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Early Texas newspaper extracts containing genealogy data.  Obits, marriage and death notices.  Events and happenings across the state of Texas are included in this collection.
Fort Worth Gazette
Fort Worth, Texas Newspaper Extractions 1893
Various clippings mentioning people all over Texas.
This page contains December 1, 1894
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Dec. 1, 1894


Gainesville, Tex., Nov. 30,  Ike CLOUD returned to Duncan today.

Mrs. Annie M. HILL and daughter, Dot, came down from Wynnewood last night.

E. C. SUGG of Suggdon was in the city yesterday.

Professor P. W. HORN of Belcherville was in the city yesterday.

Secretary R. R. WILSON of the Y. M. C. A. accompanied by Claude BRADY, left for Pilot Point yesterday on a short visit.

H. C. REYNOLDS was given four years in the penitentiary yesterday for offering to sell a buggy and team that did not belong to him.

The remains of Rachel WILLIAMSON, the young lady who committed suicide Tuesday night at the Gainesville hotel, were buried today in the city cemetery.

Major B. F. MAXWELL is confined to his home, dangerously sick with pneumonia.

The Republicans returned thanks yesterday for the victory over the Democrats, while the Democrats most fervently thanked the good Lord that the Pops have been wiped off the face of the earth. 


Dr. J. A. COSBY has bought the Reynolds-Davidson stock of drugs at Azle, and will continue the drug business here.

Mr. J. E. WARE of Hardeman county was in Azle today, and reports the "far West" in fine condition.

L. H. MANES has moved to Dallas, and Mr. c. T. WRINKLE occupies in his stead.

Has anyone seen Parson Billie ROWLAND lately?  The girl weighs ten pounds.  ??????

Azle, Tex., Nov. 20,  As usual, on all public occasions, a large crowd of people gathered at the school building at 7 o'clock p. m. and were delighted with the program of music rendered by Professor BELL and his Azle class, after which, the Ladies' Christian Aid society announced supper, and about two hundred people enjoyed a most excellent supper prepared by the ladies of said society for church benefit.  After supper was served, Professor BELL represented the "Backwoods Boy" who would not go to school, which capped the climax and all the large crowd voted it an hour of real pleasure, and went home feeling truly thankful they were permitted to attend.


Lewisville, Tex., Nov. 30,  The most brilliant social event of the season in Lewisville was the marriage at the Methodist Episcopal church South on Wednesday evening, at 8:30 of Mr. Bennet WHITE to Miss Eva COBB, by Rev. F. A. EDWARDS, the pastor.  The happy couple were dressed in the very height of fashion.  They were attended by Professor EDWARDS, and Miss Dora COBB of the Indian Territory, and Mr. L. E. KERR and Miss Mollie COWAN.  The presents were numerous and costly.  Mr. and Mrs. WHITE are at home with their friends now at their beautiful new residence just west of the Baptist church.  Mr. WHITE is of the ??? of KERR & WHITE, successful young druggists of Lewisville and there is not more popular young man in the county.

H. M. PORTER, who left here several days ago while delirious with fever, notice of which was wired the Gazette last night, is still very mysteriously absent.  He is evidently demented.  He left his wife and children here.  Editor's note:  There are some extraneous sentences mixed in with this that don't seem to belong or make any sense.


Brownwood, Tex., Nov. Co,  A party of Brownwood people left yesterday over the Santa Fe for Zephyr, Tex., to attend West Texas Presbytery and Christian Endeavor conventions now in session at that place.  The party was composed of Rev. E. K. HENDRICK; pastor of Cumberland Presbyterian church here, G. F. WEAR, Miss Pearl CLARK, J. R. LOONEY, Miss Clara LOONEY, Homer NORRELL, Miss Lura NORRELL, Clyde MAUNTIERS, Miss A. SMITH and Miss Lucile DAWS.  The Presbytery was constituted on Tuesday last.  Rev. E. E. HENDRICK was elected moderator.  T. M. WILLIAMS was elected secretary.  The Presbytery will be in session until Sunday next.  The first days will be devoted to Christian Endeavor work.

