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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records Lu

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with L contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

L-Lax Le - J. Lewis L. - W. Lewis Li - Lo Lu






PG #



Lucas, Roberts Todd, Martha Ann 12/16/1987 Holmes 2 290 McGhee, S. J. J. P.
Luckett, Allen Love, Mattie 01/25/1919 Holmes 16 106 Franks, B. J. Minister
Luckett, Arnold Caldwell, Polly 04/30/1911 Holmes 11 618    
Luckett, Charley Johnson, Lula 12/28/1893 Yazoo G 302 Brown, H. B. Minister
Luckett, Fred Thomas, Mary 12/17/1916 Holmes 15 90 Dove, W. D. Minister
Luckett, Geo Wilson, Anna 12/17/1921 Holmes 17 455    
Luckett, Henry Brooks, Amy 02/06/1886 Yazoo C 472 Froat, J. W. Minister
Luckett, Henry Nelson, Callie 09/07/1907 Holmes 9 234    
Luckett, Henry Crawford, Eva 04/09/1916 Holmes 14 483 Falls, A. E. Minister
Luckett, Henry Kirkwood, Mattie 07/30/1913 Holmes 13 139 Scarboro, E. Minister
Luckett, Henry Anderson, Minnie 11/24/1921 Holmes 11 383 Harrington, W. L. Minister
Luckett, Hurly Weems, Isabella 11/19/1922 Holmes 18 123 Green, Willis Minister
Luckett, Jake Johnson, Auyalee 02/19/1911 Holmes 11 544 Stewart, Sam Minister
Lucket, Lewis Johnson, Annie 12/22/1896 Yazoo K 64 Brown, R. S.  
Luckett, Rose Fleming, Fannie 08/15/1916 Holmes 15 4 Peace, H. C. Minister
Luckett, Sam Randall, Exzenora 08/23/1924 Holmes 18 588 Dostch, D. H. Minister
Luckett, Will Johnson, Lottie 04/04/1897 Yazoo K 323 Perry, W. W.  
Luckett, Will Jones, Rosie 11/07/1907 Yazoo W 566    
Luckett, William Johnson, May 12/26/1893 Yazoo G 326 Hutchens, F. M.  
Lusk, Rufus Gowdy, Pearly 02/22/1921 Yazoo S 457 Montgomery, S. E. J. P.
Lusk, S. H. Goodlow, Zelina 11/13/1912 Holmes 12 518    
Luster, Alexander Jones, Mollie 03/05/1882 Yazoo B 283 Henderson, J. D. J. P.
Luster, Ben Long, Hattie 10/16/1907 Yazoo W 535 Dangerfield, M. F. M. G.
Luster, Ben Wells, Hennie 02/13/1886 Yazoo C 484 Johnes, Parson Minister
Lester, Ben Taylor, Winnie 02/18/1871 Yazoo 2 35 White, Jesse M. G.
Luster, Gregory Green, Missie 08/03/1922 Yazoo H 552 Green, A. H.  
Luster, Bennie Adams, L. B. 01/11/1925 Yazoo I 151 Ruche, S. B. Minister
Luster, Joe Bulter, Hattie 09/21/1902 Yazoo R 173 Green, Moses M. G.
Luster, King Mable, Sanannah 12/21/1906 Yazoo W 79 Midtree, H. R.  
Luster, Sam Witherspoon, Jeremiah 01/10/1917 Yazoo E 188    
Luster, Sam Mayson, Para Lee 07/02/1907 Holmes 9 189    
Luster, Tobe Laws, Eliza 06/11/1885 Yazoo C 320 Ledell, C. Minister
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