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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records Le - J. Lewis

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with L contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

L-Lax Le - J. Lewis L. - W. Lewis Li - Lo Lu






PG #



Leach, Sam Simons, Phylis 01/05/1919 Holmes 16 112 Moberly, E. T. Minister
Leach, Walter Henry Horton, Bessie 09/27/1925 Holmes 19 298 Frazier, A. D. Minister
Leach, Walter Henry Barnes, Pearl 06/29/1916 Holmes 14 567 Marshall, A. Minister
Leach, Wesley Clayton, Mary Ella 02/18/1914 Holmes 13 311 Scott, W. C. Minister
Leach, Will Brown, Florence 03/17/1915 Holmes 13 583 Fort, A. H. Minister
Leach, Will Williams, Nellie 02/19/1923 Holmes 18 238 Carson, Tom Minister
Leach, Willie Butler, Susie 03/23/1901 Holmes 4 569 Walker, N. W. Minister
Leach, Willie Walton, Jimmy 06/22/1910 Holmes 11 182 Frast, T. E. Minister
Leak, Wesley Cherry, Frances 12/24/1903 Holmes 6 414 Williams, T. W. Minister
Leake, Wm Martin, Laura 11/14/1889 Holmes K 186 Green, D. Minister
Leake, William Hicks, Josephine 01/28/1880 Yazoo A 477 Smith, John A. Minister
Leason, Ed Pitchford, Beatrice 09/21/1919 Holmes 16 286 Coats, B. Minister
Leason, Edmond Lacy, Kate 10/20/1923 Holmes 18 364 Rodgers, T. M. J. P.
Leason, Houston Johnson, Mary Liza 10/27/1906 Holmes 8 491
Leason, John Binford, Nanny 12/31/1912 Holmes 13 22 Tate, R. T. Minister
Leason, L. C. Helms, Virgina 01/02/1918 Hinds 19 153 Epps, L. E. Minister
Leason, Orange Roberts, Annie 10/20/1912 Holmes 12 504 Humphrey, B. H. Mayor
Leason, Sam Roach, Bettia 12/24/1922 Holmes 18 192 Ford, R. H. Minister
Leason, Sam Paker, Rosa 12/26/1898 Holmes 3 158 Wadkins, R. A. Minister
Leek, John Johnson, Annie Bell 06/11/1910 Yazoo X 297 Rapton, W. J. J. P.
Leggins, James Perry, Mary 06/29/1889 Holmes K 100 Shackelford, G. W. J. P.
Leggins, Sam Mitchell, Mary 11/08/1893 Holmes H 4 West, L. A. J. P.
Lessel, J. L. Sproles, N. A. 09/26/1869 Yazoo D 320 Lomax, Alex A.
Lesson, Asb Williams, Amanda 03/17/1904 Holmes 7 66 McGee, R. C. J. P.
Lester, A. M. Battaile, Mollie 12/09/1885 Yazoo C 402 McCrocker, Wm C.  
Lester, J. B. Brown, Nora 03/24/1896 Yazoo J 234 Terry, R. M.  
Lester, J. Wallace Hoover, Willie 10/18/1888 Yazoo D 505 Cooper, J. W. Minister
Lester, Jimmie Jones, Liz Ella 09/24/1920 Yazoo G 143 Montgomery, S. E.  
Lester, Limmel Whitfield, Fannie 02/25/1914 Yazoo C 7 Green, A. H. M. G.
Lester, Sam Redmond, Cora 02/20/1909 Holmes 10 303    
Lester, Wm Brooks, Adeela 12/31/1911 Holmes 12 247 Owens, G. A. Minister
Lester, William Whitfield, Sadie 05/07/1913 Yazoo B 100 Smith, W. L.  
Lewis, Jack Tate, Willia 03/25/1899 Yazoo K 95 Harrison, Hugh
Lewis, James Randall, Coledonia 11/13/1917 Holmes 15 285 Beard, Ben Minister
Lewis, James Washington, Caroline 03/18/1897 Holmes 2 63 Newsome, A Minister
Lewis, James Taylor, Jennie 12/31/1914 Yazoo C 335 Derring, S. D.  
Lewis, James Nelson, Laura 12/24/1897 Holmes 2 296 Duke, S. M. Minister
Lewis, James Rathall, Mandy 11/04/1917 Holmes 15 282 Nalls, Huey Minister
Lewis, James Gate, Martha 04/10/1896 Holmes 1 246 Brock, A. B. Minister
Lewis, James Bonds, Minerva 01/08/1889 Yazoo E 14 Brent, James Elder
Lewis, James Cole, Annie 12/24/1895 Yazoo I 454 Brumfield, Jno J. P.
Lewis, Jeff Pleas, Ella 04/11/1899 Holmes 3 338 Clark, R. H. Minister
Lewis, Jeff Jones, Lacy 04/30/1900 Holmes 4 158 Blackman, H. M. G.
Lewis, Jessie Noel, Lutie 05/03/1913 George 1 155 Jones, Jno A. J. P.
Lewis, Jim Brooks, Caroline 12/24/1910 Yazoo X 559 Dearing, T. M. Minister
Lewis, Jim Woodson, Lou 02/21/1908 Holmes 9 504    
Lewis, Jim Collins, Gertude 02/01/1904 Yazoo S 570 Johnson, Sam Minister
Lewis, Jim Gray Coleman, Mary 08/16/1925 Holmes 19 271 Beverly, S. P. Minister
Lewis, Jimmie Arringtar, Arlena 01/16/1905 Holmes 7 447    
Lewis, Joe Candler, Sarah 02/13/1913 Holmes 13 63 Coleman, D. L. Minister
Lewis, John Falls, Addie 06/21/1925 Holmes 19 250 Wade, S. C. Minister
Lewis, John Flanningan, Cronry 01/10/1910 Holmes 11 22    
Lewis, Jno Johnson, Lizzie 01/12/1902 Yazoo Q 383 Robinson, Jno  
Lewis, John Hamilton, Nancy 12/21/1906 Holmes 8 581    
Lewis, John Smith, Sophia 12/24/1902 Holmes 6 3    
Lewis, Johnnie Mitchell, Allie 12/20/1924 Yazoo I 26 Montgomery, S. E. J. P.
Lewis, Jordan Coleman, Katie 07/16/1924 Holmes 18 573    
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