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Early Texas newspaper extracts containing genealogy data.  Obits, marriage and death notices.  Events and happenings across the state of Texas are included in this collection.
Fort Worth Gazette
Fort Worth, Texas Newspaper Extractions 1891
Various clippings mentioning people all over Texas.
This page contains April 5 & 20, 1891
Select other dates below:

April 5, 1891 (page 2)
A Man's Arm is a Sad Plight, Caused by Being Cut with a Plow - An Interesting Case on Trial at Denton.
Denton, Tex., April 4,  Mr. Jacob Cole, a prosperous farmer living nine miles north-west of here, is suffering from a very strange and dangerous case of blood poisoning, and is hardly expected to live.  Several days ago while he was plowing he accidentally stuck the point of the plow in his hand, which caused him from the first very great pain.  The wound looked to be trivial, but a physician was sent for, however, on the next day, but the hand and arm was at that time in a bad condition, and while it seemed necessary to amputate, it was thought by the physicians that he could not survive the shock which would naturally follow.  The flesh of his hand, it is said, has sloughed from the bone.  What caused so small a wound to so suddenly assume such a malignant form is difficult to understand.
The case of the State of Texas vs. Bob Stephens, a colored barber, which has been on trial since last Wednesday, was concluded and submitted to the jury at noon today, and is still in their hands.  The case has elicited a great deal of interest here, as the fire which he was charged with kindling was that which consumed almost the whole of the east side of the square of this city last July.  Stephens had always heretofore had the reputation of being an honest and industrious negro, and consequently had a number of friends among the good citizens of this place, who believed him innocent.  The case was very hotly contested both pro and con.
Charged with the Postoffice Robbery
Annona, Tex., April 4,  Last night, Officer Whitlow came up from Clarksville and arrested Dude Walker at his store about daylight this morning.  He is charged with robbing the Queen City postoffice last Monday night.
Found Hanging to a Tree
Birmingham, Ala, April 4,  Roxie Elliott, a negro school teacher who was in jail at Centreville, Bibb county, charged with murdering her infant child, was found hanging to a tree with her neck broken.
Decatur, Tex., April 4,  Jessie Morris, constable from Alvord, came in on the morning train with one George McMillan, whom he had arrested in Gainesville on yesterday morning.  McMillan is charged with the theft of two mules from D. N. Wright near Crofton on Wednesday night.  One of the mules was found on Sandy, about ten miles from home, on Thursday.  The other mule was found in a livery stable in Gainesville where McMillan had placed it.  McMillan claims to be from DeKalb county, Tenn., and had when arrested a tax receipt dated February 1891, made in DeKalb county, Tenn. to George McMillan.  He claims to have traded for the mule in Montague county, and resisted arrest when found by the officers.
The G. A. R. Condemns the Century Report of the Treatment of Confederate Prisoners.
Indianapolis, Ind., April 4,  A good deal of feeling is exhibited here among the ex-soldiers over the article in the Century magazine for April, charging that the Confederate prisoners of war almost starved, and that they ate rats and dogs, and were furnished with insufficient clothing, cruelly treated, etc. during the war.  W. R. Holtaway, private secretary to Governor Martin during the war says that the statement is untrue.
A White Boy Shoots a Negro Who Was Attempting to Strike Him.
Galveston, Tex., April 4,  Last night a lot of white and negro boys congregated at a grocery corner at Twenty-fifth street and avenue P.  A quarrel sprang up between them and resulted in several scrapping matches.  A negro boy, Lawrence Jones, aged sixteen years, attempted to assassinate Willie Kahn, a white boy about the same age with a club.  Willie drew a 32-caliber Colt's and shot Jones in the left breast, just above the nipple, inflicting a slight wound.  Willie, who is quite a bright boy, was arrested after midnight on the charge of assault with intent to murder, and was sent to jail.  The officer making the arrest saw the negro boy Jones at home in bed and says that the wound is slight, and that his parents would not let them take him to the hospital for treatment.
United States Court at El Paso.
El Paso, Tex., April 4,  United States Consul A. J. Sampson has arrived in Juarez with his bride.  
The United States district court will convene for the April term next Monday morning at the county court room.  Judge Maxey will arrive to-morrow.
April 5, 1891 (page 10)
Take a Jaunt to Aransas Pass and Corpus Chirsti-Congressman Cluberson to Speak Thursday Next.
Culberson Coming.
Austin, Tex., April 4,  Congressman Culberson will arrive here next Wednesday and addres the faithful in representative hall Thursday night, according to the present programme.
