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Page 1
Dallas Texas Siftings
Dallas, Texas Newspaper Extractions 
January 1890
Extracted from The Dallas Morning News.

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Jan 3, 1890 Dallas Morning News
Struck by a stone-Fallen Heir-Wild Pigeons in the Woods.
Denison, Tex., Jan. 2,  This morning while a party of boys were playing near the park, George Hurd and Willie Harkins became involved in a quarrel.  Harkins picked up a stone and threw it at Hurd, hitting him on the head and knocking him senseless to the ground.

George Parker, an old Denison boy, now holding a responsible position on the Wabash line is in the city on a visit.

George Hinchman? of this city, has fallen heir to a considerable sum of money left by a relative in Rhode Island.  The total amount left is $50,000 to be divided by four or five heirs.

Constable Loving, who has been appointed deputy sheriff, has made his bond of $6000 for the first time in a number of years.

The little child of Mr. A. P. Wood, who was badly burned by a lamp a few days ago, died yesterday and was buried today.

The schools resume their work next Monday after their holiday vacation.

Corsicana Cullings
Corsicana, Tex., Jan. 2,  The efficiency and general excellence of the fire department certainly render losses from fire comparatively small.  With a full realization of this fact, and as a signal token of their appreciation of the work of the fire boys during the past year, the J. H. Douglass fire insurance agency of this city yesterday donated a handsome sum in gold.

The recent improvement of the street crossings will conduce greatly to the general comfort of pedestrians.

Violations of the law are of such rare occurence here that the merest intimation of one awakens more than usual interest.  This was plainly manifest today when a good collection of people assembled on one of the public thoroughfares to witness a transient under arrest for carrying a pistol.

At a meeting of rescue No. 2 of the fire department, held last night, the following officers for the ensuing year were elected:  Charles Lewis, foreman; James Sheets, first assistant; James Benton, second assistant.  Delegates to the department meeting as follows: Foremen Lewis, John Benton and Alex Sheets.

Benton street is lined with wagons on either side.  Merchants are busy and farmers are jubilant over their past success.  With redoubled energy they are preparing for another season and merchants are kept busy supplying them with implements and provisions.

J. F. Reed, a resident of this place and an employe of the Houston and Texas Central railway as brakeman, met with an accident Monday last near McKinney, by being jammed between the cars, which resulted in his death soon thereafter.

As a further sign of prosperity, collectors report money more easily gotten at than for several years past.

Accidentally Shot
Lewisville, Tex., Jan. 2,  A very sad accident happened here yesterday.  Three of four boys had a seven shooting twenty two caliber pistol near Mr. Ed Wood's house practicing.  Mr. Wood's little son Walter waited around near where Willie Bradley (son of R. E. Bradley) was reloading the pistol.  It went off, striking little Walter in the cheek bone causing one eye to close and the ball has not been found, yet hopes are entertained of his recovery.
Plano, Tex., Jan. 2,  Last night about 10 o'clock, two robbers walked up to a house occupied by J. F. Wootan and family, about three miles north of Plano, and asked if the man of the house was at home.  Mr. Wootan had gone over to a neighbor's to site up with the sick.  Mrs. Wootan answered and told them her husband was not at home.  They then wanted to know if they could stay all night, and were told there was no room.  They still persisted and asked if they could come in and sit up by the fire, as she could not furnish them lodging, and requested her to come to the door, which she did, as soon as she could dress.   
On opening the door, there stood two men, one a tall and the other a low, heavy-set man, the tall one having a mask over his face and a pistol in his hand, which he held cocked in her face, demanding what money she had in the house.  Mrs. Wootan assured them she did not have a cent, but her little boy, who was a witness to the proceedings, told the robbers he had a nickel they could have, which they refused to take.  The also demanded a ring she had on her finger, which she refused to part with.
After all this monkey and parrot business, showing they were very green, they left the house and rode off on a horse which they had hitched about 50 yards from the house.  It seems from what could be learned, Mr. Wootan had sold a pair of mules a few days ago and the robbers, no doubt, being acquainted with this fact, expected to get the money from the sale of the mules.
A thorough search was made this morning by John Rowland, deputy sheriff, and Constable Crabtree of the place and its surroundings, but no clue could be gained as to who the would-be robbers were.
Boys Hurt - Bachelors' Reception
Marshall, Tex., Jan. 2,  Ollie, the 14-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Phillips, had his leg broken yesterday while riding a horse that fell on him.
Charley Bennett, the 13-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Bennett, was also badly hurt yesterday by falling from a horse that jumped down an embankment.  Neither of the above was fatally injured.
A happy new year to the old reliable, The Dallas Morning News, and it's host of friends.
The 1st opened up with the weather warm and cloudy, all appearances of snow having made its departure with 1880.
The reception tendered by the bachelors' league last night was well atended notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather.
A great many were at the watch services at the Methodist church last night.
Henry Johnson Still Missing.
Atlanta, Tex., Jan. 2,  Last night at 7:30 o'clock, a meeting of the citizens was called for the purpose of making arrangements to hunt for Henry Johnson, who was lost in Sulphur bottoms Tuesday.  About twenty-five or thirty citizens left on the early morning train to search for him and as many more will leave on the next train.  Nothing has developed up to this writing.  The parents have the sympathy of the entire community in their distress.
DeWitt County
Cuero, Tex., Jan. 2,  Stolen from B. B. Wright in Beeville on the night of Dec. 26, one dun horse, 151/2 hands high, about 8 years old, branded EK (connected) on left thigh, also brand on hip resembling a small inverted H; also one brown mare 15 hands high, 8 years old, branded HC (connected) on left shoulder, inverted H on left hip; one bay horse, humpbacked, 14 hands high, little gray in flanks, scars on back and shoulders; one black mule 121/2 hands high, Spanish brand on left thigh, long bodied, gray streak around left eye, gray from girth marks.  All the above are gentle to saddle and harness and all are fat.  Supposed to have passed through this county.  One hundred dollars reward will be paid for the recovery of the stock and arrest of theives.  Address B. B. Wright at Beeville, D.A.T. Walton, sheriff , Beeville. or S. ?. Breeden, sheriff of DeWitt county.
Officers Elected - Small Blaze.
Mexia, Tex., Jan. w,  The new officers of the Mexia fire department elected last night are as follows.  H. F. Simmons, chief; R. Long, foreman hose; S. P. Demming, foreman hook and ladder; J. F. Ross, assistant foreman hose; C. T. Stephens, assistant foreman hook and ladder; A. Rennolds, secretary; L. Kohn, treasurer; W. A. Taylor, property-keeper.

