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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records Mi - Millers

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with M contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

M-Me Mi-Millers Mimes - B. Montgomery C. - R. Montgomery S. Montgomery - Mu






PG #



Milaren, Cook Graden, Mandy 08/07/1907 Lafayette O 172 Edmonds, J. H.
Miller, William Redding, Florence 06/30/1906 Holmes 8 426
Miller, William Smith, Laura Mrs. 01/05/1867 Copiah F 169 Leggitt, Daniel M. G.
Miller, William Hoard, Louida 04/14/1884 Hinds 4 337 Johnson, E. P. Minister
Miller, William Johnson, Lucy Ann 11/01/1900 Hinds 7 566 Fitzgerald, J. J. P.
Miller, William Jones, Martha Holmes 4 479 Jackson M. G.
Miller, William Harper, Mary 05/13/1917 E 333 Tavier, H. F.
Miller, William Johnson, Mary 11/14/1871 Hinds 1 42
Miller, William Merriwether, Minnie 02/18/1887 Desoto E 267
Miller, William Bradley, Octavia 06/13/1886 Hinds 10 357 Hobbs, G. A. Minister
Miller, William Cromwell, Ollie 12/20/1898 Hinds 7 171 Gordan, G. G. Minister
Miller, William Robinson, Phillis 02/26/1876 Wilkinson J 454 Hobson, Page
Miller, William Harris, Rachel 11/13/1891 Adams 4 166 Mosbey, T. Minister
Miller, William Bailey, Roberta 09/23/1882 D 415 Brandon, D. T. M. G.
Miller, William Wright, Robertine 04/26/1900 Holmes 4 146 Cartwright, J. C. M. G.
Miller, William Manuel, Rosetta 02/04/1879 Hinds 2 242
Miller, William Tucker, Roislty 01/27/1881 Claiborne 9 151 Scott, Wm Elder
Miller, William Bender, Roxie 12/27/1917 Winston 13 262 Linch, Wm M. G.
Miller, William Parker, Roxie 05/29/1908 Montgomery 11 263 Mathews, M.
Miller, William Shair, Sarah 02/08/1906 Wayne 2B 380 Poure, B. S. M. G.
Miller, William Blalock, Savanna 11/01/1920 Panola 8 298 Well, H. E. Cir Clk
Miller, William Glenn, Savannah 03/16/1902 Oktibbeha 17 262 Lewis, Thos. M. G.
Miller, William McCoy, Susan 03/07/1888 Hinds 11 155 Williams, Jas M. G.
Miller, William Douglass, Sylvia 11/03/1887 Claiborne 10 474 Smothers, M. Minister
Miller, William James, Tinsey 09/08/1910 Sharkey 11 62 Thorp, P. G. Minister
Miller, William Fox Brown, Susan 01/08/1870 Hinds 3 72
Miller, William H. Protor, Mollie 12/19/1899 19 439
Miller, William L. Scott, Rhoda 07/19/1895 Jefferson M 151
Miller, William M. McIntosh, Mary Bell 09/13/1919 Monroe 28 604 Prewett, W. B. J. P.
Miller, Willie Miller, Ada 01/09/1916 Winston 13 162 McAdoring, J. B. M. G.
Miller, Willie Kemp, Amy 12/20/1916 Yazoo E 87 Oliver, J. A.
Miller, Willie Smith, Annie E. 04/19/1923 Adams KK 556 Calvitt, S. C. Minister
Miller, Willie Bates, Bertha 11/29/1922 Pike Z 101 Hale, A. J. Minister
Miller, Willie Custer, Carrier 01/06/1915 Claiborne 20 516 Blackstone, Zed Minister
Miller, Willie Brome, Betsy 01/24/1899 Pontotoc 4 322 Darby, D. D.
Miller, Willie Jones, Isabella 11/25/1905 Jefferson R 201 Farrar, D. S. J. P.
Miller, Willie Davidson, Lena 07/13/1920 Jones 4 72 Littlepage, R. B. Minister
Miller, Willie Jones, Lovey 01/23/1896 Yazoo J 68 Williams, J. C. M. G.
Miller, Willie Moore, Mary 04/29/1924 Hinds 23 34 Brown, Allen J. P.
Miller, Willie Rucker, Mae Della 03/16/1919 Union 17 260 Pitts, P. P. M. G.
Miller, Willie Bennett, Mary 12/28/1897 Montgomery 8 274 Mathews, Mitchell Minister
Miller, Willie Thomas, Rosa Lee 11/09/1918 Oktibbeha 4 24 Lester, William R.
Miller, Willie Greenfield, Sarah 02/26/1917 Hinds 17 357 Monroe, B. N. Minister
Miller, Willie Bell, Sudie 02/18/1896 Lee 5 525 Farston, B. F. M. G.
Miller, Willie Johnson, Cassie 12/14/1913 Pike 9 190 Cummingen, E. M.
Miller, Willie Houston, Willis 02/04/1915 Lafayette U 31 Hilliard, N. C. M. G.
Miller, Willie James Myles, Maggie 07/24/1925 Yazoo I 392 Wilson, E. D. Minister
Miller, Willie L. Bradley, Mary E. 04/16/1924 Wayne 6 116 Diase, J. J.
Miller, Willis Miller, Etta 09/28/1913 Winston 11 519 Micon, L. M. M. G.
Miller, Willis Turner, Hattie 12/10/1891 Choctow B 468 Darris, F.
Miller, Wilson Snow, Dorcas 01/08/1874 Hinds 4 500
Miller, Wilson Stuard, Lydia 11/12/1868 Adams B 97
Miller, Wilson Anderson, Mary 12/23/1906 Yazoo W 24 Williams, Geo. T. M. G.
Miller, Windsor Biffer, Georgian 11/17/1911 Sharkey 11 403
Miller, Zacariah Butler, Fannie 01/20/1870 Adams Murphy, A. M.
Millers, Bully Sanders, Nannie 02/28/1920 Kemper 2 567 Stokes, H. C. M. G.
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