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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records N - Nerf

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with N contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

N - Nerf Nero - Nu      






PG #



Nance, Ed Jones, Adaline 08/30/1889 Holmes K 132 Pugh, A. P. Minister
Nance, George Larry, Henrietta 05/14/1924 Holmes 19 206    
Nance, George Strong, Lucile 12/26/1925 Monroe 32 280 Prewett, C. L. Minister
Nance, Heneford Miles, Gladys 09/08/1916 Yazoo D 559 Montgomery, S. E.  
Nance, Jeff Westley, Alma 06/26/1909 Holmes 10 407    
Nance, Tom Moore, Sarah 07/22/1897 Holmes 2 164 Madden, M. H. Mayor
Nance, Willie Smith, Lillie C. 12/27/1925 Holmes 19 415 Sample, J. M. Minister
Nary, Jim Fields, Louisa 01/01/1898 Bolivar 17 453 White, P. J.  
Nelson, Johny Anderson, Peggie 12/24/1907 Yazoo V 394 Moore, C. M. J. P.
Nelson, Johny Donald, Mary 12/27/1925 Holmes 19 388 Wade, S. C. Minister
Nelson, Lee Davis, Ellen 12/05/1902 Holmes 5 553 Anderson, D. L. D. Minister
Nelson, Lee Tucker, Harriet 02/25/1900 Holmes 4 117 Harrington, B. L. M. G.
Nelson, Manious Barrett, Lula 03/23/1914 Yazoo C 34 Blount, J. T. J. P.
Nelson, Marcus Garnison, Annie 12/20/1916 Yazoo E 102    
Nelson, Phillip Smith, Victoria 09/14/1922 Holmes 18 84    
Nelson, Robert Pugh, Eliza 02/17/1900 Holmes 4 108 Harrington, B. L. M. G.
Nelson, Robert Thomas, Lula 07/20/1899 Holmes 3 388 Green, Willis Minister
Nelson, Robert Harris, Malinda 03/14/1918 Holmes 15 481    
Nelson, Sander Smith, Phillis 04/23/1901 Holmes 4 600    
Nelson, Sanders Green, Eliza 05/29/1889 Holmes K 78 Green, Willis Minister
Nelson, Sanders Large, Malinda 08/18/1894 Holmes H 263 Wade, S. C. M. G.
Nelson, Sanders Fulton, Maggie 08/19/1908 Holmes 10 5    
Nelson, Sandy Reed, Ella 12/22/1903 Yazoo S 227 Wiles, W. W. J. P.
Nelson, Shep Wright, Ethel 11/11/1911 Holmes 15 51    
Nelson, Smith Brown, Susie 05/26/1919 Holmes 16 228 Woods, B. A. Minister
Nelson, Sulivan Chadrick, Emma 07/17/1917 Yazoo E 386 Lewis, S. A. M. G.
Nelson, Taylor Huges, Ruby 01/17/1912 Holmes 12 93    
Nelson, Thomas Jones, Bettie 11/20/1913 Yazoo B 368    
Nelson, Tom Johnson, Ada 10/03/1884 Yazoo C 118 Mitchell, Daniel Minister
Nelson, Tom Barty, Matilda 01/18/1898 Holmes 2 415 Wade, S. C. Minister
Nelson, Tom Wright, Violet 12/27/1893 Holmes H 80    
Nelson, Tony Johnson, Patsy   Yazoo 2 443 Cummings, Lewis  
Nelson, Walter Ford, Ida 02/01/1917 Yazoo E 219 Adams, M. A. Minister
Nelson, Walter Falls, Mariah 11/26/1919 Holmes 16 329 Greer, Willis Minister
Nelson, Wesley Johnson, Dora 02/08/1883 Yazoo B 437 Hardy, C. J. Minister
Nelson, Whitfield Tate, Hattie 03/26/1911 Yazoo U 324 McClean, R. Minister
Nelson, Will Davis, Lula 01/21/1911 Holmes 11 489 McDaniel, E. D. Minister
Nelson, William Wilson, Mattie 01/01/1902 Holmes 5 209 Owens, Ed Minister
Nelson, William Scott, Mollie 12/22/1899 Holmes 1 98 Harrington, B. L. Minister
Nelson, Willie Patterson, Annie 01/18/1922 Holmes 18 230 Wade, S. C. Minister
Nelson, Willie Matthew, Inez 03/06/1907 Holmes 9 118    
Nerfleet, Delane Hearn, Ellis 01/06/1916 Bolivar 14 488 Brocton, W. H.  
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