At least the Solons and a Number of Friends Took in the Excursion.
Austin, Tex., April 4,  The capitol wears a deserted and lonely aspect to-day, nearly all the solons went, a few of them to their homes and the remainder on the excursion to Aransas Pass and Corpus Christi.  Three coaches were filled by the excursionalists that left here at 6 o'clock this morning.  The coaches were not only filled but packed and crammed with men and women, eager to enjoy the luxury of a free ride to the coast.  Several who went to the depot, taking in the situation, returned and blessed themselves every hour of the day since for having gumption enough to stay at home instead of being trampled on and galloped over the the next three days in overcrowded cars.  The excursionalists will return, according to programme, Monday night.
Eighteen Divorces Granted at Paris in a Single Day.
Paris, Tex., April 4,  Yesterday was emancipation day in the state district court and the following couples were freed from the yoke of connubial bondage.
S. J. Lewis vs. Rhoda, alias Lee Lewis, divorce and custody of children granted plaintiff.
Kate Rannells vs. Wade Rannells, divorce and custody of children granted plaintiff.
Mary J. Herring vs. S. H. Herring, divorce granted.
Mollie Bonner vs. John Bonner, divorce granted.
Minnie B. Graham vs. Wm. C. Graham, divorce granted and maiden name restored.
Prince Harmon vs. Sarah Harmon, divorce granted.
A. L. Rolen vs. W. W. Rolen, dismissed.
Aaron McDonald vs. Theny McDonald, divorce granted.
Mary Matley vs. W. M. Matley, divorce granted
Susie Herrel vs. Ark Herrel, divorce granted.
Calvin Smith vs. Annie Smith, divorce granted.
Eliza Lindsay vs. Allen Lindsay, divorce granted.
Hettie Johnson vs. Robert Johnson, divorce and custody of children granted plaintiff.
Lee Eubanks vs. Laura Eubanks, divorce granted.
Sam Titsworth vs. Dora Titsworth, divorce granted.
Mary E. Wortham vs. Tom Wortham, divorce granted defendant.
George Diser vs. Mary Diser, divorce granted.
Henry C. Conway vs. Belle Conway, divorce granted.
That Deputy Marshals from the Paris District Have Made Arrests in Oklahoma.
Paris, Tex., April 4,  Several days ago a dispatch sent form Arkansas City, Kan., stated that complaint had been made to Governor Steele of Oklahoma to the effect that citizens of that territory had complained that deputy marshals from Paris had gone into No-Man's-Land and other points in Oklahoma and made arrests on frivolous and trumped-up charges.  The attention of Attorney-General Miller was called to the matter.  He was informed that no deputy marshal from the Paris court had been in that country in the past nine months.  Yesterday a letter was received at the marshal's office from the marshal of Oklahoma stating that W. C. Simmons of Hardesty, Oklahoma, had written him that he had been arrested by a deputy marshal of the Northern district of Texas for larceny and carried to Dallas and placed in jail.  If this be true there is room for the complaint, as the Northern district has no jurisdiction over any portion of the Indian country and has not had for more than two years.  But it occasions no surprise that they have done this, as they have shown a strange disposition to ignore acts of congress and department instructions in persisting in making arrests in the Indian country since the small jurisdiction they once had was taken from them.
Deputy Marshal Sam Lindsey came in with Jake Roberts, who is charged with committing highway robbery near Tishomingo, I.T. on the 29th of January.  It seems that two men named Standiver lived in the same house.  On the day the crime is alleged to have been committed one of the men drew $100.  Later on two men went to their house and held up one of them and robbed him of about $15.  The testimony shows that Roberts is one of the men.
April 20, 1891
A Young Men's Christian association has been organized at Childress.
The Presbytery of Eastern Texas is to meet at the Presbyterian church in Crockett on next Tuesday, the 21st, at 8 p. m.  Dr. Crozier of Palestine is to preach the opening sermon.
Valley Mills, April 18,  There is considerable interest manifested in the revival going on at the Baptist church.  Our school continues to flourish under the management of Professor J. B. Layne and his worthy assistant.  Our people are proud of the school here and will be glad to retain Professor Layne another year.
Terrell, April 18,  Rev. Joseph Jones is booked to arrive at Terrell on the 30th of April to commence a meeting at the Methodist church.  Rev. F. A. Rosser is making necessary arrangements for the meeting.
The Ladies' guild of the Episcopal church netted quite a little sum by dinner and art exhibit to-day.
