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Mississippi Marriage Records O. Johnson - R. Johnson

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with J contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

J - Johnson B. - D. Johnson E. - G. Johnson H. - I. Johnson J. Johnson
K. - N. Johnson O. - R. Johnson S. - U. Johnson W. - Will Johnson William - Wm. Johnson
Willie Johnson - Johnston Joiner - Jones A. - J. Jordan K. Jordan - Junior  






PG #



Johnson, Ollie Tucker, Hester 09/14/1909 Holmes 10 445
Johnson, Orange Holmes, Viola 02/02/1908 Yazoo V 564 May, H. Minister
Johnson, Osborn Johnson, Missouri 12/26/1905 Holmes 7 531
Johnson, Oscar Turner, Ellen May 04/29/1907 Yazoo W 366 White, B. S. Minister
Johnson, Oscar Henderson, Lula 04/14/1914 Yazoo C 51 Blunt, J. L. J. P.
Johnson, Oscar Luckett, Mary Bell 02/08/1920 Holmes 16 471 Grayer, L. W. Minister
Johnson, Oscar Forest, Pearlie 12/25/1914 Yazoo C 296 Armstrong, C. W. M. G.
Johnson, Ostane Pigram, Leona May 05/01/1921 Benton 9 218 Harvey, J. B. Minister
Johnson, Otho West, Dilad 07/15/1920 Holmes 16 560 Grace, J. G. J. P.
Johnson, Otha Kimbro, Jane 01/15/1907 Holmes 9 17
Johnson, Otho Morgan, Sallie 12/24/1913 Holmes 13 257 Whittington, J. W. J. P.
Johnson, Otho Ellis, Sarah B. 01/02/1919 Holmes 16 101 McLellan. P. T. Minister
Johnson, Owen Anderson, Mimie 12/15/1912 Holmes 12 576 Johnson, Wm Minister
Johnson, P. J. Wilson, Susie 07/18/1914 Yazoo C 127 Carpenter, R. S.
Johnson, P. M. Brown, Elize E. 09/15/1898 Yazoo M 188 Miller, H. Minister
Johnson, Paul VanBuren, A. 03/10/1876 Yazoo 1 257 Johnson, Robt
Johnson, Paul Johnson, Annie 01/30/1889 Yazoo E 42 Chapman, U. Minister
Johnson, Percy Cooper, Arme 05/06/1920 Holmes 16 533 Johnson, J. A. Minister
Johnson, Percy Horton, Annie 08/15/1907 Holmes 9 212
Johnson, Percy Caesar, Fannie 02/05/1921 Holmes 17 150 Streeter, A. L. Minister
Johnson, Percy McGeer, Hattie 01/13/1918 Holmes 15 414 Streeter, Albert Minister
Johnson, Percy Carter, Salena 08/08/1912 Holmes 13 141 Warren, Alex Minister
Johnson, Peris Ratliff, Josephine 10/26/1889 Yazoo E 204 Sutherland, D. S. Minister
Johnson, Perry Gaines, Nellie 03/11/1917 Yazoo E 280 Brown, G, W.
Johnson, Peter White, Rebecca 01/21/1915 Holmes 13 552 Brown, E. D. Minister
Johnson, Peter Richardson, Lola 12/30/1914 Yazoo C 347
Johnson, Peter Gordon, Louisa 01/13/1903 Holmes 6 68 Washington, E. Minister
Johnson, Peter Dixon, Pemmie 11/14/1896 Holmes 1 399 Dunbar, R. D. Minister
Johnson, Phillip Brookins, Hattie Meek 02/14/1915 Yazoo C 430 Gearld, R. D. Minister
Johnson, Pierce Wade, Laura 02/16/1919 Holmes 16 161 Beard, A. Minister
Johnson, Pleas Honey, Mary Lori 08/28/1922 Holmes 18 76 Brothers, D. B. Minister
