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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records L. - W. Lewis

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with L contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

L-Lax Le - J. Lewis L. - W. Lewis Li - Lo Lu






PG #



Lewis, Lee Henry Gilliard, Paralee 12/09/1919 Holmes 16 341 Baker, P. B. Minister
Lewis, Leslie Rhyne, Mattie 05/05/1923 Holmes 18 292 Montgomery, R. B. Minister
Lewis, Major White, Pinkney 09/28/1915 Holmes 14 117    
Lewis, Major Leflore, Alice 03/29/1909 Holmes 10 344    
Lewis, Major Cole, Silene 09/21/1902 Yazoo R 169 McClinton, Sal
Lewis, Mike Jones, Lilly 01/05/1897 Yazoo K 179 Rodgers, Frank
Lewis, Mike Johnson, Lauberta 04/03/1922 Yazoo H 445 Hill, W. R. Minister
Lewis, Milton White, Rose 09/03/1924 Holmes 18 593 Gilbert, J. R. Minister
Lewis, Mose Maggefield, Carrie 12/19/1908 Holmes 10 124    
Lewis, Moses Tramble, Harry 12/25/1889 Yazoo E 274 Jordan, Caesar Minister
Lewis, Nathaniel Walker, Sarah 10/25/1914 Holmes 13 457 Dearing, T. M. Minister
Lewis, Noah Wright, Virginia 06/20/1913 Yazoo B 140 Johnson, Sam F. Minister
Lewis, Norfleet Owen, Louisa 02/13/1897 Holmes 2 7 Strickland, Chas Minister
Lewis, Norman Evans, Bettis 09/28/1918 Holmes 15 584 Reid, C. K. J. P.
Lewis, Peter Roby, Willie 02/04/1917 Holmes 15 161 Travis, Tom Minister
Lewis, Pink Dixon, Sue W. 01/12/1913 Holmes 13 33 Anderson, D.  
Lewis, Rancs Williams, Rebecca 01/31/1902 Holmes 5 288    
Lewis, Richard Smith, Caroline 12/25/1889 Holmes K 243 Mason, B. M. Minister
Lewis, Richard Grace, Martha 09/18/1902 Holmes 5 457 Thomas, H. Minister
Lewis, Robert Gibson, Rebecca 12/22/1908 Yazoo X 520 Smith, L. W. A. Minister
Lewis, Robert Murry, Lou Bell 11/30/1927 Holmes 19 55 Lewis, L. G. Minister
Lewis, Robert L. Glenn, Jerry L. 12/16/1915 Holmes 14 218 Grace, S. Minister
Lewis, Sam Perry, Lillie 12/31/1912 Holmes 13 20    
Lewis, Sandy Arlington, Lillie 03/31/1909 Holmes 10 346    
Lewis, Silas Brooks, Amanda 02/15/1903 Holmes 6 143 Johnson, W. J. Elder
Lewis, Silas Johnson, Rebecca 12/03/1887 Yazoo D 265 Frost, J. W.  
Lewis, Sol Smith, Ada 03/19/1899 Yazoo N 99 Jackson, J. Minister
Lewis, Tank Sweater, Nettie 01/29/1908 Holmes 9 282    
Lewis, Toby Taylor, Alice 01/07/1900 Holmes 4 20 Beaty, D. B. M. G.
Lewis, Tommie Johnson, Louisa 12/26/1887 Yazoo D 297 Harper, A.  
Lewis, Thomas Neely, Eliza 05/13/1899 Holmes 3 357 Linsey, J. L. J. P.
Lewis, Thomas Ricker, Louisiana 10/17/1916 Holmes 14 209 Dove, W. C. Minister
Lewis, Walter Babs, Caroline 02/13/1914 Yazoo B 579    
Lewis, Walter Owen, Elizabeth 08/14/1921 Holmes 17 289 Baker, P. B. Minister
Lewis, Walter Johnson, Victoria 03/21/1894 Yazoo H 125 Iverson, John  
Lewis, Watson Williams, Lucy 01/20/1898 Holmes 2 416 Nelson, Tom Minister
Lewis, Wesley Hodges, Celia 06/15/1918 Holmes 15 534 Ruff, D. T. Mayor
Lewis, Wesley Brooks, Jennie 02/16/1882 Yazoo B 274 Berry, B. F. M. G.
Lewis, Wesley Nall, Lena 12/22/1917 Holmes 15 363 Bowls, F. B. Minister
Lewis, Will Williams, Nellie 02/19/1923 Holmes 18 238 Carson, Tom Minister
Lewis, William Pilgrim, Katie 12/14/1872 Clarke 12 498 Bishop, M. M.  
Lewis, William Redmond, Elizabeth 11/20/1897 Washington 17 155 Benson, S. B. Minister
Lewis, William Gibson, Hannah 09/06/1873 Oktibbeha 2 440 Higgins, D. Minister
Lewis, William Smith, Kittie 12/13/1888 Yazoo D 532 Jones, R. J. Minister
Lewis, William Strong, Lizzie 02/05/1889 Yazoo C 20 Thomas, P. T. Minister
Lewis, Willie Johnson, Lena 05/04/1893 Yazoo G 63 Williams, G. W. Minister
Lewis, Willie Hidges, Pinkie 02/22/1913 Holmes 13 75 Lemley, T. M. Minister
Lewis, Willie Gibson, Linnie 03/12/1908 Hinds 12 99 Davis, W. H.  
Lewis, Willis Vaugh, Bell 04/08/1886 Yazoo C 526 Crump, C. L.  
Lewis, Wilson Morris, Ellerta 01/06/1916 Yazoo D 253 Powell, J. M.  
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