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Early Texas newspaper extracts containing genealogy data.  Obits, marriage and death notices.  Events and happenings across the state of Texas are included in this collection.
Fort Worth Gazette
Fort Worth, Texas Newspaper Extractions 1893
Various clippings mentioning people all over Texas.
This page contains December 13, 1894
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Dec. 13, 1894


Insists Evans' Alleged Confession Caused the Arrests

Corsicana, Tex., Dec 11,  Sheriff Weaver was seen at the courthouse this morning and interrogated about the arrest of EVANS' here late Saturday night.  In reply he said that all the men directly implicated in the Benbrook robbery were behind the bars in Fort Worth, and that EVANS' confession led up to their immediate arrest and that there is no doubt of EVANS' guilt.

On other points the sheriff is reticent and thinks newspaper reporters would make good hands to run down criminals, "In fact," he said, "the reporters have been on my heels ever since EVANS was arrested and I am now out answering questions.

He added:  "EVANS is well connected in Fort Worth and when I arrived there with my prisoner yesterday I was beseiged with parties interested and the newspaper fraternity.  Yes EVANS is guilty, as he confessed all to me, and through his confession the men who are now languishing behind the bars in Fort Worth were arrested.?

"EVANS arrived in this city on Friday of last week and went to the ???? ?? Lee restaurant for meals.  He first appeared at the restaurant about 11 o'clock and ordered a lunch, and left a grip sack to be delivered to him alone or sent to his address on request."

At this restaurant Sam EVANS met an old time acquaintance in the person of L. B. NEWELL, who used to do business in Fort Worth.  He was one of the proprietors of the restaurant, and to him he began to confide his troubles in an off hand way.

Around this restaurant EVANS lounged about meal hours and called for all the papers at command, and kept an uneasy watch on all that was printed about the Benbrook robbery, scanning the accounts nervously and making rash comments.


Prater Still Alive

Denison, Tex., Dec 11,  PRATER, the man who was so seriously wounded by Deputy Sheriff PRESTON last night, is still alive, but there are few hopes of his recovery.  PRATER, it will be remembered, held up a second-hand store and stole a pistol.  PRESTON was sent to arrest him, a fight ensued in which ten shots were fired.  A bullet struck the buckle of Deputy PRESTON's belt and flattened; otherwise he would been killed.

PRATER's folks reside near Forney, Tex.


Supreme Court

Austin, Tex., Dec 11,  In the supreme court today the following business was transacted:

Affirmed--DOULDIN vs. MILLER, from Wise.

Certified Questions Answered--HUME et al. vs. WARE, from Third district:  OLSEN vs. Homestead Land and Improvement company, from Bexar; SNYDER vs. COMPTON, from Coke.

Submitted--WALLACE vs. WEST et al., from McLennan; MOKFORD et al. vs. DERRY et al. from Dimmit.

??t for December 17--HAIL, HUTCHINS, & CO vs. Presidio county, from Presidio.

Writ of Error Refused--HUDDLESTON vs. KEMPNER, from Anderson.


Bail Fixed.

Houston, Tex., Dec 11,  Sam and Pleas HUMBLE, two brothers, who a few weeks ago near Kountze, in Hardin county, assassinated Lewis FURGERSON, were granted bail by Judge BRASHEAR in the sum of $5000 each.  They were placed in jail here at the time of the killing to save them from being lynched.


Chandler Known Here

The arrest of James CHANDLER in Houston on a charge of having murdered Tom MARONEY, was read with interest by many Fort Worth people who knew him.  CHANDLER lived in this city several years ago and was employed at one time by Messrs. August & Co, as a clothing salesman.


A Painful Accident

Gen. F. M. CLARKE met with a painful accident on Monday.  While on Houston street he stepped aside to avoid a street car, and slipping upon the muddy ground, fell with great force upon his left shoulder, which was dislocated.

The injury was at once attended to by a surgeon and Gen. CLARKE's friends hope for his speedy recovery.