A very interesting and impressing Thanksgiving service was held at the Presbyterian church here yesterday, in which the five churches in the city participated.  Rev. A. E. BATEN, pastor of the Baptist church here, occupied the pulpit.

J. C. ROSEBORO, editor in chief of the Pecan Valley News, left over the Santa Fe. for Dallas yesterday.

The Brownwood Rifles held a meeting on uniform yesterday afternoon.  The Howard PAYNE Rifles also being present by invitation, and after our local photographer had taken a shot at them with his camera, they proceeded out to Round Top mountain and did some shooting at a target.


Hillsboro, Tex., Nov. 30,  Hillsboro Lodge No. 48, Knights of Pythias, elected the following officers last night for ensuing year.  Representative to Grand Lodge, Dr. N. B. KENNEDY;  C. C., W. R. LANG;   V. C. , Edgar W. BOUNDS;  M. of W.,  John V. PROCTOR;  prelate, F. P. WORKS;  M. of E., E. S. CRUMLEY;  M. of F., D. C. WORNELL;  K. of R. and S., A. L. BLANCHARD;  M. at A., I. R. BLANCHARD;  trustee, W. H. KNIGHT.  The inner and outer guard are appointive offices and will be filled by the chancellor commander on installation night.  The newly elected officers are all energetic Knights.  The lodge, Hillsboro, No. 48, may well feel proud of them, for with such men as they at the helm, Hillsboro Lodge, No. 48 will still keep up to that standard that it has gained in the Pythian World.

Hillsboro Lodge No. 292, I.O.O.F., elect their officers tonight for the next semi annual term, beginning January 1, 1895.

Deputy United States Marshal Dave JONES arrested a negro, Sam DAVIS, charged with attempting to rape two ladies in Oak Cliff, Dallas and held him under instructions from the sheriff of Dallas county until the proper officer should arrive to identify him.  On the arrival of the Dallas train with officers, the negro was brought before him but the Dallas officer failed to identify him and he was turned loose.


Corsicana, Tex., Nov. 30,  H. P. ANDERSON, a laborer with the county bridge gang, was assisting in tearing down an old bridge about twenty two miles from this place a few days ago, and a heavy beam fell on him and catching him in the small of the back, broke three ribs and crushed his chest.  He is resting very well and it is thought he will recover.


Belton, Tex., Nov. 30,  Owen, the 9-year-old son of D. E. JOINER, while on his way to school this morning fell in the street with convulsions which have continued to grow in severity and frequency, and at this writing ????????.


Ardmore, I. T., Nov 30, - Unknown parties fired into the residence of H. H. McLAIN, national permit collector of the Chickasaw Nation and killed Whit ROSS.  Officers left this morning in pursuit.  ROSS worked for McLAIN and lived near Anterville?.


A Sweetheart Dies Nursing Her Lover - He Suicides.

Corpus Christi, Tex., Nov 20. - Some three or four months ago Leonires GOMEZ, who lived about twenty miles from town, mysteriously disappeared.  For several years past, prior to his disappearance, GOMEZ had been afflicted with a terrible disease which was beyond the ken of the physicians.  At times he suffered intensely and from it he became a hideous looking man.  When he was first taken down GOMEZ was engaged to a pretty Mexican girl who waited at his bedside during his illness until she fell a victim to the dreaded disease and died from its effects.  Her death created a deep impression on GOMEZ, and he told his friends he too, would soon be out of trouble.  That night he disappeared, and though his friends instituted a vigorous search, it was not until yesterday that their efforts were rewarded.  GOMEZ, it seems, had wandered out in the brush a mile or so from where he lived and had there taken his own life with a knife which was found near the body.  The body was reduced to a mere skeleton when discovered as was identified by the clothes GOMEZ wore.

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