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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records S. Johnson - U. Johnson

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with J contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

J - Johnson B. - D. Johnson E. - G. Johnson H. - I. Johnson J. Johnson
K. - N. Johnson O. - R. Johnson S. - U. Johnson W. - Will Johnson William - Wm. Johnson
Willie Johnson - Johnston Joiner - Jones A. - J. Jordan K. Jordan - Junior  






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Johnson, Sam Wilks, Alice 07/29/1918 Yazoo I 485 Ellan, John
Johnson, Sam Gibson, Allie 12/09/1910 Holmes 11 299 Killebrew, S. A. J. P.
Johnson, Sam Beck, Angeline 01/14/1914 Yazoo B 512 Delorare, S. J.
Johnson, Sam Johnson, Annie 08/07/1917 Holmes 15 237 Black, C. H. Minister
Johnson, Sam Green, Charity 11/20/1913 Yazoo B 300 Owens, Ed M. G.
Johnson, Sam McDaw, Elizabeth 02/04/1917 Yazoo E 225 Phillips, W. S. Minister
Johnson, Sam Young, Elnora 02/19/1910 Holmes 11 82
Johnson, Sam Gardner, Emilina 05/15/1898 Holmes 3 2 Newsome, Tom
Johnson, Sam Jones, Laura 01/13/1920 Holmes 16 437 White S. L. J. P.
Johnson, Sam Hoskins, Rhoda 09/03/1907 Holmes 9 230
Johnson, Sam Andrews, Roberta 12/26/1920 Holmes 17 35 Coats, B. Minister
Johnson, Sam Morris, Sallie 01/03/1916 Yazoo D 235 Doty, W. M.
Johnson, Sam Johnson, Susan 12/28/1920 Holmes 17 30 Harris, A. H. Minister
Johnson, Sam Cobbins, Susie 01/14/1919 Holmes 16 102 Tudwell, Minister
Johnson, Samuel Thomas, Amanda 07/08/1869 Yazoo 3 231 Richards, Wm J. P.
Johnson, Samuel Brooks, Mary E. 05/10/1866 Yazoo D 166 Barfield, Thos C. J. P.
Johnson, Shelly Johnson, Ella 02/10/1900 Yazoo O 187 Grumfield, Jno J. P.
Johnson, Shelly Basewell, Lauunia 01/02/1888 Yazoo D 311 Ellis, Peter
Johnson, Shelly Madison, Phillis 03/13/1873 Yazoo 2 424 Fife, Peter
Johnson, Shepherd Smith, Louis 09/01/1904 Holmes 7 167
Johnson, Shepherd Cade, Lula 08/31/1907 Holmes 8 222
Johnson, Sidney Burns, Georgiana 07/29/1880 Yazoo A 591 Rogers, Frank
Johnson, Sidney Brown, Nancy 04/15/1918 Yazoo I 373 Fuller, J. H.
Johnson, Sidney English, Rose 01/16/1915 Yazoo C 394 Jones, Robert M. G.
Johnson, Silas Johnson, Emma 12/11/1907 Yazoo V 294 Warren, Geo V. J. P.
Johnson, Simmes Hozien, Charlie Lee 03/14/1914 Holmes 13 365
Johnson, Smith Adams, Callie 01/12/1899 Holmes 3 204 Willis, T. W. Minister
Johnson, Smith Blue, Dianah Mrs. 08/08/1923 Holmes 18 329 Rice, Stephen Minister
Johnson, Smith Hayes, Ida 01/18/1911 Yazoo V 129 Tate, Allen
Johnson, Smith Williams, Jessie 12/25/1907 Yazoo V 357 Tate, Allen Minister
Johnson, Smith Haywood, Lena 10/28/1917 Yazoo E 484 Williams, L. W. Minister
Johnson, Smith Thomas, Lettia 08/12/1880 Yazoo A 596 Calacoate, W. M.
Johnson, Smith Gibson, Lizzie Yazoo D 290 Doty, W. M. A.
Jenkins, Sol Lacey, Sweetie 01/12/1907 Holmes 9 28
Johnson, Solomon Sidney, Lettie 11/09/1878 Yazoo A 153 Cassell, Peter
Johnson, Spencer Johnson, Carrie 04/27/1904 Holmes 7 100 Monroe, J. H. M. G.
Johnson, Stephen Mayner, Dracilla M. 09/08/1880 Yazoo A 608 Hughes, J. R.
Johnson, Stephen Smith, Eliza 01/01/1868 Yazoo 3 59 Langford, L. D.
Johnson, Stephen Edwards, Lucy 07/10/1890 Yazoo E 427 Thomas, N. P.  
Johnson, Stephen Deal, Mary Ann Yazoo F 245 Pennington, G. R. Minister
Johnson, Sullivan Withers, Willie 08/27/1916 Yazoo D 544 Clark, W. M. Minister
Johnson, T. C. Crow, Beahalia 04/06/1924 Holmes 18 527 Archer, J. D. Minister
Johnson, Thad Redmond, Mat Eva 09/03/1916 Holmes 15 10 Owen, W. H. Minister
Johnson, Thomas Mayfield, Ann 07/06/1867 Yazoo 4 454 Chambers, S. G. J. P.
Johnson, Thomas Gowens, Anna 12/28/1911 Holmes 12 238 Wright, C. L. Minister
Johnson, Thomas Brown, Artena 12/26/1895 Yazoo I 405 Tate, Allen Minister
Johnson, Thomas Baker, Cilla 03/04/1876 Yazoo 1 256 Cummings, Lewis Minister
Johnson, Thomas White, Clara 02/10/1915 Holmes 13 562 Howard, A. J. Minister
Johnson, Thomas White, Clara Jimmie 06/04/1915 Holmes 14 30 Howard, A. J. Minister
Johnson, Thomas Cooper, Hattie B. 01/09/1916 Holmes 14 373 Buck, J. B. Minister
Johnson, Thomas Hargon, Jo Anna 08/02/1889 Holmes K 108 Phillips, J. G. Minister
Jenkins, Thomas Montgomery, Matilda 04/13/1892 Yazoo F 305 Scarbough, E. Minister
Johnson, Thomas J. Montgomery, Necie 05/19/1906 Holmes 8 401
Johnson, Tobe Hudson, Amy 01/27/1915 Yazoo C 423 White, A. W. Minister
Johnson, Tom Strong, Amy 02/11/1904 5 586 Shute, W. H. Mayor
Johnson, Tom Dickens, Estelle 02/02/1924 Holmes 18 482 Crafton, C. C. Minister
Johnson, Tom Miller, Ethel 11/25/1914 Holmes C 236 Henderson, J. A. M. G.
Johnson, Ulysus Burns, Paralee 01/09/1916 Holmes 14 311 Deedley, Jno Minister
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