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Early Texas newspaper extracts containing genealogy data.  Obits, marriage and death notices.  Events and happenings across the state of Texas are included in this collection.
Fort Worth Gazette
Fort Worth, Texas Newspaper Extractions 1893
Various clippings mentioning people all over Texas.
This page contains More of September 1893
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September 5, 1893
Oklahoma and Indian Territory News
Eufaula's first bale of cotton was raised by Dick Hubbell.  He received a premium of $18.50.
The Duncan, I. T. Banner celebrated its first anniversary with its issue of September 2.
Four Postoffices will be opened in the strip on the day of opening, one at each land office.
Paul Valley's first bale of cotton was raised by Mrs. W. H. White.  It weighed 400 pounds and sold for 7 1/2 cents.
 The pottery works at Loco are turning out a first-class article of earthenware.

A Baptist church was organized at Paul's valley on Sunday last.

The dead body of M. Jagerson, a boomer, was found at his camp on the Cherokee strip.  he had been shot through the head.  Mr Jagerson hailed from Iowa.

September 16, 1893 
Mount Vernon, Tex., Sept. 13 (Special)  The meeting which has been in progress at the Methodist church for the last week, closed last night.  There were forty-two additions to the church.
Mrs. Alice Prather, wife of T. L. Prather, living northeast of this place, died night before last and was buried in Mount Vernon cemetery yesterday.  She had many friends and relatives in and around our town and a brother, J. A. Larchman in Fort Worth.
Mrs. Lelia Dutton of this place, who has been visiting Miss Joe Lauther of Mount Pleasant, has returned home.

Mr. Authur Otison and wife of Georgia are visiting Mr. W. J. Galt, father of Mrs. Otison.

Mrs. E. E. Moore and daughter, Miss Myrtle, who have been visiting Mr. Wm. Moore of Fort Worth, are not at home, but will return to Fort Worth tomorrow.

Misses Lura Black and Fannie Thompson of Mount Pleasant, who have been visiting the family of Dr. Fleming, have returned home.

Miss Clara Carter of Bonham has been engaged here as art teacher and Miss L??ule Wester of Sulphur Springs is teaching a class in elocution.

Mrs. Mary E. Hill, recently appointed postmistress at this place, has received her commission and will take charge of the postoffice soon.

Cleburne, Tex., Sept. 13 (Special)  Last night a brakeman by the name of Sims was help up in a back alley near the Santa Fe depot and robbed.  Three men did the business.  The thieves took a gold watch and $5 from Sims.  Upon investigation by the officers, it was ascertained that about 8 p. m. three men came into Westhoff's restaurant and asked for something to eat.  While eating one of them wanted to know if they needed help.  He said he and his companion were cooks and were looking for a job.  It is supposed by the city officials that these men did the robbing.  They gave no names, and as yet have not been captured.  It is generally believed they left on a freight train.

John Maul was arrested by Sheriff Rogers on a capias from Bosque County.  He is wanted there for perjury before the grand jury.

Mrs. Wilson, mother of Mr. H. S. Wilson, died last night.  She was aged 63 years.

S. J. Casstevens and Manie Mims of West Valley were married in the county clerk's office today.  A big crowd of the curious were present.

Brenham, Tex., Sept 14 (Special)  Chas. Nemant? / Nemart? shot Henry Halbert at Long Point last night with a shotgun loaded with buckshot, the charge entering his thigh, side and back, from the effects of which he is not expected to live.  They had a difficulty and this was a result of it.  Halbert was still alive this morning.
Austin, Tex., Sept. 14 (Special)  The penitentiary board was in session today, but did nothing except to adjourn over until tomorrow.

Chartered - The Sugarland Railway company, beginning at the refinery at Sugerland, Fort Bend county and extending thence to Arcola in the same county, a distance of fourteen and two-tenths miles: principal office Sugarland.  Capital stock $142,000.  Incorporators: Ed H. Cunningham and G. W. Breckenridge of San Antonio.  W. D. Cleveland and E. W. Sewall of Houston, and G. R. Miller, Haywood Brahan, W. K. Morrow and W. T. Bertrand of Sugarland and J. H. R. House of Duke.

