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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records W. Johnson - Will Johnson

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with J contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

J - Johnson B. - D. Johnson E. - G. Johnson H. - I. Johnson J. Johnson
K. - N. Johnson O. - R. Johnson S. - U. Johnson W. - Will Johnson William - Wm. Johnson
Willie Johnson - Johnston Joiner - Jones A. - J. Jordan K. Jordan - Junior  






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Johnson, Walace Shellig, Pearl 08/29/1914 Holmes C 169
Johnson, Walker Hodges, Rebecca 09/07/1899 Holmes 3 416 Epps, James Minister
Johnson, Wallace Totever, Lounella 05/18/1917 Holmes 15 211 Reid, C. K. J. P.
Johnson, Wallace Shelly, Pearlie 09/04/1918 Yazoo I 548 Montgomery, S. E.
Johnson, Walter Moore, Hallie 02/04/1917 Holmes 15 162 Johnson, L. P. Minister
Johnson, Walter Seamore, Maggie 12/24/1915 Yazoo S 215 Handy, H. D.
Johnson, Walter Gardner, Mandy 11/16/1907 Yazoo W 569 Shaw, R, J, Minister
Johnson, Walter Miller, Mary 11/24/1921 Yazoo H 171 Lewis, S. R. Minister
Johnson, Walter Brown, Metokia 12/04/1924 Holmes 19 61
Johnson, Walter Cummins, Nancy 12/11/1911 Holmes 12 135 Harris, S. H. Minister
Johnson, Walter Campbell, Susie 08/30/1925 Holmes 19 278 Gaston, John H. Minister
Johnson, Walter Randall, Wommie 12/20/1897 Holmes 2 307 Anderson, D. A. Minister
Johnson, Walton Jefferson, Sarah 01/02/1898 Yazoo L 89 Jefferson, T. J.
Johnson, Warren Stout, Alice 07/14/1904 Yazoo T 253 Cummingham, C. E. Minister
Johnson, Warren Harris, Jane 05/09/1878 Yazoo A 97 Morris, R. M. G.
Johnson, Wash Johnson, Alice May 08/11/1917 Holmes 15 235 Joe, E. H. Minister
Johnson, Wash Smothers, Annie 05/05/1898 Holmes 2 477 Cobbins, R. H. Minister
Johnson, Wash Moore, Betty 05/03/1888 Yazoo D 420 Patterson, Dozier
Johnson, Wash Cade, Effie 10/17/1925 Holmes 19 311 Woods, C. W. Minister
Johnson, Wash Rivers, Francis 01/05/1899 Yazoo M 349 Stephens, W. B. J. P.
Johnson, Wash Walker, Lucy 09/03/1879 Yazoo A 351 Patterson, Dozier
Johnson, Wash Wilson, Maggie 01/09/1921 Yazoo S 365 Johnson, W. G. Minister
Johnson, Washington Sweyney, Belle 09/03/1893 Yazoo G 178 Logan, P. S. J. P.
Johnson, Washington Shaefer, Millie 08/06/1887 Yazoo D 206 Rodgers, Frank
Johnson, Wesley Swant, Alice 04/06/1919 Holmes 16 201 Fraction, B. F. Minister
Johnson, Wesley Shelby, Anna 12/24/1913 Holmes 13 352
Johnson, Wesley Robinson, Annie 02/10/1882 Yazoo B 268 Harris, J. S.
Johnson, Wesley Williams, Mita 12/24/1922 Holmes 18 198 Johnson, Lymus Minister
Johnson, Wesley J. Wilson, Emma 01/26/1904 Yazoo S 504 Wilder, J. W. P. C.
Johnson, Wess Smith, Hattie 03/09/1904 Holmes 7 50 Scarborough, E. M. G.
Johnson, West Johnson, Mary 02/05/1901 Holmes 4 514 Hoskins, J. H. Minister
Johnson, Wiley Cox, Irene 01/20/1898 Yazoo 2 414 Love, W. L. Minister
Johnson, Wiley Chamber, Savanah 11/26/1910 Yazoo X 449 Smith, W. L.
Johnson, Will Mitchell, Ada 01/27/1900 Yazoo N 531 Wilder, J. W. M. G.
Johnson, Will Lewis, Adeline 02/16/1898 Holmes E 490
Johnson, Will Williams, Caroline 01/15/1891 Yazoo E 573 Jones, R. J. Minister
Johnson, Will Tate, Clara 12/06/1913 Sunflower 17 164 Hall, E. H. Minister
Johnson, Will Williams, Effie 10/14/1907 Yazoo W 534 Roberson, C. E.
Johnson, Will Moffet, Elizabeth 09/05/1910 Hinds 13 203 Tate, R. L.
Johnson, Will Cooper, Emma 01/22/1902 Holmes 5 269 Wade, S. C. Minister
Johnson, Will Green, Ida 09/06/1897 Yazoo K 465 Jaspon, Adam G. M.
Johnson, Will Mitchell, Martha 02/20/1896 Yazoo J 127 Brown, D. C. M. G.
Johnson, Will Clay, Mary 03/07/1901 Yazoo H 517 Ferguson, W. J. M. G.
Johnson, Will Moton, Minnie 1/22/1908 Yazoo V 495 Osbon, Hill
Johnson, Will Newsome, Willie May 1/22/1925 Holmes 19 156 Jackson, E. J. Minister
Johnson, Will D. Cooper, Fannie 4/26/1910 Holmes 11 143
Johnson, Will D. Hodges, Victoria 01/08/1916 Holmes 14 353 Coffer, J. C. Minister
Johnson, Will H. Ford, Mary J. 09/23/1908 Holmes 10 34
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