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Early Texas newspaper extracts containing genealogy data.  Obits, marriage and death notices.  Events and happenings across the state of Texas are included in this collection.
Fort Worth Gazette
Fort Worth, Texas Newspaper Extractions 1893
Various clippings mentioning people all over Texas.
This page contains December 18 & 20, 1894
Select other dates below:

Dec. 18, 1894



St. Johns, N.F., Dec. 17,  Rupert Stuart MUNN of Harbor Grace, managing partner of the firm of Munn & Co., one of the largest firms doing business on this island, died today of influenza superinduced by the late financial troubles.  He was a director of the Union bank and was largely interested in the general business of the country.


Deaths at Denison

Denison, Tex., Dec. 17,  Claude LAMB, aged 16 years, died at his home, four miles south of here last night, after a few days illness.


Mrs. Sarah E. RHODES, aged 58 (or 68), died yesterday morning at 6 0'clock.  Interment took place today.


Mrs. SMART, mother of Dan and John SMART of this city, died Saturday night.  Remains were shipped to Moberly, Mo., this morning for burial.


Miss HUNTER, aged 16 years, died of congestion at her house four miles east of here yesterday.


Roanoke Items

Roanoke, Tex., Dec. 17,  Roanoke will have a Christmas tree the night of the 24th instant.

Mr. George LEE, who lives a few miles west of this place was united in marriage with Miss SANTIFER of Denison Sunday evening.  They returned to their future home, near Old Lizabethtown today. (Editors note:  This would be Elizabethtown.)


James FOSTER of Grapevine was visiting J. M. CADE of this place Sunday.



Failure at Stockdale

Floresville, Tex., Dec. 17, F. W. R. Park & Son, merchants at Stockdale, Wilson county, filed a trust deed here today for the benefit of their creditors naming D. R. WHEELER as trustee.  Liabilities: $3500, assets not yet known.


Houston Failure

Houston, Tex., Dec. 17,  M. L. WESTHEIMER, liveryman, assigned today with preferences of $3000.  He also filed bills of sale of a number of horses to his wife and sister which are not included in the assets.


Receiver Appointed

Gatesville, Tex., Dec. 17,  Late yesterday evening, application to appoint George RHUMATE, receiver for W. M. Colgin & Co., was made by wire to Judge J. S. STRAUGHN, which was granted.  The receivership to cover all the property other than the stock of goods which was sold by the trustees.


Failure at Meridian

Meridian, Tex., Dec 17,  Oscar BLYTHE, dry goods merchant and successor to BLYTHE & ADIAR of  Meridian, assigned last night, naming H. C. COOKE as trustee.  The schedule shows $3500 in dry goods and $600 in notes and accounts with liabilities amounting to about $3500.  Preferred creditors secured, the most going to Chas. ADAIR and J. J. LUMPKIN.


Weatherford Assignment

Weatherford, Tex., Dec. 17,  Mr. H. L. GURLEY, saddler, harness maker and general dealer in leather, this morning made a deed of trust in the sum of $5967.83, embodying his entire stock of goods, wares and merchandise, now located in two houses in Weatherford.  A. C. R. MORGAN is trustee to the following preferred creditors.  Merchants and Farmers bank, $1000, GURLEY Bros., of Meridian, Miss., $4957.88.


Itasca Assignment

Hillsboro, Tex., Dec. 17,  FILES & FILES, a firm composed of J. B. FILES, S. M. FILES and L. S. FILES of Itasca and Files Valley, executed and filed a chattel mortgage today at 10 a. m., naming F. S. MANER of this county as trustee, conveying to said trustee, all their stock of merchandise of every description at Itasca and Files Valley, Hill county, Tex.  Also, about 15 head of horses and mules.  Liabilities, $16, 000, assets not known.



Fire at Black Jack

Black Jack, Tex., Dec. 17,  The residence and household effects of W. R. LYNCH, burned last night about 8 o'clock.  Insured in Fire association for $600.


Wichita Roller Mill

Wichita Falls, Tex., Dec. 17,  The Wichita roller mill and elevator are now burning.  It will be a total loss.  The building and machinery are valued at $30,000, stock $6000.  Estimated insurance, $13,000.  THOMPSON Sons & Co. are the owners.