Alpine, Tex., Sept 14 (Special)  In the big railway suit of the State of Texas vs The G. H. and S. A. railroad company, judgment was rendered in favor of the plaintiff today by Judge Giles.  This suit involves 800,000 acres of land lying principally in Brewster, Pecos, Presidio and Jeff Davis counties.
Sherman, Tex., Sept 14 (Special)  A confession was made yesterday by Jim Douglass, a prisoner in the Fannin county jail, to Sheriff Hughes of this county, by which a number of thieves will be apprehended and convicted for having been engaged in the wholesale theft of cattle in this county.
Douglass was the recognized leader of the gang.  The plans by which they operated were to steal cattle and drive them to Denison where they disposed of to a wholesale butcher, Douglass alleges that the butcher was a party to the theft.
Henrietta, Tex., Sept 14 (Special)  Marvin Ozee, son of J. M. Ozee, one of the old settlers of this county, was thrown from his horse yesterday morning while trying to rope a cow, and becoming entangled in the rope was dragged to death by the horse, which was young and wild.  He was still alive when found, but died at 3 o'clock this morning.
The following real estate transfers were recorded yesterday.

Texas and Pacific Railroad company to W. J. Rusk, various lots in Arlington, $1850.

W. P. Thomas to Monroe Henderson, parts of blocks 7 and 150, Daggett's addition, $250.

J. S. and I. C. Tony to J. S. Hall, 25 acres G. W. Gorbett survey, $400.

C. C. Cunningham and wife to E. L. Cunningham, lot 5, block 1, Cunningham and Woodall addition, $300.

Germania Building and Loan assiciation to W. F. Erwin, lot 2, block 22, Chambers addition $350.

One marriage license was recorded yesterday: that of M. T. Harley to Miss Pink Stegall.

September 17, 1893
Temple, Tex., Sept. 15 (Special)  At a late hour last night at J. B. Watter's wagon yard, some unknown person shot Doc Wise, a horse trader, with a pistol.  The shot took effect in the left thigh and the wound is serious.  The shooter escaped and was not recognized.  No cause for the act is known.
San Antonio, Tex., Sept 15 (Special)  News was received here today that J. L. Reuss, a San Antonioan, has suddenly become insane at Newport, KY., and was detained there by the police.  Reuss was traveling, having been to the World's fair.  Friends have gone after him.

 Dallas, Tex., Sept 15 (Special)  Arrangements are about consummated to have a prize fight in Dallas during the fair between two pugilists of world renown, a fight that will draw sports and lovers of the manly art all the way from New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia and other Eastern cities and from Chicago and St. Louis, and a large portion of the population of New Orleans.  A purse of $3000 will get two such pugilists, and at a modest estimate the event would be the means of turning loose in this city at least $30,000.

Hon. Thomas West of Fort Worth is in the city today, closing contracts with the state fair management for various privileges for the sale and exhibition of Fort Worth products on the grounds.  He stated that the enterprising manufacturers and jobbers establishments of Fort Worth, appreciating the fair and exposition as unparalleled mediums for advertising their products and goods to the greatest number of people from all sections of the state, have concluded to avail themselves of the advantages presented by it, and are beginning to prepare their exhibits.
An important privilege secured by Mr. West was for placing the famous Fort Worth beer on the fair grounds.  Thus with the assistance of the Fort Worth business houses, Dallas will be able to make exposition hall show up with greater splendor and artistic perfection than ever before.  The business men of Fort Worth have long been famous for their business sagacity and pluck, and there is no reason why they should not share with Dallas, the advantages and glory of making the exposition keep pace with the State Fair, which is assuming such gigantic proportions.
Hon. John Cochran is in Fort Worth in regard to this matter and he is meeting with satisfying success.

A west-bound freight train on the Texas and Pacific was ditched at White Rock creek bridge this afternoon and an unknown tramp, who was stealing a ride, was killed instantly.

Judge Charles Fred Tucker, judge of the Forty-fourth judicial district, has resigned  on account of the meagerness of the salary.  Ed Gray, Barney F. Word and Brock Robertson are the most prominent candidates to be Judge Tucker's successor.

Itasca, Tex., Sept. 15 (Special)  Miss Dora Kennedy, a young lady 17 years old, living eight miles west of here, made affidavit against W. R?/B? Scott, charging him with seduction.  Scott has been arrested and placed under a $500 bond for his appearance at the next term of county court.
Alvarado, Tex., Sept 15 (Special)  Yesterday, near Barnesville, Miss Lou Hutton, aged about 22, daughter of Mr. Will Hutton, while washing clothing, was seriously and perhaps fatally burned.  Her father, while endeavoring to extinguish the burning clothing of his daughter, was also very badly burned about the hands.

September 30, 1893 
Rice, Tex., Sept. 29 (Special)  Last evening, Ike Mosely and his step-father, Milt Mosely, became involved in a difficulty concerning some family affairs and Ike struck his step-father just behind the ear with a rock, from the effect of which he died last night.  The coroner's inquest is being held, but their decision has not been received.  Ike gave himself up to the authorities.  Parties all colored.


