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Early Texas newspaper extracts containing genealogy data.  Obits, marriage and death notices.  Events and happenings across the state of Texas are included in this collection.
Fort Worth Gazette
Fort Worth, Texas Newspaper Extractions 1891
Various clippings mentioning people all over Texas.
This page contains April 2-3, 1891
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April 2, 1891
TOWN AND COUNTY (Tarrant County News)
In Judge Beckham's court yesterday the divorce suit of Elizabeth Diets vs. Charles Diets occupied the entire day.  The jury returned a verdict at 6:15 p. m. finding the allegations of cruel treatment, etc. were true, and awarding her half the property.  She will get her decree.

Yesterday Deputy Sheriff Grunnells arrested Jeff D. Todd on a warrant from Denton county charging him with seduction, but no particulars could be learned.  Sheriff L. G. Mars of Denton county was notified of the arrest and telegraphed that he would arrive last night to take the prisoner back for trial.

Bishop Key of the Methodist church left yesterday to meet with the bishops of his church at Louisville, KY., where they assemble in annual session.  While in Louisville the board of church extension will also require his attendance.  From Louisville Bishop Key will go to Wilmington, NC, where the board of missions meets.  The bishop is accompanied by his wife.

April 3, 1891
A Man Dies from the Effects of Kicks and Bruises Inflicted by a Companion, Both Being Intoxicated.
Special to the Gazette
Bonham, Tex., April 2, About nine days ago William Davis Sol Vaughn and others went to Ravenna, a small town about nine miles northwest of this city.  They went in a wagon, and while in Ravenna all got drunk, and late in the evening started home, which was on Red river a few miles north of Ravenna.  On their way Davis was kicked out of the wagon and Vaughn was seen kicking him, which he continued unmolested until he was satisfied.  They then got into the wagon and proceeded to Vaughn's house.  Davis and Vaughn entered and Vaughn was heard cursing and abusing Davis, and it is supposed that he continued beating and kicking him.  However, next day Vaughn hauled Davis over to a neighbor's house and there left him where he lingered in great pain for nine days and died.  County Attorney Meade and Dr. R. E. Hancock went down yesterday and held a post mortem examination and found that Davis came to his death from the bruises and wounds so inflicted.  A warrant was issued for Vaughn charging him with murder.  Sheriff Chaney and Constable McKee went to the river yesterday and arrested Vaughn and committed him to jail about 9 o'clock last night.
Expiated the Crime of Killing a Farmer
Died of Strangulation
Somerset, PA., April 2, David and Joseph Nicely, brothers were hanged at 1:43 o'clock this afternoon.  They both died game and protesting their innocence.  Death resulted from strangulation.  The bodies were cut down about nineteen minutes after the trap was sprung.  On the night of February 27, 1889, both brothers went to the house of a farmer named Umberger and under the pretense of searching the house for jewelry which they said was stolen, began searching the house under what purported to be warrants.  Umberger tried to protect his property and was shop and killed.
A Shooting at Mertens
Special to the Gazette
Mertens, Tex., April 2,  A quarrel occurred here to-day between James Armstrong (white) and Henry and Jim Barnett (colored).  Armstrong shot Henry Barnett three times, all flesh wounds.
Died in Jail
Correspondence of the Gazette
Bryan, Tex., April 1,  The candidates for the city election are making things lively.
Lee Hughes, a negro boy convicted and sentenced to a term in the penitentiary for burglary, at the recent session of the district court, died in jail here on March 30.
Woman Arrested for Theft
Special to the Gazette
Terrell, Tex., April 2,  To-day Officer Joe Keller arrested on or near the Sabine a white woman named Mrs. Fronia Weathers on a charge of theft of $70.  On examining trial the bond was fixed at $300.
A Young Man Jailed at Sherman for Criminal Assault - His Victim Eight Years of Age 
Special to the Gazette
Sherman, Tex., April 2,  Thomas Brown, an unsophisticated young man was jailed to-day on a charge of criminal assault.  The victim was a child only eight years of age.  the young man plead ignorance of the law, says he does not mind going to the penitentiary but don't want to hang.  The mother of the child is mixed up in the affair, the young man claiming that she gave her consent.
A Young Man Found Dead Under an Immense Pile of Rocks
Special to the Gazette
Vinita, I. T., April 2,  James Salisbury, a young man conducting a coal bank ten miles northeast of this place, was found dead under about five feet of rocks and earth this morning.  The custom was to mine the coal by stripping but Salisbury had drifted a few feet when the bank caved in.  He went out alone yesterday at noon and was not found until this morning.  His parents live near Southwest City, MO.
MARRIAGE LICENSES (this is Tarrant County)
Only one couple dared brave the approach of hot weather by entering into the connubial bliss yesterday.  They were Acy Hendricks and Rosa Williams, both colored.
Killing Near Farmersville
Special to the Gazette
Farmersville, Tex., April 2,  Early this morning about twelve miles north of this place Israel Boren, an old man about eight years of age, killed a young man by the name of Nance.  the weapon used was an ax.  Boren surrendered to an officer.
A Young Lady Burned to Death While Burning Brush Near DeLeon
Special to the Gazette.
DeLeon, Tex., April 2,  A very sad accident occurred about a mile east of town on Mr. J. A. Wyatt's place.  Miss Mattie Jones, was out in the field assisting her father, B. G. Jones in burning brush.  Her clothing took fire and the wind being very high, she was so badly burned that she died today about 12 o'clock.  Yesterday was Miss Jones birthday, she being just seventeen.
An Elopement Prevented by the Timely Interference of an Officer - The Pair Prominently Connected at Galveston.
Special to the Gazette
Galveston, Tex., April 2,  A youthful elopement was nipped in the bud this afternoon by the timely action of officer John Mealy, who identified the couple at the Union depot after they had purchased their tickets for Houston, where they expected to have the nuptial ceremony performed.  The youthful would-be bride is only fourteen years old, while the would-be groom lacks a few years of his majority.  
The maiden is an attendant of the Ball high school and daughter of an estimable widow residing in the West End.
The youth is a student at the Galveston medical college and son of a prominent physician of this city.  He met the girl at the close of school and hurried with her to the depot, but the younger sister, divining something was wrong followed with a large portion of the school and implored her sister to return home.  Not succeeding, she appealed to Officer Mealy, explained the situation and he sent the youthful couple to their respective homes which are much broken up over the foolishness of their children.
Likewise His Pants - An Ex-Conductor Robbed of a Cool $650 at Denison.
Special to the Gazette
Denison, Tex., April 2,  Q. A. Cobb, formerly a conductor on the Missouri, Kansas and Texas railway, was the victim of a robbery this morning.  He retired about 10:30 o'clock, and on awakening he found his pants missing and $650 in money which was in the pockets of the trousers gone also.  The wire screen of the window near the bed was cut and the sash raised.  The pants were on a chair near the window when he went to bed.  After searching about the pants were found in the yard of Mr. Cummings, a neighbor.  No clew can be obtained as to who are the perpetrators.




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