Fire at Floresville

Floresville, Tex., Dec. 17,  The residence of E. F. WOOLSEY and family about six miles from Floresville was destroyed by fire yesterday forenoon.  Together with the entire contents, Loss $1500.  The family were all away attending church at the Sunny Side schoolhouse.

Dec. 20, 1894

Local and Personal (editors note:  the city referred to is Fort Worth.)

J. W. BARBEE, live stock agent, and J. M. PAYNE, commercial agent of the Cotton Belt, arrived in the city last evening.

E. P. DAVIS, traveling freight agent of the Cotton Belt, is in town.

P. REILLY, with the Cotton Belt at Commerce, was here yesterday.

G. W. BARNHARDT, general freight agent of the Cotton Belt, arrived from Tyler last night.

John SCOTT, traveling passenger agent of the Kansas City, Memphis & Birmingham, accompanied by his wife, is in Fort Worth.



A Houston Man Accused of Rape, Incest and Adultery

Houston, Tex., Dec. 19,  L. V. PESHOLS is a distinguished looking man now on trial here on three charges growing out of one.  He is accused of rape, incest and adultery.  PESHOLS is a Hungarian nobleman, which lends more than ordinary interest to his case.  He came here two years ago and married a Mrs. MOLLER.  He claims they were never legally married, but a few weeks ago the courts gave Mrs. PESHOLS a divorce.  A few months ago, Hannah MOLLER, a beautiful young girl of 15, gave birth to a child.  She swears that her step father is its father, and that he had accomplished her ruin by force.  The crime is said to have taken place last December.  

PESHOLS is now on trial for rape, for which the penalty, if found guilty, is death.  He will afterward be tried for incest and adultery.



Hon. Theo. HUSTON

El Paso, Tex., Dec. 19,  Hon. Theo HUSTON, United States consul at Juarez, Mexico, died of consumption early this morning.


Captain R. R. STEWART

Grapevine, Tex., Dec. 19,  Capt. R. R. STEWART, aged 72, died at 1 a. m.  As he had been confined to his room for several months his death was not a surprise.



Perry, O. T., Dec. 19,  A. McCARTHY, a prominent citizen of Cross, fell dead on a street of that city yesterday.  He was well known in the west.



London, Dec. 19,  Sir Edmund A. BLEACHMORE, member of the house of commons for the Evehsam division of Worcestershire, died suddenly last night.  He was about to address a meeting at Pershore, Worcestershire, when he fell dead.



Fire at Bowie

Bowie, Tex., Dec. 19,  The residence of W. P. COLE was destroyed by fire last night.  Loss about $1000.


Fire at Abilene

Abilene, Tex., Dec. 19,  Last night at 2:30 0'clock fire was discovered in the cotton yard of T. M. CALL, but the promptness of the fire department prevented any serious damage to the cotton; only about four bales damaged.


Waxahachie Trust Deed

Waxahachie, Tex., Dec. 19,  G. F. PLUMHOFF filed a deed of trust on personal property in the county clerk's office late yesterday afternoon, naming Edward PLUMHOFF as trustee, and naming the following preferred creditors: F. W. BOEDECKER of Bowie, $1954.83; Edward PLUMHOFF, $225.00; G. H. SCHOEILKOPPF, Dallas, $825.00.  Total liabilities, $2004.23.


Attempted Outrage.

Perry, O. T., Dec 19,  A stranger called at the home of Rev. LANGSTON in the country west of here, and finding his 17-year-old daughter alone, attempted to outrage her.  A desperate struggle ensued and the father, attracted by the daughter's screams, came in from the field and knocked the fiend down twice, but he finally escaped.


CORBETT at San Antonio

San Antonio, Tex., Dec. 19,  Champion CORBETT, who is playing here tonight, says the death of BOWEN will have a depressing effect on pugilism, which he thinks will decline from this time.  CORBETT has been offered training quarters here.


Theft and Arson

Guthrie, O. T., Dec. 19,  On Monday night thieves entered the slaughter house of COYLE & SMITH, in the western part of this city, stole a number of dressed beeves and then set fire to the building to hide their crime.




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