Weatherford, Tex., Sept. 29 (Special)  At a regular meeting of the fire brigade last night, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:  Mr. Lige? Putman, chief; Mr. L. F. Starr, exsistant chief;  Mr. H. B. Dorsey, secretary; and Mr. D. C. Haynes, treasurer.
A young man named Robert Fox was brought in this morning by the Mineral Wells train and was taken to his home in this city, with a very severe cut to one of his feet, caused by an axe while rattling? wood up the line.
Last night at the regular yearly meeting of bore? company no 2, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Mr. C. R. Vangelson, president; Mr. J. T. Pickard, vice-president; Mr. D. M. Hart Jr., secretary; Mr. J. R. Williams, treasurer; Mr. H. B. Dorsey, foreman; Mr. F. M. Flenner, first assistant foreman; and Mr. J. J. Johnson, second assistant foreman.

The wife of Mr. Thomas Anderson died here today.  She was widely known and highly respected.

San Antonio, Tex., Sept. 29 (Special)  George W. Beck went to jail today on the charge of forgery.  It seems that Beck has been in the custom of soliciting funds to assist some alleged unfortunate individuals and appropriating the money thus collected to his own use.
Roanoke, Tex., Sept. 29 (Special)  The late copious rains make everyone feel better.

Miss Maggie Leddy from McKinney, Texas, is the guest of Mrs W. L. George.

W. H. Lowe, who is stopping at the Eureka house, has been quite ill.  He is convalescent.

Ben Picket is building an addition to his residence.

Those of our citizens who went with the vacation to Galveston seem to be well pleased with their trip.

The protracted meetings at the Presbyterian church have been very successful and much good has been accomplished.

Rev. French of the Broadway Presbyterian church, Fort Worth, assisted in the religious meetings here this week, until Thursday morning, when he was compelled to return.  Bro. French made many friends in Roanoke who esteem him highly.

The new union church is now completed and is a handsome structure.  It will be dedicated next Sunday.

Alvord, Tex., Sept. 29 (Special)  An old gentleman by the name of Wood, who lives a few miles south of Decatur, drove into Alvord yesterday on his way home from the Cherokee strip opening.  He stopped here only a short while and left for Decatur.  When just out of town two men came to him on the road and got in the road cart with Wood to ride out in the country.  When they reached a distance of two miles from town Wood was assaulted by the parties and he claims robbed of $28 in money.  Someone brought news to town that Wood had been killed.  Constable Morris went out to the scene and found Wood by the side of the road very drunk and badly bruised up.  He was brought to town and is trying today to find who assaulted him.  So far no one has been arrested.  Wood says he would know the men, although he never saw them until yesterday, while here in town.
Sherman, Tex., Sept. 29 (Special)  There are twelve murder cases on the docket of the district court of this county for the present terms.  In the murder cases of Frank Fogg and John Poe, special venues of 150 men have been ordered.
Ed Lane, a constable from the Chickasaw nation has been on trial here for theft.  He was held to answer to the Federal court at Paris in the sum of $300.


Residents of Fort Worth who have visitors from other towns will confer a favor on the Gazette by sending notice of the fact to this paper.
R. S. Yocum of Houston is in the city.
S. H. Garrett of St. Louis is in the city.
Alex H. Brown of St. Louis is at Ye Arlington
J. D. Berry of Topeka, Kan. is at Ginnochio's.
W. N. Griffith of Waco is a guest at Ginnochio's.
N. E. Fair of Dallas was in Fort Worth yesterday.
A. M. Friend of New Orleans is stopping at Ginnochio's.
George J. Bird of San Angelo is a guest of Ye Arlington.
Robert M. claggett of Separ, N. N., is a guest at Ginnochio's.
C. E. White, ex-city marshal of Tyler, is in the city visiting relatives.
H. C. Schaefer of Grand Rapids is stopping at Ye Arlington Inn.
J. A. Loomis? of Concho county, arrived at Ye Arlington yesterday.
Officer Rushing, who was taken suddenly ill yesterday morning, is much better today.
Miss Hendrick of Alabama is visiting Mrs. E. N. Daggett on East Bluff street.
W. B. Harrison of the State National bank has returned from a visit to the World's fair.
Mr. and Mrs. Art Dawson have returned from a month's trip to Chicago and the World's fair.
T. W. Vandell of the Equitable Insurance company returned yesterday from a visit to Galveston.
Judge Highsmith of Potter county passed through the city yesterday on his way home from Galveston.
Mrs. J. W. Dalton and little daughter of this city left Wednesday morning for Tyler to visit relatives and friends.
Rev. J. Morgan Wells returned from Baltimore last night and will occupy his pulpit at the First Baptist church Sunday.




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