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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records William - Wm. Johnson

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with J contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

J - Johnson B. - D. Johnson E. - G. Johnson H. - I. Johnson J. Johnson
K. - N. Johnson O. - R. Johnson S. - U. Johnson W. - Will Johnson William - Wm. Johnson
Willie Johnson - Johnston Joiner - Jones A. - J. Jordan K. Jordan - Junior  






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Johnson, William March, Ada 01/22/1889 Yazoo E 34 Jones, J. Minister
Johnson, William Tate, Alberta 12/19/1905 Holmes 8 183
Johnson, William Thomas, Annie Lou 12/27/1906 Yazoo W 115 Randolph, B. R. Minister
Johnson, William Cooper, Annie 01/28/1920 Holmes 16 455 Hamilton, Thomas Minister
Johnson, William Howard, Betsy 12/26/1889 Holmes K 247 Land, M. C. Minister
Johnson, William Noble, Charity 03/18/1876 Yazoo 1 271 Randler, Joseph
Johnson, William Buchanan, Christine 02/26/1924 Holmes 18 507 Baker, P. B. Minister
Johnson, William Grant, Clevine 10/25/1920 Holmes 17 14 Brown, M. A. Minister
Johnson, William Hooper, Elizabeth 05/08/1886 Yazoo C 541 Robinson, John
Johnson, William Johnson, Ella 12/24/1922 Holmes 18 200 Brown, M. A. Minister
Johnson, William Thomas, Estella 02/04/1895 Holmes H 445 Robinson, Jno Minister
Johnson, William Sharkey, Eunis 02/27/1895 Yazoo I 136 Brown, H. B. Minister
Johnson, William Glover, Frances 12/12/1906 Yazoo W 29 Baldwin, P. W. Minister
Johnson, William Wilson, Georgia 02/28/1919 Holmes 16 174
Johnson, William Griff, Harriett 10/15/1902 Holmes 5 499 Hosmer, H. P. J. P.
Johnson, William Rusham, Henrietta 02/03/1906 Yazoo F 260 Wiles, W. W. J. P.
Johnson, William Martin, Isabella 04/03/1906 Yazoo O 294 Woods, J. W.
Johnson, William Horton, LeAnna 09/27/1925 Yazoo I 459 Blount, J. T. J. P.
Johnson, William Buckley, Leslie 12/22/1915 Holmes 14 319
Johnson, William Smith, Lizzie 04/21/1887 Yazoo D 160 Thomas, P. Minister
Johnson, William Fridge, Lou Ella 02/06/1890 Yazoo E 350 Johnson, Amos M. G.
Johnson, William Coleman, Lucy 02/29/1892 Yazoo F 244 Thomas, N. T.
Johnson, William Scott, Mammie 12/24/1912 Holmes 12 625 Johnson, Wm Minister
Johnson, William Windley, Margaret 03/29/1889 Yazoo E 101 Johnson, M. J. Minister
Johnson, William Barrett, Mary 11/15/1925 Holmes 19 320 Lane, G. L. Minister
Johnson, William Craig, Mary Ann 02/13/1911 Yazoo V 240 Foss, H. R. J. P.
Johnson, William Durant, Mary 03/26/1916 Holmes 14 469 Coleman, D. L. Minister
Johnson, William Garner, Mary 01/09/1900 Holmes 4 36
Johnson, William Hodges, Mary 11/14/1915 Holmes 14 161 Beard, Alfred Minister
Johnson, William Parker, Mary 08/07/1908 Holmes 9 636
Johnson, William Byrd, Mimmie 12/20/1909 Holmes 10 552
Johnson, William Holston, Polly 06/05/1886 Yazoo C 555 Height, J. R. Minister
Johnson, William Rasculs, Rhoda Ann 10/23/1880 Yazoo A 650 Hite, Joe
Johnson, William Brown, Rosa 11/27/1872 Yazoo F 397 Ellis, Peter
Johnson, William Davis, Sarah 07/11/1908 Holmes 9 618
Johnson, William Gibson, Susan 12/28/1872 Yazoo 2 363 Fife, Peter
Johnson, William Barns, Winney 12/21/1876 Yazoo 1 404 Height, Joe Minister
Johnson, William Fountain Holder, Ivory Peers 04/10/1907 Yazoo V 198 Quin, J. B. Minister
Johnson, William Parker, LeAnna Yazoo G 134 Sanders, T.
Johnson, Wm Miller, Eliza 11/29/1904 Holmes 7 262
Johnson, Wm Washington, Eliza 04/11/1878 Yazoo A 85 Columbus, B. Minister
Johnson, Wm Cowan, Francis 01/10/1904 Holmes 6 575 Broadnax, A. Minister
Johnson, Wm Cooper, Lillie 12/15/1900 Holmes 4 343 Anderson, D. Minister
Johnson, Wm Murphy, Lizzie 01/24/1870 Yazoo E 335 Latterman, J. C.
Johnson, Wm Pemibleton, Lizzie 11/26/1903 Holmes 6 385 Bell, Geo. Minister
Johnson, Wm Claiborn, Lou 12/29/1903 Holmes 7 21 Hosmer, H. P. J. P.
Johnson, Wm Barnes, Mary 04/17/1872 Yazoo 2 256 Golden, Eli
Johnson, Wm Lewis, Mary 01/27/1912 Yazoo V 626 Upshaw, J. D.
Johnson, Wm Spencer, Mary Bell 12/30/1882 Yazoo B 397 Harris, Joe
Johnson, Wm Heirin, Mat 02/23/1912 Holmes 12 357
Johnson, Wm Wade, Mollie 07/26/1894 Holmes H 256 Williams, Lincoln M. G.
Johnson, Wm Irwin, Sallie 03/11/1876 Yazoo 1 265 Cahuthers, J. C. J. P.
Johnson, Wm B. Clark, Ellen 04/29/1852 Yazoo E 350 McInnis, R.
Johnson, Wm Henry Wilson, Mary A. 12/24/1909 Yazoo Q 304 Lewis, W. B.
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