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Early Texas newspaper extracts containing genealogy data.  Obits, marriage and death notices.  Events and happenings across the state of Texas are included in this collection.
Fort Worth Gazette
Fort Worth, Texas Newspaper Extractions 1891
Various clippings mentioning people all over Texas.
This page contains April 21-22, 1891
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April 2-3, 1891 Sept 1893 Dec 10, 1894 Dec 18 & 20, 1894
April 5 & 20, 1891 More Sept 1893 Dec 11, 1894 Dec 21, 1894
April 21-22, 1891 Dec 1, 1894 Dec 13, 1894 for future use
April 23, 1891 Dec 4, 1894 Dec 13, 1894. page 2 for future use
April 24, 1891 Dec 8, 1894 Dec 13, 1894, page 3 for future use

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April 21, 1891
Pottsboro, April 19,  Five car loads of walnut lumber have been recently shipped from here to Baltimore, Md.  The subagent, Jim Northcott, who delivered it received $55 per thousand for it on board the cars in log form.
George R. Reaves Lodge No. 896 A. F. and A. M., met last night in their new temple, which is their own exclusive property.  Hitherto the lodge has leased it's quarters.
Death has been very busy in this part of Grayson county during the last few months, but at present writing the health is improving.
Mount Calm, April 20,  Messrs. Tanson & Zachary, two enterprising merchants of our town, will soon open up a nice line of furniture and undertakers' supplies in connection with their stock of dry goods and groceries.  They are both highly respected business men and justly deserve the patronage of our community.  Success go with them.
Salado, April 20,  The ladies of this place, headed by Mrs. H. P. Robinson with the assistance of a few boys, gave a concert at the new opera house that has lately been constructed at this place, last Saturday night and realized a handsome sum, which will be appropriated to seating for the new Methodist church here.  The ladies deserve much praise for their energy.
Crockett, April 18,  The Rev. Thomas Ward White for the past eight years evangelist of the presbytery of Eastern Texas, has been here under the medical care of Dr. J. B. Smith for the past week.  He commenced a protracted meeting Thursday night.
Comanche, April 17,  Rev. Joe Jones, brother of Sam, is conducting a meeting at the courthouse this week.
Mr. Eli Bagget is building a large gin house at Belton.
Brownwood is to have another bank, Mr. F. W. Henderson, who has recently been engaged in the banking business at Mason, has located there, and with several of Brownwood's moneyed citizens, has applied for a charter for the Brownwood national bank.  It is expected the new bank will be ready for business about August 1.
Brownwood Bulletin:  Mr. Watkins of Fort Worth is in the city with a view to organizing an electric light plant and ice factory, both of which are badly needed. Our factory here was totally unable to supply the demands last year.  Ice in Brownwood retails at 2 cents per pound, while everywhere there is any competition 1 cent is the regular price.

April 22, 1891 
Recorded Transfers.
May Sue Warren to P. A. Huffman, lots 21 and 20 and ten feet off north side of lot 19, block 6, Jenning's east addition.
H. O. Lyman to American land and investment company, lots 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30, block 225, Chamberlin Arlington Heights.
Elizabeth Dietz to M. D. Priest and F. E. Albright, 90 acres in Rutha Baker survey, about fifteen miles from Fort Worth.
E. E. Fosdick to C. W. Oats, lot 8, block 21, cotton mill addition.
Mrs. S. E. Knisel et ux to Stuck Percy, 40x119 feet in A. Robinson survey in the city of Fort Worth.
M. A. Cock to W. M. Cravey, lots 1 and 2, block 1, Brooks and Bailey's addition.
L. C. Wall to O. A. Walling, 80x91 feet in block 28, Tucker's addition.
H. M. Bandy, et ux, to W. J. Reed, 21 1-5 acres in Newton Holland survey, 18 miles from Fort Worth.
W. J. Reed et ux to A. Bell, tract of land, 60 acres in J. N. Holland headright and 21 1-5 acres in J. N. Holland 320 acre survey.
R. Vickery and S. C. Ash to W. Foley, lot 13, block 8, Glenwood addition.
A Denison Man Disposes of Mortgaged Property and Skips
Denison, Tex., April 21,  A warrant was issued yesterday for the arrest of Ike Melzer on the charges of disposing of mortgaged property.  Some time ago he mortgaged his household goods to John McNamara for some money.  Last week he sent his wife and family to Illinois, and sold his goods to a second-hand goods dealer. The warrant followed, and Melzer was soon wanted badly by the constable.  The most diligent search failed to find him, and this morning it was learned that he had left the city.  Melzer was a barber, and has lived in Denison for fifteen years.
Houston, Tex., April 21,  On February 9 last A. J. Milantree was lying in wait for a man against whom he had a grudge, and who had to pas through a lonely road.  Milantree even went so far as to dig the grave into which to throw his victim.  Will Seaforth happened along at the time, and mistaking him for his would-be victim, Milantree knocked his brains out with a coupling pin but was frightened away.  Seaforth died next day, and during lucid intervals called the name of Milantree, which furnished the clew which led to his arrest.  To-day he was awarded twenty-five years in the penitentiary on a verdict of murder in the second degree.
One Fellow Blazes Away at Another While Intoxicated and is in Turn Shot Through the Arm.
Trinity, Tex, April 21,  This afternoon while the passenger platform was crowded with people and the passenger train was standing here, W. A. Cook, a barber, fired two shots at his former partner, P. D. Doline, and was in the act of firing the third shot when Doline shot him in the right arm, the ball lodging in his shoulder.  Cook was arrested.  Doline was not hurt.  The cause of the trouble is attributed to Cook being intoxicated.
A Notorious Character Murders in Cold Blood a Creek Indian
Paris, Tex., April 21,  News has just been received of another murder comitted by Black Tiger.  This time the victim was a Creek Indian.  The details are very meager, but it seems that after being chased last week by Deputy Marshall McCall, Tiger crossed over to the Creek country, and being in an exasperated state of mind from the worry caused by McCall's chasing, he vented his rage on the firt man he came across.  
Charles Patton was acquitted in the Federal court to-day of horse stealing.
It Was in a Box in Some Brush in Texarkana - Load of Flour Attached.
Texarkana, Tex., April 21,  This city is stirred up to-night over the finding a body of a full matured male child in an old box in some brushes near the standpipe.  The body, from an autopsy, shows that the child was delivered alive.  Old rags and a scrap of paper may lead to the finding of the parents of the child.  An effort will be made at all events to this end.
The coroner of Mills county, Ark., served papers on Sheriff Blythe to-day and recovered a full load of sacked flour, attached in the Runnels failure.  Mr. Kogdoff of Lexington, Mo., was the owner of the flour and was made to prove each and every sack before he could take it out, which his agents did.




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