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Mississippi marriage records listing bride, groom, date of marriage, county of marriage and location at court house. 

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Mississippi Marriage Records H. Wilson - Woolfork

Selected marriages donated by a very generous reader.


Index to surnames beginning with W contained in these marriage records             All Names Index

W - Wiles Wilkes - Willbanks Willis - F. Wilson H. Wilson - Woolfork






PG #



Wilson, H. L. Davis, Pearlie 05/28/1901 Holmes 4 616 Owens, R. L. Minister
Wilson, H. N. Pitchford, Agnes 03/06/1912 Holmes 12 375 Johnson, L. J. Minister
Wilson, H. N. Nash, Willie 02/18/1925 Holmes 19 177 Common, C. C. Minister
Wilson, Harry Walker, Ammie 04/10/1915 Holmes 14 2 Brodley, W. M. Minister
Wilson, Harry Johnson, Nettie 07/25/1901 Holmes 4 637
Wilson, Henry Johnson, Amy 01/07/1906 Holmes 7 423
Wilson, Henry Williams, Charolett 05/18/1903 Holmes 6 239 Words, J. B. Minister
Wilson, Henry Williams, Calel 01/12/1904 Holmes 6 468 Tate, R. T. Minister
Wilson, Henry Chew, Lela 12/24/1913 Holmes 13 244 Doty, W. A. Minister
Wilson, Henry Hall, Lillie 03/12/1916 Holmes 14 439 Tate, Robert Minister
Wilson, Ike Griffin, Bertha 04/03/1925 Holmes 19 216 McDonald, Charley Minister
Wilson, Ike Stansburg, Roxie 03/22/1914 Holmes 13 368 Dudley, J. W. Minister
Wilson, J. Lee Bowling, Lavenia 06/26/1904 Holmes 4 623 Robertson, J. H. M. G.
Wilson, J. W. Moore, C. A. 12/31/1895 Holmes 1 242
Wilson, James Green, Maggola 03/02/1912 Holmes 12 370
Wilson, James Adams, Florence 12/08/1909 Holmes 10 525
Wilson, Jesse Austin, Mary India 12/25/1903 Holmes 6 582 Vadair, J. A. Minister
Wilson, Jessie Jordan, Lucinda 01/06/1897 Holmes 1 529 Williams, Lincoln Minister
Wilson, Jim Mitchell, Pauline 12/18/1916 Yazoo E 85
Wilson, Jim Clark, Rhonda 08/13/1904 Holmes 7 177 Edwards, R. M.
Wilson, Joe Green, Clarissie 12/26/1920 Holmes 17 66 McDenalt, Ed Minister
Wilson, John Walton, Mattie 12/26/1920 Holmes 17 46 Donelson, W. S. Minister
Wilson, Jonas Russell, Guscilla 05/15/1917 Yazoo E 338
Wilson, Judge Washington, Emma 08/17/1913 Holmes 13 149 Tate, W. H. Minister
Wilson, Judge Harris, Liza 10/05/1907 Yazoo W 528 Carter, A. C.
Wilson, King Knight, Millie 11/20/1917 Yazoo E 526 Smith, W. L.
Wilson, Lace Horton, Maggie 11/20/1890 Holmes K 526 Martin, S. P. Minister
Wilson, Lee Orange, Hattie 08/18/1916 Yazoo D 537 Jackson, W. M. G.
Wilson, Lewis Strong, Laura 05/06/1920 Bolivar 22 97 Hawkins, Moses Minister
Wilson, Lige Overstreet, Gertude 03/02/1913 Yazoo B 29 Robinson, O. R. Minister
Wilson, Mack Price, Mary E. 12/23/1903 Holmes 6 502 McBee, R. C. Mayor
Wilson, Madison Ivory, Eliza 12/07/1903 Holmes 6 476 Hosmer, H. P. J. P.
Wilson, Mack Andrews, Minnie May 02/08/1919 Holmes 16 155 Owens, Ed Minister
Wilson, Major Hays, Julia 11/05/1913 Yazoo B 284
Wilson, Marsh Deal, Mamie 04/06/1899 Holmes 3 335 Hickman, J. P. Minister
Wilson, Marshall Lloyd, Carrie 01/02/1902 Holmes 5 216
Wilson, Marshall Wright, Georgiana 12/23/1904 Holmes 7 363
Wilson, Matt Dobney, Gibline 02/10/1917 Yazoo E 238 Blount, J. F. J. P.
Wolf, Johnson Meriwether, Rene 07/27/1888 Tate 517 Brown, H. M. G.
Wolfe, Judge Torry, Artillis 12/12/1893 Hinds 11 555 Reed, A. M. G.
Wolfe, June Jones, Savannah 01/15/1885 Hinds 252 Heard, A. H. Mayor
Wolfe, Louis Huntington, Jane 03/14/1870 Copiah E 596 McNeil, J. W. M. G.
Wolfe, Matt Coleman, Lady Bug 09/11/1897 Tate 9 10 Ware, W. Minister
Wolfe, Matt Knighet, Sue 10/19/1904 Clarke G 563 Harrison, J. H. Minister
Wolfe, Rodelle Johnson, Bessie Panola B 165 Anderson, W. M. M. G.
Wolfe, Sam Smith, Angeline 03/25/1918 Copiah 26 521 Slag, Asa J. P.
Wolfe, Sam Riley, Essie 12/25/1913 Montgomery 16 377 Houston, L. P. Minister
Wolfe, Spencer Green, Daisy 12/19/1922 Lincoln 14 71 Darron, J. E. J. P.
Wolfe, Spencer Lee, Estella 01/24/1920 Hinds 20 35
Wolfe, Spencer Scott, Henretta 11/04/1902 Lincoln 4 75 Price, L. W. M. G.
Wolfe, Willie Chalmers, Martha 07/22/1892 Tate 6 441 Luster, R. B. A.
Wolfe, Willis Collins, Lizzie 01/22/1892 Wilkinson N 104 Stansberry, P. M. Minister
Woolfolk, Columbus Johnson, Ruth 12/07/1915 Yazoo D 100 Drain, H.
Woolfork, A. W. Williams, Mary 12/24/1890 Yazoo E 542 Goodwin, D. D.
Woolfork, Joe Harris, Gear Las 01/30/1915 Yazoo C 409 Drain, H.
Woolfork, Johnson Murdock, Betty E. 09/24/1898 Yazoo E 417 Huston, J. C.
Woolfork, Oscar Slack, Irene E. 06/12/1911 Lee 10 136
Woolfork, Pariah Ford, Minnie 01/12/1916 Sharkey 18 266 Parham, J. G. J. P.
Woolfork, Richard Rumsey, Irene 01/12/1914 Yazoo B 472 Smoote, J. C.
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