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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records Cable-Cobb

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with C contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

Cable-Cobb Cobbin-Coffing Cooper-Cubea    






PG #



Cable, Dave Greer, Polly 11/02/1914 Yazoo C 215 Armstrong, P. N. M. G.
Cable, F. S. Hendrick, D. L. 06/10/1908 Yazoo X 208 Roberts, D. F. J. P.
Cable, George Young, Sadie 05/31/1913 Yazoo B 116 Wilkson, A. A. Minister
Cable, Morris Ross, Lillian 10/12/1908 Yazoo X 366 Hibbler, J. G. Minister
Caher, Gus Sims, Cora 12/17/1916 Holmes 15 95 Williams, C. W. Minister
Chapel, Arthur Richards, Eva 03/06/1917 Holmes 15 179 Wiley, L. P. Minister
Chapel, Barger Winston, Ora 06/03/1923 Holmes 18 303 Broadnax, A. Minister
Chapel, Charlie Matthews, Lucy 12/18/1923 Holmes 18 419 Oliver, E. B. Minister
Chapel, Chas. Jr. Washington, Rose 02/10/1904 Holmes 7 3 Broadnax, A. M. G.
Chapel, Frank Landfair, Diana H. 01/07/1920 Holmes 16 427 Howard, Anthony Minister
Chapel, Frank Pinkston, Rosetta 11/21/1913 Holmes 13 207 Coffer, J. C. Minister
Chapel, George Ross, Lizzie 02/08/1905 Holmes 7 500    
Chapel, Milard Fisher, Susie 10/04/1923 Holmes 18 356    
Chapel, Miller Pickett, Ella 02/21/1924 Holmes 18 495 Brown, E. E. Minister
Chaple, Will Hays, Mary 03/16/1907 Holmes 9 127    
Chapley, Frank Blakes, Eadie 09/30/1916 Holmes 15 23 Lane, Ed Minister
Chapman, Alex Anderson, Daisy 08/28/1915 Holmes 14 90 Otis, F. L. Minister
Chapman, Chain Norman, Hannah 03/01/1902 Holmes 5 329 Tory, C. A. Minister
Chapman, Prales Jones, Irene 02/27/1898 Holmes 2 507 Ross, J. W. Minister
Chapman, Robert Washington, Rowan 04/01/1921 Holmes 17 216 Threadgill, T. T. Minister
Chapman, Willie Ellis, Mary 12/31/1924 Holmes 19 131 Cook, Jona Minister
Chappel, Frank Weatherby, Hannah 12/20/1898 Holmes H 349 Cobbins, R. H. M. G.
Chappel, Jim Hill, Daisy 01/31/1908 Holmes 9 486    
Chappel, John Watson, Etta 11/05/1909 Holmes 10 481    
Chappel, Labson Radin, Lizzie 01/13/1898 Holmes 2 417 King, Creb Minister
Chappel, Millard Williams, Ethel 12/13/1910 Holmes 11 304    
Chappel, Millard Roberts, Mary 01/21/1913 Holmes 13 48    
Chappel, Milton Chappel, Lizzie 01/02/1909 Holmes 10 213    
Cheevis, Preston Jefferies, Laura Ann 12/13/1849 Yazoo E 218 Wasson, Elhes J. P.
Chew, Ed Walter, Cora 12/24/1916 Holmes 15 103 Doty, W. A. Minister
Chew, Ed Simmons, Mattie 12/28/1910 Yazoo X 589 Moore, C. M. J. P.
Chew, Eddie Andrews, Clara 12/24/1907 Yazoo V 340 Doty, W. A. Minister
Chew, John Roberts, Lillie 06/18/1916 Yazoo D 366 Doty, Wm. Minister
Chew, William Collins, Susan 03/15/1874 Yazoo 2 619 Smith, R. C.  
Chue, Willie Williams, Eveline 12/10/1890 Yazoo E 512 Jones, John Minister
Cobb, Benjamin Reid, Mary 10/17/1918 Holmes 16 9 Lane, E. J. Minister
Cobb, Bob Burge, Bertie 02/04/1897 Holmes 2 12 Hosner, A. P. J. P.
Cobb, Henry Johnson, Mary 03/16/1923 Yazoo I 365 Wills, H. M.  
Cobb, Levy Cox, Mary 08/20/1918 Holmes 15 557    
Cobb, Simon Patterson, Sirena 12/11/1897 Holmes 2 278 Wilson, A. W. Minister
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