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Early Texas newspaper extracts containing genealogy data.  Obits, marriage and death notices.  Events and happenings across the state of Texas are included in this collection.
Fort Worth Gazette
Fort Worth, Texas Newspaper Extractions 1893
Various clippings mentioning people all over Texas.
This page contains December 10, 1894
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Dec. 10, 1894

The Nyles Case

Dallas, Tex., Dec 9,  Mrs. J. J. GANNON, bank examiner, yesterday lodged information with the United States Commissioner LEDNUM, charging William F. BRICE, ???? cashier of the City National bank of Quannah, with the embezzlement of $10,000 of the money's funds and credits of that bank.  The transactions to which the affidavit applied was a note on the Midland National bank of Kansas City, dated October 8, 1894, and payable in thirty days.  The correspondence filed with the commissioner showed that there was no record of the note in the City National bank of Quannah.

Examiner GANNON declined to be interviewed.  He said; "Government officials have instructions from the comptroller of the currency not to impart any information save to himself direct."


Negro Thief

Dallas, Dec 9,  Last evening two negroes entered Ignais BUHLINGER's store, 801 Main street.  After making some inquiry about a matter of which the proprietor knew nothing they started for the street.  On the way out they appropriated six pieces of cloth, which they attempted to conceal under their overcoats.  Mr. BUHLINGER gave chase, but they escaped.  A negro was arrested last night in conjunction with the theft, but no affidavit was made against him.


Peculiar Death

Dallas, Tex., Dec 9,  A most peculiar death occurred in Oak Cliff last night.  Fire broke out in the residence of Mrs. Josie A. SUTTER, corner of Eighth and Greenwood streets.  Al PERKINS, one of the Oak Cliff Volunteer firemen, started  to give the alarm, when he dropped dead.  The house burned down, and in the rush it was some little time before it was realized that PERKINS was dead.  Medical aid was instantly summoned and when the doctor arrived PERKINS was pronounced dead.  An inquest was held this morning on the remains.  The cause of the death is attributed to heart disease.  PERKINS' friends say he was subject to slight attacks occasionally.

The house that burned was valued at $1000, and was insured for $1000.


Cashier Whipple Gone

Lincoln, Neb, Dec 9,  Andrew WHIPPLE, cashier of the Crawford Banking company at Crawford, Neb., has absconded and the bank is closed.  He has had several government contracts at Fort Robinson and Omaha Payment on one check of $1200 and other made to him by the government on the United States depository of Omaha have been stopped.  The state bank examiner has been sent for.


Child Burned To Death

Bryan, Tex., Dec. 9,  This morning at 4 o'clock the home of Mrs. Frank NOBOKER was burned.  Her 10-year-old son, Charles, in endeavoring to save some of the effects, was overcome by smoke and burned to death.  Only a charred portion of the body was recovered.


Pose Office Robbed.

Navasota, Tex., Dec 9,  This morning burglars broke into the postoffice and blew open the safe, securing $350 in money and about the same amount in stamps.  There were two explosions half an hour apart between 3 and 4 o'clock.  These were heard, but everyone rushed to the bank to protect it.  The safe was a complete wreck.  The robbers left their tools, but there is not clew to them.


Fire Record

Big Springs, Tex., Dec 9,  The residence of John SNODDY was destroyed by fire today.  Loss, about $1200; insurance $750.  Origin unknown.


Fatal Family Quarrel

Lincoln, Tex., Dec 9,  Carl SCHOLS this morning shot and killed August FARRACK, his brother-in-law, in a difficulty caused by domestic affairs.  The sheriff is after the killer.



A Party of Young Folks Run Down at Chicago

Chicago, Dec 9,  While waiting at the Union depot of the Burlington road last night, a party of young people were struck by the suburban train, one young lady being killed outright, her brother perhaps fatally injured, and another brother narrowly escaping death.

