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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records Wilkes - Willbanks

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with W contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

W - Wiles Wilkes - Willbanks Willis - F. Wilson H. Wilson - Woolfork






PG #



Wilkes, Albert Smith, Annie 01/22/1924 Holmes 18 479 Fort, A. H. Minister
Wilkes, Albert McDaniel, Rosa 01/28/1922 Holmes 17 601
Wilkes, Amos McKenley, Jane 05/02/1912 Choctow E 355 Kennely, E. M. M. G.
Wilkes, B. J. Dawkins, Jodie 04/06/1919 Winston 13 527 Carter, J. R. W. M. G.
Wilkes, Anderson Milo, Maggie 10/31/1914 Holmes 13 461 Stokes, G. S. Minister
Wilkes, Brown Helm, Sallie 03/24/1918 Holmes 14 490 Howard, A. J.
Wilkes, Dave Tate, Ada 01/25/1908 Holmes 9 474
Wilkes, Ed Chew, Irene 11/03/1894 Yazoo 4 314 Salder, L. S. Minister
Wilkes, Ed Chew, Susie 11/03/1894 Yazoo 4 344 Salder, T. S. Minister
Wilkes, James Hamilton, Annie 12/19/1905 Holmes 8 187
Wilkes, James Williams, Malissa 01/20/1920 Yazoo Z 398 Montgomery, S. E. J. P.
Wilkes, Jim Chambers, Dianna 07/15/1913 Holmes 13 134 Searboro, E. Minister
Wilkes, John Webster, Virginia 03/17/1900 Holmes 4 141 Sanders, G. C. M. G.
Wilkes, Judge Clark, Mary 02/13/1910 Yazoo X 175 Owens, Ed
Wilkes, Leanders Gray, Arrelia 05/13/1923 Holmes 18 295 Gray, I. G. Minister
Wilkes, Otho Owens, Rosa 07/21/1914 Holmes 13 414
Wilkes, Porter Lacey, Mary Ann 08/07/1899 Holmes 3 398 Gowen, H. C. Minister
Wilkes, Robert Tate, Corienne 12/02/1913 Holmes 13 256 Little, W. M. Minister
Wilkes, Sam Redmond, Lethe 01/03/1903 Holmes 6 63 Hevard, Arthur Minister
Wilkes, Soloman Clark, Ellen 08/01/1895 Yazoo I 270 Dearing, S. D.
Wilkes, Thomas Newman, Isabella 12/31/1904 Holmes 7 410
Wilkes, Tom Cathron, Appha 12/16/1915 Holmes 14 234
Wilkes, Tom Gibson, Carrie 12/23/1908 Holmes 10 260
Wilkes, Whit Jr. Anderson, Nelizine 01/08/1920 Yazoo Z 382 Ellis, M. J. Minister
Wilkes, Will Anderson, Maudia 11/21/1910 Yazoo X 429 McClain, R, Minister
Wilkes, William Patterson, Adelaide 01/15/1920 Yazoo Z 376 Carter, R. C.
Wilkes, Willie Helm, Mary 08/18/1899 Holmes 43 Shakleford, G. W. Mayor
Wilkins, Ben Hughes, Maggie 05/01/1920 Holmes 16 530 Wade, S. C. Minister
Wilkins, Bob Davis, Jeanneta 10/26/1913 Holmes 13 183
Wilkins, Cato Craig, Paralee 12/24/1901 Holmes 5 167 Troupe, S. D. Minister
Wilkins, F. S. Mitchell, M. L. 08/14/1890 Holmes K 471 Gipson, S. R. Minister
Wilkins, Harry Ellis, Polly 02/04/1914 Holmes 13 329 Bell, W. M. Minister
Wilkins, Henry Craig, Louisa 12/16/1910 Holmes 11 320 Hoover, H. S. Mayor
Wilkinson, Arthur Shipp, Leona 12/28/1918 Holmes 15 98
Wilkinson, Jackson Armstrong, Mary 12/24/1901 Holmes 5 147 Gillespie, A. Minister
Wilkinson, Lafayette Parks, Leola 12/24/1901 Holmes 5 148 Gillespie, C. Minister
Wilks, Albert Leaks, Emlina 07/08/1908 Yazoo A 237 Curtis, J. B.
Wilks, Alfred B. Haleway, Amana S. 07/12/1848 Yazoo 142 Knight, James W.
Wilks, Dallas Ingram, Lula 02/07/1915 Yazoo C 227
Wilks, John Pete, Mary Jane 05/21/1890 Holmes K 445 Logan, J. A. Minister
Wilks, Otho Fisher, Atles 01/16/1924 Holmes Brown, A. F. Minister
Wilks, Willie Duckworth, Elic 02/05/1919 Yazoo 1 308 Walton, J. L. J. P.
Willbanks, Andy Mayrante, Gensy 12/28/1865 Noxbuee E 7 Howell, A. R. Minister
Willbanks, Eddie Lucas, Gracie 07/11/1895 Hayes, R. M. G.
Willbanks, Henry Hubber, Mary 09/24/1882 Noxbuee Z 141 Bryant, Henry
Willbanks, Israel Davies, Louri 11/29/1898 Noxbuee X 572 Barney, G. W. Minister
Willbanks, Luster Farmer, Ella 05/25/1915 Noxbuee 20 48 Moody, R. G. Minister
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