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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records Li - Lo

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with L contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

L-Lax Le - J. Lewis L. - W. Lewis Li - Lo Lu






PG #



Lightfoot, Louis Alexander, Sarah 08/20/1897 Holmes 2 186    
Liggon, Wm Mitchell, Lucinda 12/21/1893 Holmes H 42 Greer, Willis M. G.
Lister, Richard L. Tolar, Gaynella 08/03/1922 Yazoo H 554 Blount, J. L. J. P.
Liston, Jesse Johnson, Mattie 01/27/1911 Holmes 11 494    
Little, K. D. Pitchford, Rosa Lee 09/23/1923 Holmes 18 351 Little, Wm Minister
Little, Thomas Redmond, Julia 02/07/1915 Holmes 13 561 Little, Wm. Minister
Little, Victor Johnson, Magnolia 10/03/1923 Holmes 18 355
Little, William Wilkes, Evie 10/07/1901 Holmes 5 43 Wilson, C. W. Minister
Lloyd, Alex Gillman, Carrie 12/29/1894 Holmes H 381 Duke, S. M. M. G.
Lloyd, Beck Gentry, Nannie 12/20/1906 Holmes 8 564
Lock, Napoleon Taylor, Frances 11/18/1901 Holmes 5 85 Long, C. A. Minister
Lockard, Ed Burley, Easter 03/23/1907 Holmes 9 136
Locke, R. S. Saddler, Geneva 06/05/1917 Yazoo E 361 Carter, A. C.
Lockett, Frank   12/11/1897 Holmes 2 279 Broadnax, A. Minister
Lockett, Frank Sutton, Lillie Ann 12/02/1920 Holmes 16 629 McClean, R. Minister
Lockett, James Jones, Mattie 03/15/1905 Holmes 11 105    
Lockett, Will Walker, Lucinda 01/20/1901 Holmes 4 472 Irving, Cicero M. G.
Lockhart, Colby Saffold, Ann 01/10/1921 Holmes 17 101 Love, Isaac Minister
Lockhart, Ed Edmonda, Ellen 02/15/1908 Yazoo X 19 During, T. M. Minister
Lockhart, John Dodson, Maggie 08/30/1906 Holmes 8 457
Lockhart, Mose Collins, Sarah 08/01/1906 Holmes 8 452
Lockhart, Samuel Thomas, Mary 12/28/1896 Holmes 1 513 Love, Isaac Minister
Lockhart, Wm A. Russell, Regina A. 12/14/1887 Yazoo D 274 Woodward, R. S. M. G.
Lockhart. Peter Washington, Lidia 05/21/1890 Holmes K 444 Givings, D. V. Minister
Lockley, George Davis, Susanna 03/30/1899 Holmes 3 325 Smith, W. A. Minister
Lockly, Samuel Turner, Aggie 01/05/1895 Holmes H 385 Land, M. M. G.
Locus, Archie Wyley, Charie 01/27/1918 Holmes 15 408 Ingram, H. H. Minister
Locus, Frank Henry, Martha 12/25/1921 Holmes 17 381 Frazier, A. D. Minister
Logan, Andrew Haynes, Mary 12/23/1890 Holmes K 565 Wilkins, E. M. Minister
Logan, B. S. Gerrard, Mittie 02/06/1901 Yazoo I 89 Lou, J. L.
Logan, C. Andrew Davenport, Virginia 12/18/1901 Holmes 5 132 Wright, A. D. Minister
Logan, Charles L. Adams, Flora E. 02/15/1915 Yazoo 1 317 Vick, M. C. Minister
Logan, Chas Marshall, Amanda 12/31/1885 Yazoo C 205 Holt, C. H. Minister
Logan, Clint Smith, Clay Ann 05/02/1896 Holmes J 290 Tate, Allen Minister
Logan, Clint Edwards, Caroline 12/26/1915 Holmes 14 276 Austin, T. A. Minister