Death of Mrs. SHANAHAN

The sudden and unexpected death of Mrs. Mary SHANAHAN Monday evening was the cause of much sorrow in Fort Worth where she has lived a number of years.  She was the wife of Mr. William SHANAHAN and the mother of a family well known in the city.  A large number of friends called at the house yesterday to condole with the bereaved family.


A Family Poisoned

Guthrie, O. T., Dec 11,  John FOWLER and family of Clifton, were taken violently ill after partaking of a hearty dinner Sunday.  Mrs. FOWLER has died and the others are very sick.  There are all the symptoms of poison but where the poison came from is a mystery.


Fell From A Hay Mow

Guthrie, O. T., Dec. 11,  A 10-year-old daughter of George WOODS of Union City, fell from a hay mow yesterday on her head and was instantly killed.


Haley Got Half

Of the Amount it Was Agreed to Pay Him.

Laredo, Tex., Dec. 12,  In October a man went to Monterey, Mexico and gave the name of Dr. CURRY of Rome, Ga.  He was recognized there by Mr. John HALEY, a resident of that city and a secret service officer from the United States as a man wanted in Anniston, Ala., for murder.  HALEY communicated with J. M. PROTHER, chief of police in Aniston.

It is reported that HALEY agreed to have CURRY held in Monterey for the sum of $200, awaiting extradition papers.

CURRY was held and PROTHER arrived with the papers, which were wrong.  They were returned for correction, but on being forwarded a second time, were again found to be wrong.  CURRY was then liberated.  PROTHER then paid HALEY $100 on account, acknowledging he had earned the reward of $200.  HALEY became suspicious and last night when he saw PROTHER and CURRY get on the train bound for Laredo he also boarded the train and telegraphed to Nuevo Laredo to heave them both held, which was done, but they were liberated at the instance of United States Consul General DONELLY and departed this afternoon for Anniston, Ala.


Arrested on a Charge of Swindling

San Francisco, Cal., Dec. 12,  J. H. TURNER, a real estate dealer, has been arrested for obtaining money under false pretenses on two charges, aggregating $20,000.  It is said, however, that TURNER's swindling operations will aggregate nearly half a million, with many victims.  He is charged with selling and mortgaging property of which he was not the owner to several different persons.




Tyler, Tex., Dec 12,  Dr. F. R. MILLER died and was buried here yesterday.  Deceased has been a practicing physician for years.


Mrs. Lizzie GOODMAN

Austin, Tex., Dec. 12,  Died, Mrs. Lizzie GOODMAN, who lived here, corner Bodkin and East Tenth streets.  The burial took place this morning at 10 o'clock.


Arrested by Rangers.

Bridgeport, Tex., Dec 12,  This afternoon Lieut. SULLIVAN and posse of the Texas rangers arrested Thomas COUCH and took him north on a special train on the Rock Island.  COUCH was raised here and now lives ten miles north of Decatur.  The supposition here is that he furnished horses to the Terrel train robbers.  The details are unobtainable.


Storm in Georgia

Conyers, Ga., Dec. 12,  Last night a storm with lightning raged with great violence.  The residence of Wm. EVERIT was struck by lightning and Mrs. EVERIT seriously shocked.  It is believed the cyclone passed near here and that serious damage has been done.


Tyler Topics

Tyler, Tex., Dec 12,  Earle, son of Maj. J. P. DOUGLASS was brought home from Omen yesterday.  He had a leg broken a few days ago by a horse falling on it.

T. W. PARKS has been elected secretary of the financial club vice J. L. SELMAN, resigned.


Reported Rape and Lynching

Little Rock, Ark., Dec 12,  A special to the Gazette from Hope says that is reported that a negro outraged a little white girl near Centre Point, Howard county, yesterday and that the negro was caught and lynched last night.  Names of the parties not known.



Paris, Tex., Dec 12,  There was a shooting escape at Chicota Friday night that is veiled in considerable mystery.  Will ARMSTRONG was shot through the hand, but will not tell who did it or how it was done.


Victoria Failure

Victoria, Tex., Dec. 12, M. GOSSMAN, grocer, assigned last night.  Liabilities and assets not given.




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