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Revolutionary War Land Grants

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In the year1782, North Carolina Legislature set aside a military
reservation in middle Tennessee. 
Much of this land was located in the "Cumberland Country". 
Land grants were made for veterans of the Revolutionary War in compensation for military service.
The amount of land each soldier was given was determined by military rank.
This information can be useful when you
have a set number acres owned by your ancestors. 
Maybe the land was originally a land grant. 
The following table lists military rank along with the number of acres 
a soldier would have been alloted.


# of acres

Private 640
Non-Coms 1000
Captains 3840
Majors 4000
Lt. Colonels 2760
Lt Colonels commandants 7200
Colonels 7200
Brigadier Generals 12,500
Chaplains 2200
Surgeons 4800




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