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Early Texas newspaper extracts containing genealogy data.  Obits, marriage and death notices.  Events and happenings across the state of Texas are included in this collection.
Fort Worth Gazette
Fort Worth, Texas Newspaper Extractions 1893
Various clippings mentioning people all over Texas.
This page contains December 11, 1894
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Dec. 11, 1894

Still a Mystery

Waco, Tex., Dec 10,  The identity of the stranger who committed suicide at the Missouri, Kansas and Texas hotel last week seems as much a mystery as ever.

This morning Chief of Police NEILL received a letter from J. F. DUDNEY of Collinsville, Tenn., asking him to send him the signatures of the three men who registered at the hotel and are not known, one of whom is believed to have been the suicide.

In this letter Mr. DUDNEY states that if the signature is DUDLEY, and not DUDNEY, he is not his son.

The signature on the register is plain W. B. DUDLEY.

Mr. DUDNEY sends a description of his son which so far as height is concerned answers that of the deceased, but does not in other respects.



Waco, Tex., Dec. 10,  Will SMITH was found guilty of manslaughter in killing Fielding AUSTIN about a year ago about three miles east of the city.

Both were negroes.  The trial took place in the Fifty-fourth district court Saturday and the jury brought in the verdict this afternoon, assessing the punishment at three years in the penitentiary.

Henry FARRIS, one of the negroes accused of assaulting and stabbing I. H. DAUGHTREY, on the Robinsonville road a few months ago, was arrested at San Antonio Saturday and Deputy Sheriff Sim SHEPHERD left for that city last night to bring the prisoner to Waco.


Crippen on Trial

Waco, Tex., Dec. 10,  The case of George CRIPPEN, charged with assaulting Captain T. A. BLAIR, county attorney, with intent to murder, was called in Judge MOOTT's court today and defendant, through his attorney J. W. TAYLOR, Esq., filed a motion for a continuance, which was denied.  This afternoon the testimony began.  County Attorney BLAIR related the circumstances of the assault upon him, and Dr. SHELTON the serious character of the wound.  Al COWAN, who witnessed the assault, also testified.  His testimony is strongly against CRIPPEN and showed that Captain BLAIR made no offensive movement during the time of the assault upon him.

The case is still on trial.


Still After the Trust

Waco, Tex., Dec 10,  The prosecution of the Stand Oil trust will take a new turn.  It is learned tonight that an injunction suit will be filed against it and the WATERS-PIERCE Oil company to restrain them from doing business in Texas.  These civil proceedings will be additional to the indictments.  It is expected the suit will be filed within a few days.


Shot and Robbed

Waco, Tex., Dec. 10,  Dick HARDIN of Fairfield, Freestone county, who came here to buy goods, was shot and robbed at 3 o'clock this morning, while in the reservation.  Two unknown men attacked him and shot him in the neck and then robbed him of $145.  His wound is not dangerous.  There is no clew to his assailants.


A Number of Applicants for Positions--Personal Mention.

Austin, Tex., Dec 10,  Falls county redeemed today court house bonds amounting to $1000 and bridge bonds for $1000.

The city of Quanah submitted for the approval of the attorney general $15000 school building bonds.

Hon. Waller BAKER and Dick HARRISON of Waco are here today.  It is thought they want to see Mr. CULBERSON in regard to the application of Sterling ROBINSON for the position of financial agent of the penitentiaries.

Major L. A. WHATLEY arrived today and from the best information that can be obtained he will be retained in his present position by Mr. CULBERSON.

Ex-Governor IRELAND is in the city and he has put in a good word with Mr. CULBERSON for Superintendent WHITE of the Austin lunatic asylum, and also in favor of Major BRAHAN, who is applying for the position of financial agent of the penitentiaries.

W. P. MIMS of Nacogdoches left for home tonight.  He came to Austin to ask Mr. CULBERSON to appoint him financial agent of the penitentiaries.

Died today, August UNGRAD, proprietor of the Texas Miftings saloon.  He fell from an electric car a few weeks ago and was never able to recover from the shock.

The city of Weatherford has submitted $8000 in street improvement and $4000 school building bonds to the attorney general for approval.

Mr. R. L.  POLLARD of Houston is in the city and called upon Mr. CULBERSON, who was a classmate at the Virginia Military Institute for four years.

Major Haywood BRAHAN of Sugarland, who is asking that Mr. CULBERSON appoint him financial agent of the penitentiaries, is here and is stopping at the Avenue.

It is now pretty well understood that Dr. WORSHAM will succeed Dr. WHITE at the lunatic asylum here and that Dr. ROSSER of Dallas or some one will succeed Dr. PRESTON at Terrell.

Senator-elect COLQUITT was here for several days urging the appointment of Dr. PRESTON, and became very much irritated, it is said, when Mr. CULBERSON refused to make him a promise, Mr. COLQUITT made no concealment of his disappointment.


Jumped and was Killed

Ottumwa, Iowa, Dec 10,  Frank JUNKINS, undertaker, and Deputy Sheriff RICKETTS boarded the fast mail at Fairfield today to go to Batavia to look after the body of the bandit shot last night.  The train failed to stop and the men jumped.  JUNKINS was killed and RICKETTS is in a critical condition.


Shot a White Man

McKinney, Tex., Dec 10,  Bill STEWART, colored, shot at Nace JOHNSON, colored, today about noon with a shotgun.  He missed JOHNSON, but tore the lip off of a white man named BALES, who was standing near.  STEWART was jailed.


Counterfeiting charges

San Antonio, Tex., Dec. 10,  H. J. BOONE and Jim HERRYMAN, well known citizens of Karnes county, were brought here today under charge of passing counterfeit money.  Tools were found in their possession.


Negro Carving

Van Alstyne, Tex., Dec 10,  Last night a couple of negroes became engaged in an affray in which Joe McKINNEY was seriously carved with a knife.  John POSEY, who did the cutting had his examining trial today.




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