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Protestant Orphans Home 1930 Census

Previously known as Protestant Home For Destitute Children

Located in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas.

This is a complete transcription.  Status = Indexed.


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Protestant Orphans Home 1930 Census  

1930 Bexar County, Texas Census. 

ED 15-59, Sheet 2A, Printed Page # 134, Enumerated 2 Apr 1930 by Miss Will E. Hunter.

3031 West Woodlawn Avenue

NOTE:  UNK= Unknown









HOOKS, Charles Inmate m w 9/12 TX US US  
HOWARD, Bill Inmate m w 6 TX TX TX  
HOWARD, Wesley Inmate m w 4 9/12 TX TX TX  
HUTCHINS, Otto Inmate m w 4 10/12 TX TX TX  
JONES, Kenneth K. Inmate m w 10 TX TX TX  
JONES, Norman H. Inmate m w 5 AR TX TX  
JONES, Joseph N. or M. Inmate m w 7 CO TX TX  
JORDAN, Alvin Inmate m w 5 TX AR TX  
KIMBRO, Richard Inmate m w 9 TX TX TX  
LAWHON, Constance Inmate f w 16 TX TX TX  
LITTLE, John Inmate m w 11 TX US AR  
LITTLE, George Inmate m w 13 TX US US  
LOPEZ, David Inmate m mex 10 Mex UNK UNK  
LOPEZ, Ben Inmate m mex 9 Mex UNK UNK  
LUDWIG, Charles Inmate m w 14 TX US US  
McCOLLOUGH, Mae E. Inmate f w 9 TX GA AL  
McCOLLOUGH, Charlie C. Inmate m w 8 TX GA AL  
McCOLLOUGH, William T. Inmate m w 4 5/12 TX GA AL  
McCOLLOUGH, Grace L. Inmate f w 6 TX GA AL  
MATHIS, Olie Inmate m w 8 TX TX TX  
MATHIS, Margaret Inmate f w 7 TX TX TX  
McGUFFIN, Bettie Inmate f w 5 TX TX US  
McGUFFIN, Leta Mae Inmate f w 3 10/12 TX TX US  
McGUFFIN, Texas Inmate f w 11 TX TX US  
McMELL???, ????? Inmate f w 7 TX TX TN  
MERRICK, Lee Inmate m w 3 3/12 TX US TX  
METCALF, Lula M. Inmate f w 10 TX TX TX  
METCALF, Myrtle L. Inmate f w 5 TX TX TX  
MOODD, Rene Inmate m w 10 TX TX TX  
MOODD, Emma Inmate f w 18 TX TX TX  
MOONEY, Clifton Inmate m w 10 TX US US  
NIZONG, Mildred Inmate f w 1 10/12 TX AR AR  
ODESSIA, Stella Inmate f w 9 TX US TX  
OGLESBY, Paul Inmate m w 9 TX US US  
OGLESBY, William Inmate m w 13 KS US US  
O'QUINN, Keith Inmate m w 2 6/12 TX MS LA  
PARTIN, Luther Inmate m w 15 TX TN KY  
PARTIN, Woodrow Inmate m w 12 TX TN KY  
PATTERSON, Mary A. Inmate f w 8 NY US SC  
PIPER, Edward Inmate m w 15 TX Mex KY  
PIPER, Emily Inmate f w 12 KY Mex KY  
PIPER, Minnie Inmate f w 9 TX Mex KY  
PUNEDA, Mary Inmate f mex 13 TX US US  
RANSOM, Willie M. Inmate f w 9 TX TX TX  
RATCLIFF, Cora Inmate f w 19 TX US LA  
RATCLIFF, Howard Inmate m w 11 TX US LA  
REED, Bernice Inmate f w 2 2/12 TX OK TX  
REED, Evelyn Inmate f w 4 9/12 TX OK TX  
REED, Mary E. Inmate f w 9 OK OK TX  
REED, Vennita Inmate f w 6 OK OK TX  
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