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Early Texas newspaper extracts containing genealogy data.  Obits, marriage and death notices.  Events and happenings across the state of Texas are included in this collection.
Fort Worth Gazette
Fort Worth, Texas Newspaper Extractions 1893
Various clippings mentioning people all over Texas.
This page contains December 13, 1894 Page 2
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Dec. 13, 1894


Weatherford, Tex., Dec. 12,  W. D. HATH was arrested here today by United States Marshall J. B. HAMILTON  on a charge of sending obscene literature through the mails.  A pistol was taken from HATH when arrested by Policeman BROWN.  The wife of HATH is confined in the county jail now for lunacy.  HATH was taken to Dallas this evening.


Mrs. TOMPKINS, a very old lady and one of the first residents in the town, died today at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. John LINES ? LINEZ ? LINEN ?  Webmaster's note:  Not sure of the last letter of this name. 


H. M. MORAN Esq., today received from the government 100 rock bass with which to stock his fish pond about eight miles from town.


Reports of a general fight and shooting affray comes from Mineral Wells this evening.  The names of all parties concerned could not be obtained.  ARNOLD, RUSSELL and PEPPERED, it appears were involved.  ARNOLD with RUSSELL, in which the latter's ear suffered, and PEPPERED with some unknown party.  Nothing serious resulted.



Bells, Tex., Dec. 12,  Yesterday at 1:30 0'clock, Mr. W. W. HORNE and Miss Lizzie ELLIS were married at the Methodist church at this place, and left on the afternoon train fro their future home at Chickasha, I. T., by way of Fort Worth.  We wish the young people all happiness and congratulate the people of Chickasha upon their acquisition.


Also, at the same place at 8 o'clock this evening, Mr. Ray ASTON and Miss Lee OUTHOUSE were married.  The house was filled with friends and well wishers.



Four Prisoners Try to Get Out of Jail--Council Work

Marshall, Tex., Dec. 12,  Yesterday D. L. SPEARMAN, sentenced to hang; Ed WILSON, convicted for life; Charles PORTER, a United States prisoner, and Henry JACKSON, four of the most desperate prisoners in the jail here, made an attempt to break out, and but for the warning given by another prisoner, Nathan ROGERS, who is in for killing a negro at Hallville, would have succeeded.  The prisoners are allowed the freedom of the corridor during the day, and yesterday they worked the clevice out of the corridor door lock by means of a bent wire, and climbed to the top of the cells, armed with an iron bar and sticks, to wait for the jailor, Mr. JACKSON, to come in, when they intended to spring down and overpower him.  The warning put the jailor on his guard and their plans were frustrated.  When they were discovered they came down and went into the corridor, and Sheriff PERRY ordered them ironed.  All but one objected and still having the iron bar, swore they would die before they would submit to being ironed.  After trying to persuade them out of their folly, the sheriff ordered the prison hose to be turned on them, and after playing for about an hour the fire department was sent for, and they surrendered after which they were all locked up.

Charles PORTER, the United States prisoner who was in the scheme to break jail yesterday became unruly about 9 o'clock this evening and began breaking up things, smashing buckets etc. and Sheriff PERRY sent two big negroes in to take everything out of the cell that he could fight with, and he was locked up to himself.



Relatives Pay What Was Due For the Corpse of SCHOLETTE

Denton, Tex., Dec. 12, The relatives of E. SCHOLETTE, the tailor who died here two weeks ago have redeemed his body and it was shipped to Salem, Ore. by Wells-Fargo express this morning.  When SCHOLETTE died a message was sent to his wife and father-in-law named BARR at Salem, who wired back to have the body prepared for burial and ship C.O.D.  The undertaker's bill amounted to $137 and the express company refused to take the corpse unless the entire amount was deposited with their agent at the other end.  BARR alleged that he was being robbed and would not give up more than $80, but the undertaker refused to release the corpse without something to hold.  Last night, after SCHOLETTE had been dead over two weeks, $200 was put up and the body shipped.  Deceased had $3000 insurance on his life.



A Railroad Man Found in an Insensible Condition--A Happy Couple--How a Negro Got Revenue Out of a Shoemaker--A Sticky Subject.

Dallas, Tex., Dec. 12,  Officers GANOWAY and STAMPLEY at 10 this morning, found a man in an unconscious condition on the railroad track, back of Carter's stock yards, in East Dallas and they called up the patrol wagon.

The man was taken to the station at police headquarters and there locked up as a "drunk and down".

