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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records H. Johnson - I. Johnson

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with J contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

J - Johnson B. - D. Johnson E. - G. Johnson H. - I. Johnson J. Johnson
K. - N. Johnson O. - R. Johnson S. - U. Johnson W. - Will Johnson William - Wm. Johnson
Willie Johnson - Johnston Joiner - Jones A. - J. Jordan K. Jordan - Junior  






PG #



Johnson, Harrsion Haynes, Fannie 11/27/1890 Holmes K 532 Broadnax, A. Minister
Johnson, Harrsion Boothe, Rachel 09/30/1889 Holmes K 153 Taylor, J. G. Minister
Johnson, Harrsion Thomas, Sallie 05/17/1914 Yazoo C 83 Brown, A. F. Minister
Johnson, Harry Williams, Rebecca 02/07/1906 Holmes 8 330
Johnson, Henry Cotton Bertha 03/06/1919 Holmes 16 178 Owen, W. H. Minister
Johnson, Henry Morris, Charolette 12/27/1889 Yazoo E 285 Deles, W. G. J. P.
Johnson, Henry Smith, Ellen 12/24/1899 Holmes 3 564 Henderson, D. L. D. Minister
Johnson, Henry Newton, Isabella 09/03/1921 Holmes 17 220 Hoover, H. P. Minister
Johnson, Henry Jones, Lucy 12/20/1905 Holmes 8 193
Johnson, Henry Murphy, Mary Yazoo X 140 Seasions, L. R.
Johnson, Henry Sanders, Mary 10/20/1912 Holmes 12 551 Louis, W. T. Minister
Johnson, Henry Moore, Mattie 01/16/1921 Holmes 17 110 Anderson, D. L. D. Minister
Johnson, Henry Trannell, Mattie 11/14/1888 Yazoo D 519 Diles, W. G. J. P.
Johnson, Henry Cobbins, Mollie 09/05/1925 Holmes 19 283 Little, William Minister
Johnson, Henry Camorn, Nancy 12/25/1917 Holmes 15 373 White, Watley Minister
Johnson, Henry Sanders, Nancy 09/06/1890 Yazoo E 452 Deles, W. G. Mayor
Johnson, Henry Johnson, Norma 08/18/1921 Holmes 17 292 Harris, A. H. Minister
Johnson, Henry Cook, Rilla 02/16/1920 Holmes 16 480
Johnson, Henry Barnes, Rosa Lee 07/07/1918 Holmes 15 541 Coleman, B. C. Minister
Johnson, Henry Darien, Rosa 03/12/1915 Holmes 13 579 Crafton, C. Minister
Johnson, Henry Richardson, Tempie 12/06/1901 Holmes 5 109
Johnson, Henry Mitchell, Tillie 12/06/1901 Holmes 5 229 Williams, L. N. Minister
Johnson, Henry White, Viney 01/28/1915 Yazoo C 414 Hill, W. R. Minister
Johnson, Henry Folk, Virginia 12/07/1922 Holmes 18 156 Mobberly, E. T. Minister
Johnson, Henry Jr. Mige, Mary 04/27/1917 Yazoo E 320 Powell, T. J.
Johnson, Hepney Giles, Rose 05/09/1907 Yazoo W 376
Johnson, Herbert Anderson, Fannie 12/22/1914 Holmes 13 494
Johnson, Herbert Rogers, Mattie 02/20/1916 Holmes 14 435 Stigler, Paul Minister
Johnson, Hiram Toliver, Claudia 12/29/1868 Yazoo 3 122 Ratiliff, Sam W. J. P.
Johnson, Hiram Friley, Elizabeth 09/13/1858 Yazoo 5 334 Cook, N. P. M. G.
Johnson, Hogan Dixon, Maggie 01/16/1915 Yazoo C 390 Roberts, D. L. J. P.
Johnson, Homer Meeks, Mammie 01/02/1918 Holmes 15 406
Johnson, Hugh Nash, Mary 07/31/1917 Yazoo E 398
Johnson, Ike Brown, Bettie 12/01/1913 Yazoo 314 Robinson, John Minister
Johnson, Ike Williams, Ella 07/30/1917 Holmes 15 235 Coaxton Minister
Johnson, Isaac Lott, Arliena 09/29/1901 Yazoo W 523 Martin, Joseph D. D.
Johnson, Isaac Moore, Darthie 12/31/1910 Yazoo C 337 Eubanks, Joseph Minister
Johnson, Ivory Irvin, Prince Ella 04/08/1920 Holmes 16 519 Holmes, Gloster Minister
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