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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records C. - H. Redmond

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with R contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

R - B. Redmond C. - H. Redmond J. - O. Redmond R. Redmond - Rho Ri - P. Riley R. Riley - Ru






PG #



Redmond, C. C. Little, Mary J. 03/30/1899 Holmes 3 329 Wadkins, R. A. Minister
Redmond, Cleon Eppes, Mallie 12/24/1906 Holmes 8 608
Redmond, Cleveland Williams, Alice 03/04/1922 Holmes 18 9 Cash, R. E. Minister
Redmond, Cleveland Nurnam, Florence 08/29/1924 Holmes 18 592 Grans, G. W. Minister
Redmond, Cleveland Gibson, Leila 03/18/1920 Holmes 16 472 Oliver, W. H. Minister
Redmond, Cleveland Robis, Mary 02/21/1924 Holmes 18 498
Redmond, Clint Williams, Bessie 02/01/1924 Holmes 18 484 Owens, W. H. Minister
Redmond, Collins Parker, Bettie 12/22/1918 Holmes 16 68 Bragg, D. A. Minister
Redmond, Cornelius Seatt, Bobbie Lee 01/28/1923 Holmes 18 240 Ford, E. H. Minister
Redmond, Cris George, Bettie Eva 12/26/1917 Holmes 15 380
Redmond, Criss Hakies, Willie May 12/06/1922 Holmes 18 153 Brown, M. A. Minister
Redmond, Daniel Patton, Emma 09/16/1918 Holmes 14 109 Café, J. C. Minister
Redmond, Dennis Gibson, Geneva 01/06/1922 Holmes 17 559 Evans, E. G. Minister
Redmond, Dulaney Green, Namcy 12/24/1908 Holmes 10 173
Redmond, E. B. Baker, Pernella 02/22/1915 Holmes 13 567
Redmond, Ed Helems, Julia 12/26/1921 Yazoo H 282 Henly, S. Minister
Redmond, Ed Polk, Mary Hurley 12/26/1921 Holmes 16 527 Fort, A. H.
Redmond, Eddie Freeman, Ossie 12/20/1920 Holmes 17 7 Teudirille, J. Minister
Redmond, Edmund Foster, Massie 09/05/1903 Holmes 6 339 Taylor, J. T. Minister
Redmond, Edmond Rayford, Pearl 02/17/1898 Holmes 1 493 Harrington, B. L. Minister
Redmond, Floyd Little, Mary Maggie 09/01/1920 Holmes 16 585 Frazier, A. D. Minister
Redmond, G. B. Ford, Mamie 02/25/1917 Holmes 15 176 Sauple, J. W. Minister
Redmond, George Cooper, Alice 12/27/1914 Yazoo C 324 Dotts, J. M. M. G.
Redmond, George King, Annie 02/16/1887 Yazoo D 123 Parker, J. L. Minister
Redmond, George Brooks, Koger 05/17/1921 Holmes 17 248
Redmond, George Carter, Lou 10/14/1894 Holmes Z 287 Cobbins, R. H. M. G.
Redmond, George Kimbro, Mary 02/03/1898 Holmes 2 465 Williams, Lincoln Minister
Redmond, George Redmond, Sarah 12/25/1895 Holmes 3 146 Shumpfiert, L. L. Minister
Redmond, Harrison Mingo, Lillie 02/03/1914 Holmes 13 335 Johnson, L. J.
Redmond, Henry Donelson, Alleen 08/02/1907 Holmes 9 205
Redmond, Henry Kearney, Alve Frances 10/27/1925 Yazoo I 497 Means, E. K. Minister
Redmond, Henry James, Julia 03/09/1913 Holmes 13 75 Falls, Eugene Minister
Redmond, Henry Lacy, Mary Jane 04/10/1912 Holmes 12 406 Johnson, L. J. Minister
Redmond, Henry Brooks, Roberta 12/23/1902 Holmes 5 589 Searborugh, J. L. Minister
Redmond, Henry Anderson, Wesley Ann 12/24/1901 Holmes 5 176
Redmond, Herbert Dickens, Fannie 12/27/1894 Holmes H 315 Carson, E. J. M. G.
Redmond, Herbert Patton, Mamie 12/28/1925 Holmes 19 415 Tate, W. R. J. P.
Redmond, Houston Johnson, Lula 05/27/1900 Holmes 4 197 Owen, G. A. M. G.
Redmond, Houston Mayberry, Theodora 11/22/1925 Holmes 19 333 Travis, G. W. Minister
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