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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records A. - J. Jordan

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with J contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

J - Johnson B. - D. Johnson E. - G. Johnson H. - I. Johnson J. Johnson
K. - N. Johnson O. - R. Johnson S. - U. Johnson W. - Will Johnson William - Wm. Johnson
Willie Johnson - Johnston Joiner - Jones A. - J. Jordan K. Jordan - Junior  






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Jordan, A. W. Walton, May 12/18/1902 Yazoo R 309 Brumfield, John J. P.
Jordan, Abraham Meeks, Lillie 02/18/1923 Holmes 18 250 Williams, J. H. Minister
Jordan, Ammon Thurmond, Pearly 07/06/1887 Yazoo D 191 Knight, John Minister
Jordan, Artis Collins, Callie May 12/27/1925 Holmes 19 407 Harrington, B. L. Minister
Jordan, Ben Coats, Emma 05/30/1898 Yazoo M 99 Johnson, A. J. Minister
Jordan, Ben Jordan, Mary 01/25/1894 Yazoo H 66 Mitchum, Alfred  
Jordan, Berry Clark, Amelia 01/05/1900 Holmes 4 446    
Jordan, Berry White, Rose


Holmes K 400 Walker, Nelson Minister
Jordan, Bishop Danniels, Pricilla 05/09/1915 Yazoo C 540 Shumper, J. M.  
Jordan, Callious Cousin, Della 07/29/1916 Yazoo D 520 Smith, W. L.  
Jordan, Carter Red, Bertha 12/25/1903 Holmes 6 482 Broadnax, A. Minister
Jordan, Ceclis Shines, Sarah (Mrs.) 11/15/1923 Holmes 18 378 Reid, C. K. J. P.
Jordan, Charles Brown, Ella 02/11/1902 Holmes 5 300 Owens, Ed Minister
Jordan, Charlie Stewart, Henrietta


Holmes K 587 Logan, J. A. Minister
Jordan, Charlie Garland, Sallie 10/30/1921 Holmes 17 343 Brooks, J. W. Minister
Jordan, Chester Hampton, Annie May 03/02/1916 Yazoo D 343    
Jordan, Clarence Jackson, Maggie 02/14/1905 Holmes 7 506    
Jordan, Clarence Glomer, Mary L. 02/16/1922 Holmes 17 634 Henderson, I. H. Minister
Jordan, Cleveland Tate, Elizabeth 01/30/1923 Holmes 18 239 Coats, B. Minister
Jordan, Dan Wilks, Maggie 07/31/1885 Yazoo C 339 Gates, J. M. J. P.
Jordan, Dan Knox, Hattie 09/19/1925 Yazoo I 444 Franklin, Wm Minister
Jordan, Daniel Dixon, Lizzie 08/12/1907 Yazoo W 450 Johnson, S. M. M. G.
Jordan, Ed Cobbins, Sarah 08/10/1899 Holmes 3 401 Stigler, J. S. Mayor
Jordan, Ed Pitman, Cora Lee 10/15/1917 Holmes 15 271 Gilmore, J. J. J. P.
Jordan, Elam Bell, Nelly


Yazoo J 239 Bryant, J. B. Minister
Jordan, Enoch Gardner, Bessie 08/18/1921 Holmes 17 290 Brooks, J. W. Minister
Jordan, Eugene Dickens, Lethia 01/14/1915 Holmes 13 548    
Jordan, Frank Bowlin, Hattie 12/24/1918 Holmes 16 79 Anderson, H. M. Minister
Jordan, Gates Perkins, Elizabeth 01/02/1896 Holmes 1 149 Howard, Anthony Minister
Jordan, Gates Jr. Lacey, Lucy A. 01/08/1898 Holmes 2 391 Price, W. H. J. P.
Jordan, Gates Anderson, Priscilla 02/01/1894 Holmes H 138 Williams, Lincoln M. G.
Jordan, Hardford Orange, Frances 02/18/1899 Holmes 3 269    
Jordan, Harvey Riley, Edna 04/04/1910 Holmes 11 129    
Jordan, Henry Hill, Agnes  01/15/1885 Yazoo C 227 Frost, J. W. Minister
Jordan, Henry Barnes, Christine 02/24/1902 Holmes 17 358    
Jordan, Henry Broome, Elise 07/20/1895 Holmes H 575 Rollins, Jackson M. G.
Jordan, Henry Harrison, Fannie 03/06/1909 Yazoo U 192 Guy, H. Minister
Jordan, Henry Monroe, Rebecca 02/13/1916 Holmes 14 428 Conin, A. M. Minister
Jordan, Houston Willingham, Susie 01/18/1895 Holmes H 419 Sanders, G. C. M. G.
Jordan, Ike Williams, Lormmie 05/12/1912 Holmes 12 421 Thurmond, Willie Minister
Jordan, J. D. Hodges, Esther 12/22/1912 Holmes 12 607 Grace, W. J. J. P.
Jordan, J. T. Strickland, Fannie 11/08/1917 Yazoo J 504 Williams, F. M. M. G.
Jordan, Jack Harvey, Roberta 12/20/1917 Holmes 15 339 Mobberly, D. T. Minister
Jordan, Jackson Almo, Francis 12/04/1899 Yazoo N 414 Rose, James P. J. P.
Jordan, James Green, Charolette 04/14/1888 Yazoo D 412 Jones, R. L.  
Jordan, James Johnson, Lureter 11/23/1907 Hinds 11 339 Thomas, E. H.  
Jordan, John Gordan, Camillia 08/18/1922 Holmes 18 52 Irving, S. C. Minister
Jordan, John Woods, Pinky 12/17/1912 Holmes 12 589 Alford, A. W. J. P.
Jordan, John Wesley Joyce, Pearl 10/02/1914 Holmes 13 442 Greer, R. M. Minister
Jordan, Johnnie Johnson, Elnora 02/23/1921 Holmes 17 164 Johnson, J. A. Minister
Jordan, Johnnie Joe, Cherry Lee 12/28/1911 Holmes 12 242    
Jordan, Jos. B. Wallace, Permila E. 09/04/1855 Yazoo 5 176 Montgomery, Jos. S.  
Jordan, Julius Hagar, JoAnna 02/07/1910 Holmes 11 67    
Jordan, Julius Lacy, Matilda 03/16/1903 Holmes 6 187 Logan, J. A. Minister
Jordan, Julius Poter, Mary Frances 01/13/1924 Holmes 18 432 Coats, B. Minister
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