What came near being a serious conflagration in a saloon last night created quite an excitement at the time.  One of the large rochester lamps from some cause became unfastened and fell sloshing the burning kerosene over the house.  It was extinguished with only slight damage.

Alleged Trunk Robbery
El Paso, Tex., Jan. 2,  Yesterday afternoon a bold robbery occurred at the El Paso house in this city.  A man named Thomas Raymer arrived there on Tuesday with silver to the amount, he claims of about $1500 in his trunk.  Yesterday evening about 5 o'clock he went in search of somebody to move the  trunk to the depot and was absent about twenty-five or thirty minutes.  when he returned, the trunk had been broken into and nearly half the silver taken.  He says has lost $617.  The officers are at work on the case.
Instantly Killed by an Explosion
St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 2,  A special from Chillicothe, Mo., says: A frightful explosion occurred in a sawmall on Grand river, near that place this morning.  Two men, Wm. Hughes and John Rankle, employes of the mill, were instantly killed.
Jan 4, 1890 Dallas Morning News
Acquitted of the Charge.
Cleburne, Tex., Jan. 3,  The case of Harve Barnard for the killing of Ben Shultz in February last, was tried in the district court yesterday, and a verdict of not guilty rendered today.  The defendant pleaded self-defense.  Some trouble over a pair of spurs was the cause of the killing.
Lost Boy Not Found
Queen City, Tex., Jan. 2,  Notwithstanding: the reward offered and that hundreds of men have been searching three days and nights for Henry Johnson, the boy lost in Sulphur Bottom while duck hunting Tuesday, nothing has been heard from him.
Fatal Wreck on Missouri Pacific
Wichita, Kan, Jan. 3, A fatal collision of freight trains took place on the Missouri Pacific, fifteen miles east of here, yesterday.  John Ramsey, brakeman, was instantly killed and Robert Coleman, engineer, died within two hours from injuries received.
W. H. Cook Suicide
Halletsville, Tex., Jan. 3,  W. H. Cook, a carpenter who has been living here for several years, committed suicide by taking poison and was found dead in his bed this morning at the hotel where he boarded.  No cause is assigned as to why he committed the act.
John Collins
Athens, Tex., Jan. 3, Dr. John Collins died at 7:30 p.m. today aged 79 years.  His remains will be interred tomorrow at 3 p.m.
W. J. Collins
Texarkana, Ark., Jan. 3,  W. J. Collins, one of the first settlers of the town, died this morning, after a protracted illness, aged 71 years.  He leaves several children, all married.
J. F. Eskew
Greenville, Tex., Jan. 3,  Mr. J. F. Eskew, one of Lone Oak's most highly respected citizens, died very suddenly on the night of the 1st instant.  He was well during the day and in the night was taken violently ill and then died before morning.
Two Killed and Twenty Injured
Birmingham, Ala., Jan. 3,  An unfinished trestle on the Brierfield, Blockton and Birmingham railway fell yesterday morning carrying down twenty-five carpenters who were at work in the structures.  David J. Webb and Carl Clark were killed and twenty others injured.  A number of men received broken legs, arms and ribs and several of the injured may die.
A Woman's Sad Suicide
Fort Worth, Tex., Jan. 3,  This afternoon at 1 o'clock, it was discovered that Mrs. Lizzie Harris, who resides at 1608 Main street, had taken about thirty grains of morphine.  Physicians were summoned.  (rest of this cut off on my sheet but is on the microfilm).




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