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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records W - Wiles

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with W contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

W - Wiles Wilkes - Willbanks Willis - F. Wilson H. Wilson - Woolfork






PG #



Waler, J. A. Wilson, Bettie 05/16/1916 Holmes 103 Wallace, S. Minister
Wales, Isaac Carter, Louisiana 10/12/1913 Holmes 13 170 Hancock, L. H. Minister
Wallace, Albert C. Williams, Fannie 06/02/1868 D 171 Marshall, Alfred M. G.
Wallace, Charley Ceaser, Emma 12/21/1900 Holmes 4 411 Robinson, J. R. Minister
Wallace, Cicero Kelly, Mary 12/23/1903 Holmes 6 497 Nelson, J. Minister
Wallace, Frank         , Elizabeth 03/21/1914 Yazoo C 22 Blount, J. T. J. P.
Wallace, George Eailer, Lillie 11/28/1925 Holmes 9 336 Downer, J. F. Minister
Wallace, George Smith, Georgia 11/09/1920 Holmes 16 613 Grace, S. Minister
Wallace, Henry Johnson, Vicki 04/06/1889 Holmes K 37 Lockett, J. P. J. P.
Wallace, James Rhymes, Evaline 12/25/1923 Holmes 18 187 Reid, C. K. J. P.
Wallace, Jas Rodgers, Rosa 03/03/1907 Yazoo W 278 Pruell, F. G. M. G.
Wallace, John Moore, Bettie 01/14/1922 Holmes 15 244 Carson, E. T. Minister
Wallace, Robert Rule, Ruthie 01/11/1899 Holmes 3 199 Williams, Lincoln Minister
Wallace, Robert Horton, Causey 12/24/1914 Holmes 13 510
Wallace, Rosa Bell Watson, Alice 12/17/1922 Holmes 18 173 Archer, J. P. Minister
Wallace, Sherman Thomas, Beatrice 01/05/1925 Holmes 19 47 Jones, Gearl Minister
Wallace, Will Allen, Mattie May 10/13/1924 Holmes 19 73
Wallace, Will Patterson, Virginia 12/24/1911 Holmes 12 173
Wallington, Will Jones, Lizzza 09/05/1921 Newton 7 350 Atkins, W. W. Minister
Walls, Ellis Jackson, Rachel 11/19/1914 Yazoo C 222 Begnett, E. L. M. G.
Walls, Ernest Shields, Earnestine 12/05/1923 Holmes 18 403
Walls, Ira Stuart, Ruby 10/10/1923 Holmes 18 358 Mitchell, J. E. Minister
Walls, Isacc Dixon, Elizabeth 11/12/1919 Holmes 16 312 Hagler, D. M. P. Minister
Walls, Jacob Tate, Amelia 09/27/1885 Hinds 3 520 Hudson, J. S. Minister
Walls, Jim Hampton, Sarah 02/24/1919 Holmes 16 403 Johnson, Lymus Minister
Walls, Mack Williams, Fannie 12/27/1925 Holmes 18 424 Cooper, S. C. Minister
Walls, Mack Stokes, Mary 01/03/1920 Holmes 16 385 Evans, P. G. Minister
Walls, Porter Davis, Mary J. 01/05/1918 Holmes H 212 Haley, W. H. Minister
Walls, Porter Wiley, Phillis 12/14/1896 Holmes 449 Land, S. C. C. Minister
Walls, Willis Williams, Fannie 12/25/1919 Holmes 16 402 Goudelock, W. R. Minister
Welburn, Hailton Ruffin, Gerturde 03/03/1907 Yazoo W 335 Gordon, W. M. M. G.
Welch, Aaron Potts, Mandy 11/24/1915 Holmes 14 174 Ingram, H. H. Minister
Welch, Billy         , Maggie 12/19/1887 Newton 2 28 Wells, T. I. Minister
Welcox, Arron Davis, Ester Ann 06/18/1918 Jones 1 132 Davis, G. W. Minister
Welcox, Ben Davis, Lena 08/10/1903 Jones 3 445 Davis, G. W. Minister
Wells, Allen Ruby, Bettie 01/27/1895 Holmes H 431 Parks, J. W. M. G.
Wells, Isaac Grode, Anna 08/11/1925 Holmes 19 269 Wallace, G. P. J. P.
Wells, Isaac Hunt, Carrie 01/10/1920 Holmes 16 432 Anderson, H. M. Minister
Wells, John McGee, Mary 01/28/1890 Holmes H 435 Gray, L. T. M. G.
Wells, Mack Rodgers, Lizzie 01/12/1903 Holmes 6 90
Wells, Will Redmond, Rosella 02/15/1925 Holmes 19 179 Griffin, R. W. Minister
Wells, Willie B. Lewis, Maggie Bell 03/21/1925 Holmes 19 209
Wilbon, F. G. Calhoun, Ida B. 10/25/1920 Pontotoc 7 383 Burton, J. M. G.
Wilborn, Alec Gross, Clara 09/14/1913 Panola T 366 Dommer, Tom M. G.
Wilborn, Turner Owens, Rosa 04/30/1904 Yazoo 1 163 Mitchell, J. E. Minister
Wilborne, Perry Johnson, Mary 01/25/1868 Yazoo 3 55 Wiledom, John H. J. P.
Wilburm, Jim Reed, Fanny 05/13/1888 Yazoo D 429 Thomas, P. Minister
Wilburn, Aaron Young, Ann 12/13/1883 Yazoo B 394 Horton, Allen Minister
Wilburn, Albert Simmon, Bobbie 12/17/1920 Lafayette V 128 Moncrief, W. P. J. P.
Wilburn, Albert         , Helen 04/20/1931 Panola L 393 Howell, A. Y. M. G.
Wilburn, Burton Woods, Myra 08/25/1914 Yazoo C 152 Knight, A. J. M. G.
Wilburn, Crotella Nall, Mary 04/13/1924 Holmes 18 534 Cooper, H. C. Minister
Wilburn, Ed Hollinger, Ada 10/28/1895 Holmes 1 18 West, L. A. J. P.
Wilburn, Henry Brooks, Anna 05/30/1912 Holmes 12 428 Ingram, R. C. Minister
Wilburn, Henry Aurrie, Florence 10/19/1916 Holmes 15 91 Noricker, N. E. Minister
Wilburn, Wm Washington, Mattie 11/15/1917 Yazoo E 514 Starkes, J. H. Minister
Wilby, Silas Harris, Amanda 12/26/1866 Hinds 2 269 Mims, Thomas M. G.
Wiles, William Smith, Sallie 03/12/1923 Holmes 13 269 Ward, J. W. Minister
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