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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records Brimage-D Brooks

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with B contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

B-Barnes Barnett-Bee Bend-Berryman Bi-Bonds Bonner-Brand
Brandon-Bright Brimage-D Brooks E. Brooks-P. Brooks R. Brooks-Brunt Bryant-Byras






PG #



Brimage, William Silvia, Augusta 02/06/1902 Holmes 5 249 Benjamine, H. C. Minister
Brinson, Richard Barnes, Polly 06/30/1900 Holmes 4 213 White, Chas. A. M. G.
Brinson, Simon P. Cobbins, Lillie M. 11/18/1923 Holmes 18 384 Phillips, P. Minister
Brisco, Henry Alexander, Harriett 04/22/1903 Holmes 6 215 Dunbar, B. D. Minister
Brister, Bill Anderson, Amy 01/09/1914 Yazoo B 444 Bill, Wm.
Brister, Tom Collins, Carrie 12/01/1901 Holmes 5 104 Adams, Cary Minister
Brister, Tom Mason, Ernestine 01/22/1912 Holmes 12 302 Walister, C. W. Minister
Brister, Tom Pryor, Hester 10/27/1894 Holmes H 278 Nixon, G. F. J. P.
Brister, Will Body, Eva 01/28/1918 Holmes 15 439
Brister, Will Reeves, Rosa 12/28/1908 Holmes 10 192
Brister, William Shepherd, Welthy 12/24/1901 Holmes 5 144 Shepherd, Mark Minister
Brister, Willie Johnson, Alice 09/12/1889 Holmes K 139 Hill, P. H. Minister
Brister, Willie Spraggins, Eliza 11/21/1892 Holmes 2 234
Brister, Willie Hoskins, Rita 10/12/1916 Holmes 15 28 Brown, Dennis Minister
Britain, Geo Jr. Johnson, Evendel 06/29/1907 Yazoo W 419    
Broar, Charley Flowers, Annie 11/07/1890 Yazoo E 488 Anderson, J. L.  
Brock, Albert Dickens, Lula 09/07/1917 Holmes 15 255 Broadnax Minister
Brock, Lee Flowers, Martha 04/25/1889 Yazoo E 114 Tate, Allen
Brock, Walker James, Viola 08/18/1899 Holmes 3 400 Black, A. B. Minister
Brockley, Anthony Dixon, Penny 02/02/1900 Holmes 4 81 Strickland, Chas. M. G.
Brokeman, Will Pritchett, Sallie 01/12/1906 Yazoo T 132 Hardy, H. D.
Bronion, John M. Scott, Annie Dell 05/25/1919 Holmes 16 227    
Brookens, Howard Frierson, Mollie 12/03/1907 Yazoo W 231 Jackson, G. A. Minister
Brookens, Peter Larry, Pearl 01/17/1915 Yazoo C 398 Brown, A. F. Minister
Brookens, Phil Gibson, Eva 10/21/1917 Holmes 15 270 Simmons, J. C. Minister
Brookens, Sam Holmes, Lena 06/05/1910 Yazoo X 285 Davis, P. H.  
Brookins, Caesar Gibson, Lucile 12/21/1917 Holmes 15 341 Tate, R. L. Minister
Brookins, Samuel Holmes, Lena 06/05/1910 Yazoo X 285 Davis, P. H.
Brooks, Adam Red, Phoeba 12/19/1889 Holmes K 209 Crawford, I. R. Minister
Brooks, Alfred Willis, Rowena 01/01/1915 Holmes 13 521 Johnson, W. M. Minister
Brooks, Amos Wright, Flesha 04/26/1897 Holmes 2 130    
Brooks, Anderson Stinsen, Annie 12/27/1895 Holmes 1 131 Gray, L. T. Minister
Brooks, Anderson Randle, Callie 02/02/1904 Holmes 6 623 Harrington, B. L. Minister
Brooks, Anderson Saffold, Elizabeth 04/16/1916 Holmes 14 497 Lenoir, O. Minister
Brooks, Andrew Rosco, Ida 05/23/1896 Holmes 1 299 Cobbins, C. Minister
Brooks, Anthony Robinson, Ailaic 11/03/1913 Yazoo B 276    
Brooks, Bailey Lanfair, Mamie 10/10/1918 Holmes 16 1 Grace, S. Minister
Brooks, Banks Roger, Carrie Lee 10/24/1922 Holmes 18 106 Bruce, W. J. Minister
Brooks, Bailey Kimbrough, Mattie 01/10/1899 Holmes 3 109    
Brooks, Ben Jenkins, Fannie 12/10/1919 Holmes 16 344 Baker, P. B. Minister
Brooks, Ben Johnson, Fannie 12/21/1900 Holmes 4 368 Owen, R. L. M. G.
Brooks, Ben Benjamin, Lelia 12/19/1915 Holmes 14 237 Coleman, J. C. Minister
Brooks, Berry Garnett, Susie 11/07/1913 Holmes 13 191 Johnson, L. J. Minister
Brooks, Burges F. Jones, Annie May 04/12/1916 Yazoo D 428 Brown, Silas M. G.
Brooks, Cassell Morton, Jenny Lee 12/26/1911 Holmes 12 226 Ellis, M. J. Minister
Brooks, Charles Shannon, Anna 01/11/1900 Holmes 4 39    
Brooks, Coleman Montgomery, Emily 12/22/1913 Yazoo B 404    
Brooks, Cooper Harper, Mimmie 04/21/1907 Holmes 9 159    
Brooks, Dave Stansbury, Rebecca 12/23/1918 Holmes 16 75 Reid, C. K. J. P.
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