Johnson, Plummer Lawden, Ella 01/18/1898 Holmes 2 422 Copper, I. C. Minister
Johnson, Rally Jackson, Lizzie Beck 09/14/1918 Yazoo I 569 Montgomery, S. E.
Johnson, Rally Foster, Mattie 12/16/1913 Holmes 13 225 Edwards, R. M. J. P.
Johnson, Reginald Randair, Kate 12/24/1918 Holmes 16 83
Johnson, Reuben Jones, Lillie 07/27/1916 Holmes 14 579 Alleir, Will Minister
Jenkins, Reuben Pitchford, Jo Anna 09/25/1904 Holmes 7 201 Wiley, L. D. Minister
Johnson, Reuben Henley, Mollie 11/24/1917 Yazoo E 540 Fuller, J. H.
Johnson, Richard Thomas, Frances 04/26/1907 Holmes 9 165
Johnson, Richard Logan, Mary 08/15/1886 Yazoo C 583 Lacey, J. H. Mayor
Johnson, Richard Taylor, Ollie 03/12/1916 Holmes 14 424 Mitchell, J. E. Minister
Johnson, Riley Hayes, Essie 12/22/1915 Yazoo D 172 Powell, J. W. M. G.
Johnson, Robert Benard, Margaret 02/22/1848 Yazoo E 125 Perkins, Robert S. G. Mayor
Johnson, Robert Williams, Martha 01/29/1906 Yazoo T 220 Childress, S. R. M. G.
Johnson, Robert Johnson, Mary 07/16/1910 Yazoo X 327 Caughten, Iky
Johnson, Robert Ward, Mary 4/23/1904 Yazoo T 151 Derrick, W. J. M. G.
Johnson, Robert Hurley, Mary 05/07/1892 Yazoo F 319 Ellis, A. M. Minister
Johnson, Robert Green, Rachel 09/27/1923 Yazoo I 538 Rhodes, S. L. Minister
Johnson, Robert Anderson, Rena Yazoo Z 70 Cassell, Peter
Johnson, Robert Akron, Roxey 11/27/1908 Yazoo X 442 Moore, C. M. Minister
Johnson, Robert Table, Carrie 12/26/1913 Yazoo B 446 Blount, J. L. J. P.
Johnson, Robert Marshall, Corinne 03/14/1908 Holmes 9 527
Johnson, Robert Taylor, Eliza 03/11/1916 Yazoo D 360
Johnson, Robert Gray, Ethel Mae 01/06/1908 Holmes 9 432
Johnson, Robert Williams, Louie 04/07/1911 Holmes B 597 Hoover, H. S. Mayor
Johnson, Robert Beard, Margaret A. E. 02/22/1848 Yazoo E 125 Perkins, Robert S. E. Mayor
Johnson, Robert Burns, Margaret 11/02/1896 Holmes 1 385 Hundley, W. H. Minister
Johnson, Robert Brown, Mariah 12/23/1914 Holmes 13 498
Johnson, Robert B. Tauener, Annie E. 03/09/1924 Yazoo J 297 McKlavon, G. P.
Johnson, Robert C. Gilledge, Louise 07/05/1911 Yazoo V 441 Hickman, J. P. Minister
Johnson, Robert G. Murphree, Elizabeth 12/28/1853 Yazoo 5 68 Garrett, L.
Johnson, Robert Lee Brown, July 10/24/1901 Yazoo O 155 Stephens, W. B. J. P.
Johnson, Roland Wright, Lillie 07/13/1896 Holmes 1 323 Cobbins, C. C. Minister
Johnson, Roosevelt White, Edie 12/15/1924 Holmes 19 78 Tate, W. R. J. P.
Johnson, Roosevelt Jefferson, Ora 12/20/1922 Holmes 18 194 Johnson, J. A. Minister
Johnson, Rowland Robertson, Annie 01/08/1895 Holmes H 402 Williams, Lincoln M. G.
Johnson, Rufus Red, Caroline 11/03/1908 Holmes 10 58
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