Miss  Ida SCHULTZ, aged 32, was killed outright.  Edward SCHULTZ, her brother suffered internal injuries which will probably result fatally.  Another brother, Emile barely escaped with his life by jumping out of the way of the moving train which bore down on his relatives.  The young people got confused at the depot, and in avoiding one train, stepped before the other with the above result.


Clinching Evidence

Sheriff WEAVER Says He Has It, But Will Not Give It Out.

Corsicana, Tex., Dec. 9, Sheriff WEAVER and Deputy ELLIOTT arrested EVANS in a restaurant in this city this morning on a charge of complicity in the robbery of the ill-fated Texas and Pacific passenger train at Benbrook.  He left for Fort Worth soon afterwards with his man and returned tonight.  When seen by the Gazette representatives he said that he had evidence which was clinching, but refused to give it out.  Evans was commonly dressed and had little money, but the sheriff said there was money lying around, but wouldn't throw any more light on.  Evans claims to have at one time worked as a butcher for Will WHITE, in this city, on the east side, and seems to be pretty well known in the labor circles.  The officer's statement would lead one to believe that there are other developments in store in the near future, though they are keeping their own counsel.


The Latest

It was stated at 8 o'clock this morning that two men had been arrested and lodged in jail here charged with complicity with Evans in the train robbery.  The name of one of them was said to be MILLER, and of the other SULLIVAN.  It was reported that they were both citizens of Fort Worth, but there was also another report that they were both country boys.

The following special was received last night from Ranger by the Gazette:

"Boots and Bunch caught their man west of Cisco.  All secure if right man"


What ALLEN Says.

Dallas, Tex., Dec. 9,  Here is what Mr. James ALLEN, superintendent of the Pacific Express company, has to say about the robbery of the express near Benbrook last Thursday night:

"We have checked up and find that the total amount taken by the robbers was $1201.35.  The robbery was not committed by experts, and the robbers were well-dressed young men.  The report of the finding of a broken-open safe was not correct.  There was no safe taken from the car.  The robbers took only a sack of silver, which was set in an old safe that had no door.


Dallas Notes.

Dallas, Tex., Dec. 9,  D. H. MARTIN, superintendent of the Pullman Place Car company, with headquarters in St. Louis is at the Oriental.

Messrs J. J. O'DONALD, travelling passenger agent of the Searboard Air line, with headquarters at Atlanta, Ga., and J. J. BOORHEES, traveling passenger agent of the Seaboard Air line, with headquarters at St. Lous, are in the city looking up holiday excursionists.


Brock Acquitted

Stillwater, O. T., Dec. 9,  James M. BROCK, who shot and killed O. N. WITTUM at Perkins last spring, was acquitted of the charge of murder here yesterday, it being clearly proven that the shooting was done in self-defense.


Fire at Waxahachie.

Waxahachie, Tex., Dec 9,  This morning about 4 o'clock a small cottage belonging to J. O. or J. C. WOODLIEF, on Water street burned.  It was occupied by J. J. BRIGGS.  The house was insured for $450.  The household goods were not insured and were a total loss.



Two Railroad Men Disagree.  Report Says One Was Killed.

Little River, Tex., Dec. 9,  There was a shooting scrape at this place this morning between E. P. VIA and James HUDDLESTON.  Each received some injuries.  HUDDLESTON was shot twice--once in the right hand and in the side, each shot glancing.  VIA was hit in the muscle of his left thumb.  Both parties emptied their guns.  HUDDLESTON  had a 41 Colts.  VIA's gun was a 33 Smith & Wesson.


A Granger Account

Granger, Tex., Dec 9,  News reached here this morning that E. P. VIA, agent of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas railway at Little River, shot and killed J. HUDDLESTON, section foreman there.  No particulars can be had, only VIA the agent, was taking in big switch lamps about 7 o'clock, when HUDDLESTON met him near the end of the switch and told VIA he was going to kill him; for him to protect himself if he could, and he began shooting, the ball going through VIA's hand, whereupon VIA shot and killed him.




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