Logan, Clint Kind, Plumie 01/29/1919 Holmes 16 141 Reid, C. K. J. P.
Logan, Clinton Dent, Lula 12/01/1902 Holmes 5 547 Logan, J. A. Minister
Logan, Dan Almo, Alice 01/22/1893 Yazoo F 468 Jones, J. Minister
Logan, E. E. Kelly, Mary E. 01/31/1894 Yazoo H 72 Snyder, J. A. Minister
Logan, Frank Early, Alice 01/25/1897 Holmes 2 328 Logan, J. A. Minister
Logan, Frank Daron, Pearl 09/30/1910 Holmes 11 234
Logan, Frank Perkins, Sallie 12/27/1894 Yazoo I 8 Wiggins, J. E.
Logan, G. T. Mansfield, Edna 12/17/1895 Yazoo I 384 Scarbrough, H. L. M. G.
Logan, George Jones, Belgoni 03/03/1924 Yazoo J 282 Rucker, B. Minister
Logan, George Crockett, Mary 05/08/1875 Yazoo I 80 Denhite, E. L.
Logan, Gilbert Early, Susie 12/25/1896 Holmes 1 481 Sanders, G. C. Minister
Logan, Henry Lewings, Emelia 03/14/1875 Yazoo I 50 Roberts, J.
Logan, Henry Franklin, Joseph 04/06/1895 Holmes H 505 Johnson, J. M. G.
Logan, J. B. Palmer, Christianna 12/29/1924 Yazoo J 151 Blount, J. T. J. P.
Logan, James M. Williams, Fannie L. 04/09/1907 Holmes 9 146
Logan, John Robinson, Ammie 03/01/1888 Yazoo D 386 McDaniel, Daniel Minister
Logan, John Henry Thornton, Victoria 04/16/1925 Holmes 19 228 Johnson, J. C. Minister
Logan, Johnnie Reynolds, Mary Eliza 10/29/1910 Holmes 11 259 Killerbrew, S. A. J. P.
Logan, Jonas Rollins, Ophelia 01/14/1904 Holmes 6 586 Logan, J. A. Minister
Logan, Kinnie Simmons, Ellen 08/22/1904 Yazoo T 291 Green, Mose M. G.
Logan, Kinnie Tucker, Irene 11/20/1889 Yazoo E 228 Taylor, S. M. Minister
Logan, Oliver Watt, Mollie 12/23/1923 Yazoo J 62 Blount, J. T. J. P.
Logan, Oliver Green, Margaret 02/21/1878 Yazoo A 47 Dudley, Matthew Minister
Logan, Phillip Verdon, Georgian 05/19/1871 Yazoo 3 461 Cannon, Jacob Minister
Logan, Phillip Williams, Marella 04/22/1916 Yazoo D 399
Logan, Sam Johnson, Katherine 08/21/1922 Yazoo H 570 Phillip, W. L.
Logan, Sam Mitchell, Lucy 11/20/1885 Yazoo C 391 Jones, R. T. Minister
Logan, Tom S. Jones, Mattie May 01/24/1907 Holmes 9 50
Logan, W. H. Hays, Lula 05/07/1896 Holmes 1 287 Sanders, G. C. Minister
Logan, Will Brown, Callie 01/25/1915 Yazoo C 415 Doty, W. A. Minister
Logan, Will Davenport, Ethel 06/18/1911 Holmes 12 13 Johnson, Wm. Minister
Loggins, Richard Anderson, Sarah 01/04/1890 Holmes K 291
Loud, Andy Scott, Hattie 03/17/1918 Yazoo I 331 Blount, J. T. J. P.
Loudon, Simon Johnson, Mary 02/14/1900 Holmes 4 107
Louis, Squire Johnson, Mary 12/04/1889 Yazoo E 234 Lewis, H. F. M. G.
Louis, Sam Jackson, Ruthie 12/24/1894 Holmes H 350 York, H. N. M. G.
Louis, Tank Sweater, Nettie 01/29/1908 Holmes 9 282
Louis, Willie Hendricks, Rebecca 12/29/1903 Holmes 6 534 Greer, J. L. Minister
Lowden, Joe Johnson, Missouri 09/03/1924 Holmes 18 601 Tate, W. R. J. P.
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