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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records Cooper-Cubea

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with C contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

Cable-Cobb Cobbin-Coffing Cooper-Cubea    






PG #



Cooper, Albert Saddler, Florence 07/17/1907 Holmes 9 195    
Cooper, Albert P. Fulginin, H. O. 08/25/1919 Holmes 16 271 Culpepper, M. M. Minister
Cooper, Alfred Wilkins, Mary Ella 03/22/1899 Holmes 3 419 Williams, R. L. Minister
Cooper, Andrew Johnson, Rebecca 12/30/1898 Holmes L 148 Derring, S. D.  
Cooper, Archie Cumliffe, Emma 12/30/1903 Holmes 6 531 Cooper, T. L. Minister
Cooper, Ash Love, Emma 05/25/1901 Holmes 4 605 Haymore, L. A. Minister
Cooper, C. W. Thurmond, Bertha 02/05/1920 Holmes 16 470 Conic, S. M. Minister
Cooper, Charlie Baugh, Grace 10/14/1904 Holmes 7 216 Falk, R. H. Minister
Cooper, Charlie Burns, Katherine 01/09/1921 Holmes 17 98 Johnson, Lymus Minister
Cooper, Chas Anderson, Mary 08/04/1917 Holmes 15 241 Reid, C. K. J. P.
Cooper, Ealford Carey, Blanche 02/01/1906 Holmes 8 319    
Cooper, Ed Moore, Charity 12/17/1915 Yazoo D 81 Dudley, M. Minister
Cooper, Erenst Jones, Christine 08/04/1917 Yazoo E 400    
Cooper, Frand Sharp, Sue 01/06/1900 Holmes 4 27 Head, C. P. M. G.
Cooper, George Burnett, Lottie 06/02/1899 Holmes 3 368 Coleman, W. H. Minister
Cooper, Henderson Anderson, Mary 01/23/1890 Holmes K 319 Clayton, S. C. Minister
Cooper, Henry Redmond, Ann 02/29/1904 Holmes 7 37 Robinson, J. H. D. Minister
Cooper, Henry Strong, Kansas 12/03/1879 Noxbuee X 103    
Cooper, Henry Stewart, Millie 12/24/1890 Holmes K 589 Lewis, James M. G.
Cooper, Henry Pope, Sallie 03/09/1919 Holmes 16 175 Fort, A. H. Minister
Cooper, Hudson Arrington, Ophelia 11/07/1905 Holmes 8 109    
Cooper, Jake Wright, Lillie 11/19/1901 Holmes 5 82 Davis, Thomas W. Minister
Cooper, James Alexander, Ida 07/02/1899 Holmes 3 380 Wiley Minister
Cooper, James Strong, Malinda 01/16/1883 Noxbuee 2 300 Pippens, Gilbert  
Cooper, James Heard, Maurice 11/13/1921 Holmes 17 360 Thurmond, Willis A. Minister
Cooper, Jesse Whaley, O. C. 08/27/1922 Holmes 18 76 Lockett, John H. Minister
Cooper, Joe Marshall, Nora 01/10/1907 Yazoo W 164 Roberts, D. F. J. P.
Cooper, Joe Braxton, Pricilla 04/30/1914 Yazoo C 64 Jackson, Walter J. P.
Cooper, John McAdovy, Lula 04/13/1910 Holmes 11 140    
Cooper, John Jones, JoAnna 08/15/1916 Holmes 15 5 Wilson, S. W. Minister
Cooper, John Emmett Dyer, Mary Staples 01/24/1888 Yazoo D 345 Parker, S. L. M. G.
Cooper, John H. Coleman, Mary 01/08/1905 Holmes 7 427    
Cooper, Johnny Haywood, Beatrice 02/18/1922 Holmes 17 640 McCuleen, G. D. J. P.
Cooper, Leo Cobbins, Isabella 12/27/1909 Holmes 10 614    
Cooper, Lige Hall, Elivra Cooper 12/18/1907 Yazoo V 268 Oliver, L. O. Minister
Cooper, Lige Ell, Rosa 09/16/1913 Yazoo B 226    
Cooper, Major Clay, Lillie 03/02/1913 Yazoo B 27 Dudley, M. Minister
Cooper, Major Forest, Sarah 02/12/1891 Yazoo E 606 Brookens, J. A.  
Cooper, Martin Brodfield, Grace 08/14/1916 Yazoo D 534 Smith, J. A.  
Cooper, Martin Brodfield, Gracy 12/28/1915 Yazoo D 199    
Cooper, Micheal Trim, Delphia 02/16/1899 Holmes 3 266 Claiborne, S. O. Minister
Cooper, Milburn Irving, Pearl 08/03/1908 Holmes 9 632    
Cooper, Nathan Austin, Lula 09/29/1889 Holmes K 156 Winbush, J. W. Minister
Cooper, O. D. Smith, Lovella 12/11/1924 Holmes 19 18 Anderson, A. A. Minister
Cooper. Major Franklin, Minella 01/30/1920 Holmes 16 461 Johnson, J. A. Minister
Copeland, Ester Strong, Ella 04/11/1912 Sunflower 15 267 Douglass, J. R.  
Covington, Clarence Wernas, Evaline 01/14/1914 Holmes 12 306    
Covington, James Moore, Clara 11/29/1904 Holmes 7 264 Montgomery, C. H. Minister
Covington, James Donald, Irene 10/31/1905 Holmes 8 103    
Covington, Johnnie Wallace, Hannah 11/27/1917 Yazoo E 542 Thomas. P. T. Minister
Covington, Walter Gray, Roxanna 12/04/1899 Holmes 3 499 Gray, T. Minister
Covington, Wm Johnson, Aremia 03/24/1903 Holmes 6 194 Hooker, H. S. Jr. Mayor
Cubbs, J. C. Dean, Mary Bill 07/16/1925 Holmes 19 259 Reid, C. K.  
Cubbs, Jimmy Banks, Corinne 05/22/1920 Holmes 16 540 Godfrey, Lynn Minister
Cubbs, John McLellan, Mattie 03/29/1900 Holmes 4 193 Hill, G. S. M. G.
Cubbs, Willie Bruce, Clemmie 07/18/1920 Holmes 16 562 Hampton, Wade Minister
Cubea, Varlena Harris, Nora 01/07/1923 Holmes 18 215 Phillips, J. W. L. Minister
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