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Page 10
Dallas Texas Siftings
Dallas, Texas Newspaper Extractions 
February 1890
Extracted from The Dallas Times Herald

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Mar 1, 1890 Dallas Times Herald


W. G. MOWRY vs. Charles COON et. al; defendant has leave to amend.


James WABLE vs. John J. GANNON; judgment for defendant by agreement of parties.


H. M. TAYLOR vs. Charles COON et al; defendant has leave to amend.


A. G. BASS et al, vs. E. F. TILLMAN; judgment for plaintiff against E. F. TILLMAN for the amount sued for and against E. F. TILLMAN and intervener W. G. CLARK, for foreclosure of vendor's lein as prayed for.



Besides calling the appearance docket to-day Judge BOWER disposed of the following cases:

J. OPPENHEIMER vs. V. ALBRECTH' judgment for plaintiff for value of horse in controversy and for use of same after date of replevin bond; against defendant and sureties on his replevin bond at the rate of $2 per month.


First National Bank of Galveston vs. J. G. TATUM; continued by consent.


A. F. KIRKPATRICK & Co. vs. Z. Z. BERRY; plaintiff dismissed as A. H. JONES, A. H. ROBERTS and F. C. ROBERTS, not sued, and judgment final by defendant for amount of note sued on and interest and costs, 10 percent attorney fees.


E. M. TILLMAN and Bro. vs. R. B. PARRACK; Judgment final by default with writ of inquiry.


E. M. TILLMAN vs. S. R. HART; judgment final by default for amount verified account sued on and costs.


SCHNEIDER & DAVIS vs. J. P. SHANNON & Co.; dismissed by plaintiff at plaintiff's costs.


Mar 2, 1890 Dallas Times Herald


Denison, Tex., Feb 20 -- The directors of the Denison Manufacturing Company have awarded the construction of the cotton mill to W. C. GREEN of Chicago.  The contractor will remove a steam brick making plant worth $20,000 from Kansas, and work will begin on the foundation in about 30 days.  The mill will be a brick, four stories and basement, three hundred feet long, one hundred wide, and cost with machinery, about $500,000.



New Court House -- Suit For Damages, Criminal Doings Etc.

Fort Worth, Feb 20 -- A new courthouse to cost $150,000 will soon be erected here.


Carl GEDRUM and others have sued the Texas & Pacific here to-day for $20,000 for the death of their father who was run over and killed in Ft. Worth a year ago.


Mastella, who killed John WHITE here on Monday, will have a preliminary hearing this afternoon and Wm. FITZGERALD, who shot his wife in this city yesterday, will be tried to-morrow.


A grand tabernacle to accommodate 4000 people is being erected here for Dixon WILLIAMS, the evangelist and it will be used later on by Sam JONES.



Waco, Feb. 20 -- The Grim property, in the western suburbs of the city, containing 168 acres, was sold yesterday evening to W. P. HOWLAND for Dallas parties for $100,000, the KIRKPATRICK farm, in the eastern suburbs, for $18,000 to Waco parties.


H. C. CROSS, receivor of the Missouri, Kansas & Texas and his wife and daughter; J. W. MAXWELL, division superintendent; and Maj. ENOS, vice president of the company, were in the city this morning and went south at noon.


General Superintendent J. J. FREY is expected in the city this afternoon.  Jas. J. MOORE and Wm. CAMERON had a talk with the above-named officials with reference to the Trinity extension.  The result of the interview is not known at present.


A board of trade under the name of the Citizens' Exchange was organized here last night with Sam SANGER, president; R. B. PARROTT, secretary, and J. W. SLADEN, treasurer.



Desperate Struggle Between the Fiend and His Defenseless Victim -- The Vile Wretch is Pursued and Captured by an Infuriated Mob.

Knoxville, Tenn., Feb. 20 -- Yesterday one of the most diabolical crimes committed in this section for years was perpetrated near Heiskills station, twelve miles north of this city.  Jack STAPLES, a negro brute who has been a laborer for a farmer named Ruge LEWIS, took advantage of the husband's absence and attacked Mrs. LEWIS in a criminal manner.  After a desperate struggle the fiend tore her clothes off in shreds and brutally outraged her person.

STAPLES fled, but was pursued by infuriated men and women.  He has been caught and is now tied securely at the depot at  Heiskills.  Dozens of armed and maddened men are flocking in, and, although an effort will be made to bring the prisoner here to jail, his life's blood will be shed.  The last train this way has passed, and the negro's doom is death.



A Free-for-All Fight at a Country Hop Results in the Death a Woman and Stabbing of Two Men

Newport, Ark. Feb. 20 -- A terrible tragedy was enacted in this county Tuesday night, in which one woman lost her life and two men were severely wounded.  A dance was given on Village Creek, a few miles from this place, to which everybody in that neighborhood were invited.  During the progress of the dance a difficulty took place between Oliver BLACKBURN and John WADLEY.  This soon developed into a free fight during which Mrs. Mollie DIFFEY, a sister to WADLEY, appeared on the scene and received a knife wound in her abdomen, from which she died in a few minutes.  After the fight it was discovered that BLACKBURN was stabbed in the breast and WADLEY was cut in the side.  Their wounds are not considered necessarily fatal.  Mrs. DIFFEY was a widow and leaves two small children.  The coroner went out and held an inquest over the body, which resulted in BLACKBURN being brought in this evening on a charge of murder.  He is now in jail and will have a preliminary hearing Friday.


D. C. GILCHRIST, a circus man, was brought here this morning to answer an indictment charging him with being an accomplice to the crime of burglary and theft.



A Minister Murdered by a Young Man Whom He Had Chastised While Acting as School Teacher.

Louisville, KY., Feb. 20 -- In Wolf county last Sunday, a young man named Booth, about 19 years old, waylaid a minister, the Rev. Mike WHISMAN, in an out-of-the-way place and assaulted him with a knife.  WHISMAN lived two hours after receiving his wounds and made a statement about the attack.  WHISMAN stated that he had once punished BOOTH while the latter was a school boy, and BOOTH had threatened then to be revenged, and never forgot his fancied wrongs.  Detective DRAKE is after the murderer.



The Pupils of the Mississippi Industrial Institute Want the President Discharged.

Columbus, Miss., Feb. 20 -- A rumor is in circulation on our streets to the effect that the young ladies of the Industrial Institute College have petitioned the board of trustees asking that Mr. Chas. H. COOKE, president of the college be discharged.

The petition is said to be signed by nearly three-fourths of the students.  What fault they find with Mr. COOKE cannot be found out but is is generally believed that the girls want a lady to fill the president's chair.  The petition was forwarded to Gov. John M. STONE.  Mr. COOKE is in Jackson on a call of the governor.

The people here regret the affair, as President COOKE is one of our best citizens and a conscientious Christian gentleman.


Railway Official Indicted for Negligent Homicide.

San Antonio, Feb. 20 -- The grand jury of Lavacca county, now in session at Halletsville has returned indictments against General Manager B. F. YOAKUM, General Superintendent C. A. MURRAU and other officials of the San Antonio and Aransas Pass railway, charging them with negligent homicide.  The indictments grow out of the bridge accident on the San Antonio & Aransas Pass road on January 2 last, in which four or five people were killed.


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