This morning he was still in the same condition and could not be aroused.  He was taken down from his cell to the office of the prison, where "sobering" methods were applied, but to no purpose.  It then became apparent that the man had been "doped".  Dr. ARMSTRONG examined him and considered his condition sufficiently critical to order him taken to the hospital.

The man was identified as Charles CHRYEK, who has been a brakeman on the Central railroad for many years, and who is well known in Dallas.  He came to Dallas yesterday as a witness in the case of QUIGLEY against the Houston and Central Texas Railroad company, which is on trial in Judge BURKE's court.  QUIGLEY lost a foot while in the employ of the road, and is suing for damages.

Dr. ARMSTRONG, city health officer, this afternoon says that after a thorough examination CHRYEK, he is certain that he was sandbagged, and struck such a hard blow that he bled inside the head, and the blood on the brain  produced complete paralysis, a condition in which he still continues, with the chances of his ultimate recovery extremely doubtful.

SHRYEK's home is in Ennis.  The theory is that SHRYEK made a display of some money while making the rounds of the East Dallas saloons, and that somebody followed him and knocked him for it.


A Happy Couple

Dallas, Tex., Dec. 12,  Miss Laura BRANTLEY of Ennis ran away from her parents yesterday and was married late in the evening to Fireman W. C. BRICE of this city.  Mr. BRICE is one of the most popular firemen of Dallas.


A Sticky Subject

Dallas, Tex., Dec. 12,  Mr. L. J. TESTARD, representing Swift & Co., glue manufacturers of Chicago, is in the city for the purpose of building up a southern trade in order to establish a branch factory in New Orleans.  Mr. TESTARD is stopping at the Oriental.


Settled for Shoes

Dallas, Tex., Dec. 12,  Yesterday a young negro knocked Mr. I. HARRIS, a shoemaker, in the head with a rock because he refused to take back a pair of shoes.


Personal Mention

Mr. George B. HENDRICKS of Fort Worth is at the Oriental.

Mr. J. C. WARREN of St. Louis is stopping at the Oriental.


Oriental Arrivals.

The Oriental, Dallas, Texas:  finest hotel structure in the South; the only first-class hotel in the state; on the American plan; absolutely fire-proof.  Rates, $2.60 to $5 per day.  W. J. ALDEN, manager, formerly of Hotel Vendome, Boston, Mass:

S. M. HILL, Moline, ILL.

J. C. GORHAM, Kalamazoo.

J. A. MOORE, wife and baby, Chicago.

C. H. CHASE, St. Louis.

J. C. WARREN, St. Louis.

L. DENTOCH, Chicago.

F. J. STUTTSMAN, Chicago.

George B. HENDRICK, Fort Worth.

J. J. O'DONNELL, New Orleans.

T. ABLOWICH, New York.

Joseph G. MILLER, St. Louis.

D. BARWALD, Atlanta.

D. A. S. VAUGHT, New Orleans.

K. R. ADAMS, St. Louis

J. J. ALEXANDER, Chicago.

F. A. WINCHELL, St. Louis.

Charles V. FLYMEN, Memphis.

J. DREYFUSS, New York.

W. A. LUDLUM, Cleveland, O.

J. M. HICKMAN, Waco.

Whit DRYDEN, Fort Worth.

A. L. FOR, New York.

Reid NORTHEAP and wife, St. Louis.

A. HARDMAN, Baltimore.

C. F. RICHARDS, New York.

Mrs. J. R. BROWN, Atlanta.

J. W. HOLMAN, Indianapolis.

F. D. WALLAKER, Denver.

W. A. WADE, New York.

J. M. DANIEL, Mexico.

W. R. STONE, Chicago.

Wren WILLIAMS, city.

G. N. ZEMANSKY, Galveston.

Felix HENSBURG, Richmond.

J. W. MURPHY, St. Louis

H. C. FRANCIS, Dallas.

Hugh D. BARKER, Holyoke, Mass.

Mrs. W. A. BRANCH, city.

Mrs. GERIN, John M. SNYDER, S. O. HATCH, St. Louis.

A. B. HEWITT, Chicago.

Hugh HAMILTON, Kalamazoo.

Hugh DAVIS, Palestine.

J. C. BRASS, city.

Miss Stella OGELVY, Palestine.

Miss Ora RUTHERFORD, Palestine.

Miss Laila ROOKLE, Dysart, Anna, Texas.

John SNYDER, Chicago.

G. W. MARTIN, Fort Worth.

Miss Willie MELTON, McKinney.

W. R. LARKER, Fort Worth.

Mrs. A. MORRIS, Waco.




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