Carrolton, April 17,  The Union Baptist church will celebrate the forty-fifth anniversary on the 10th of May.  Distinguished speakers are invited and looked for.  This is the second oldest church in North Texas, Lonesome Dove church in Tarrant county is the oldest.
Fairfield, April 17,  The Baptist church has been completed and services held several times, yet the church had not been dedicated: but will be as soon as all indebtedness is paid off.
Brookston, April 19,  The ladies of the Methodist church will give an entertainment Friday night, April 24, for the benefit of the church.  A good number of visitors are expected from Honey Grove, Petty and Paris to attend.
The construction of the Denton county jail is under way.  It is to be of pressed brick and stone, 54x59 feet, and cost $18,859,
The corner stone of the large Rosenberg building at Hallettville has been laid.
Beeville's artesian well is on the downward way.
The commissioners of Limestone county have awarded the contract for the new courthouse at $58, 700.
Stephenville is rising from her ashes better than ever.  Three new stores are almost completed.
Dr. A. Murchison of Merit has had a well sunk near the town plat and at sixteen feet struck a good supply of water, but he and others think it has very much the taste of the famous Mineral Wells water.  He will have it analyzed.
Democrat Publishing Company, Fort Worth, Tex:
Mr. Editor,  Doss City is on the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad on the line of Montague and Clay counties.  This town is certainly on a boom.  The saw and hammer are heard early and late every day, several business and residence houses are going up and the location and surroundings are the best for a good town that I ever saw.  Town lots and good farming lands around the town are abundant and cheap and sold on good time.  Crops are good.  We have been having some rain and hail for two or three days.  The health ofour town is good, water good, etc.
                                              J. B. SELLMAN.
The Cisco and Eastland lodges of I.O.O.F. will celebrate at Cisco the Seventy-second anniversary of the order on April 25.
The stock show last Saturday at McGregor was well attended by those having showy stock horses, and many citizens viewed the fine bloods with delight.  The exhibit was confined principally to stallions.
Ennis, April 18,  Rev. J. A. Pace, who has been holding a protracted meeting in Dallas county for the past ten days, returned yesterday.
Holland, April 18,  The firm of R. H. Underwood & Co, of this place, has dissolved by mutual consent.  Murphy assuming all liabilities of said firm.
Terrell, April 17,  The supply fire company No. 3, elected the following officers to-day: Moss Phillips, foreman; Albert Monday, first assistant; Taylor Phillips, second assistant; Ravenal Andrews, secretary.
Terrell, April 18,  The coal find is creating some speculation and efforts will be made to get at the facts.  The quality and quantity of coal supposed to be here would be an immense thing for Texas and especially Terrell.
Terrell, April 15,  Since 5 o'clock much excitement prevails over the fact of the coal find at the asylum artesian well.  A. Ferrell and John McGraw, having examined the samples of the coal, pronounced it equal to the Piedmont and other mines.  The coal is found in a vein twelve feet thick, 2000 feet under the surface. If these are facts, then Terrell has a corner on future prospects.  The people are much agitated over the fact, which beats a gold mine.
The Number Docketed, Including Those from the Territory, to Come Up at the Paris Term
Paris, Tex, April 19,  Hon. David E. Bryant, judge of the Eastern district, came down from Sherman and will to-morrow open the April term of the court at this place.  Covering as it does the Indian country, it has a large criminal docket, including over twenty murder cases.
Two Youths, Brothers, Quarrel, and One is Killed.
Cookville, Tex., April 19,  Yesterday evening about 3 o'clock, six miles north of Cookville, Charles May and Reuben May, N. C. May's sons, became engaged in an altercatrion in which Charles May knocked Reuben May over the head with a hoe handle twice, and immediately Reuben May stabbed Charles May in the main artery of the neck, Charles May dying immediately.  The two brothers were fourteen and sixteen years old.
Since the killing the justice of the peace of the precinct has had a coroner's inquest, and bound Reuben May over to await the action of teh grand jury which meets to-morrow, the 20th.
Mount Pleasant, Tex., April 19,  A terrible tragedy was enacted yesterday evening about 4 o'clock ten miles northeast of this place.  N. C. May and a younger brother were at work in a field when a quarrel arose between them, the younger brother striking the older on the head with a hoe handle, knocking him down.  When he arose he drew his knife and stabbed his young brother to the heart, killing him instantly.  Sheriff G. B. Dickson is ?? ????? after the murderer.




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