson, Myrtle A. 12/06/1923 Yazoo J 39 Montgomery, S. E. J. P.
Brewer, William Needy, Mary 01/28/1918 Holmes 15 436 Davis, G. W. Minister
Briant, Jerry Rias, H. Ann 08/26/1896 Holmes 1 339 Sims, T. O. Minister
Brice, Marshall House, Katie 01/29/1890 Holmes K 329 Broadnax, A. Elder
Brice, Sam Johnson, Lizzie 01/06/1896 Holmes 1 156 Strickland, Chas Minister
Brice, William Cox, Minnie 05/29/1914 Holmes 13 402
Briggs, Cobb Dixon, Laura 09/25/1903 Holmes 6 328 Logan, J. A. Minister
Briggs, Johnson Davis, Hessie 12/24/1902 Holmes 5 605 Harris, F. H. Minister
Briggs, Louis Covington, Jane 11/02/1890 Holmes K 514 Hasmer, W. P. J. P.
Briggs, William Collins, lori 12/18/1906 Yazoo W 45 Bell, E. S. J. P.
Bright, Arthur Miller, Caroline 08/28/1902 Holmes 5 447 Stokes, T. S. Minister
Bright, Charlie Jackson, Annie 08/19/1907 Yazoo W 465 Moore. C. M. J. P.
Bright, G. H. Johnson, Dora 10/07/1905 Holmes 8 84
Bright, James Luckett, Lena 12/12/1903 Holmes 6 401 Wheeler Minister
Bright, John Blackmon, Needie 12/14/1910 Holmes 11 309 Cooper, Thomas L. Minister
Bright, Parker Lualton, Lilly 10/07/1909 Holmes 10 466
Bright, Sam Hargrove, Hettie 12/21/1902 Holmes 6 32 Pullett, E. Minister
Bright, Sam Hargrove, Hattie 12/31/1902 Holmes 6 32 Pullett, E. Minister
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