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Page 11
Dallas Texas Siftings
Dallas, Texas Newspaper Extractions 
February 1890
Extracted from The Dallas Times Herald

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Mar 2, 1890 Dallas Times Herald


Teneha, Tex., Feb. 20 -- Last night just as the train was leaving for Shreveport a heavily laden horse galloped up to the depot.  The burden was a precious one, being an eloping couple, Henry M. ALFORD and Miss Lelia SANDLIN.  The strange part of it is that both their fathers are ministers.  They left for Shreveport, where they expect to have the marriage ceremony performed and thence go to New Orleans.  The young lady was engaged to Mr. A. HILL and they were to be married in a day or two, the license being already issued.  To say this community is stirred up is putting it mildly.



Chattanooga, Tenn., Feb. 20 -- William H. MILLER is a slick swindler, who for two weeks has been taking orders here for enlarging photographs to crayon portraits, at 85 cents each.  He was to deliver the goods on February 15, but since has not been seen.  It is thought MILLER had gone to Knoxville or Memphis.  His scheme netted him over $200.



Douglass GREENE and Mrs. Alice SNELL-McCREA of New York Arrive at Southampton Under an Assumed Name.

New York, Feb. 21 -- Cable dispatches from Southampton, England announce the arrival there on the steamship Lahu of Douglass GREENE and Mrs. Alice SNELL-McCREA -- the story of whose bigamous marriage by a colored preacher at Hampton, Va., has been fully told to our readers.

Mrs. McCREA was very ill on the voyage and was accompanied by her baby and two French maids.  She and Mr. GREEN were registered on the passenger list as "Mr. and Mrs. T. FULLERTON."  Their identity was discovered by Mr. Ernest SMITH of Chicago, Ill., who was a fellow-passenger on the steamship.  Mr. GREEN said that he had no regrets in the case, except for the trouble it might cause his wife's family.  He denied the story that Mrs. McCREA had ever demanded at the point of a revolver that he should marry her.  He also stated that his connection with the firm of GREEN & BATEMAN was dissolved and wholly at his own instance, he having requested and directed that the announcement be made.  It is the purpose of the couple to remain abroad for a least a year.



A Great Quary Discovered On a Farm Near Letota

A gentleman named LATHROP, was in the city yesterday from his farm near Letota, and exhibited several specimens of rock from a quary he discovered recently on his premises.  It is composed of silica and lime stone and is pronounced by Superintendent PALMER and others as being a splendid building stone and capable of elegant polish.  LATHROP says the vein is 40 feet thick, and covers 80 acres.  He has a bonanza without doubt, and would like to secure the contract to furnish the stone for the new temple of justice.  The stone used in the old court house was quarried in Dallas county. 



He is in Galveston, and Claims His Affairs are All Straight.

Galveston, Tex., Feb 21 -- J. M. PIERSON, recently, of Dallas, and who was reported in last night's dispatches as having mysteriously disappeared from Paris, Tex., and was supposed to have been foully dealt with, is stopping at a hotel in this city.  he has been here for the past ten days, and is seeking employment.  He says that the business that took him to Paris and other points in Northeast Texas was satisfactorily settled, and after returning to Dallas and turning over his collections to Sanger Bros., by when he was employed, he came to Galveston, where he has been ever since.  Mr. PIERSON is a member of a Dallas lodge K. of P.



Spotted Fever Raging at Aurora.  Many Deaths and Loud Calls for Aid.

Fort Worth, Tex., Feb 21 -- A startling account of a fatal epidemic at Aurora, a small town 30 miles from here, continue to reach the city.  The disease is pronounced spinal minnigetis or spotted fever, and is said to have killed a number of persons within the last two days.  The people of the town are terror stricken and fleeing from the place as they would from yellow fever.  Last night an appeal for physicians and nurses reached the city and was at once responded to by Mayor BROILES and others.



Men of All Nations

Sheriff LEWIS has a most efficient corp of deputies, and in selecting he evidently desired to draw on all nations:  William n. COE, chief deputy, the dashing blonde with the gold-tinted hair came from the "penny-royal" regions of Kentucky/ and don't care who knows it.  Tom CARSON, the good-looking gentleman with the brigaudish mustache is a foreign count doing "Texas incognito".  Frank DARBY is a "yellow hammer" from Alabama.  In addition to his other accomplishments he sings like a bird.  One is reminded of that silvery-throated songster, the swan.  With WEBB, the patriarch of the flock, opened his eyes in Tennessee many, many years ago.  He was a lively youngster and at the tender age of two years emigrated to Texas.  He galloped over the prairies in his boyhood and remembers very vividly when one solitary cabin was the only human habitation is what is now the great metropolis of the southwest.  Charlie CRUSH claims to be an American, but the boys don't believe it.  They have a sneaking suspicion that he was born in Jerusalem, and point to his Hebraic cast of countenance and delicious brogue to substantiate their assertions.  Alf. QUALLS is a Long-born and it is freely admitted that he is one of the handsomest men on the force.  Alf admits it himself, but don't crow over it.  Andy MOORE's place of nativity is not known, but he looks like a "Mizzourian".  Andy lays no claims to beauty but is a magnificent whistler.  Sloan LEWIS, the sheriff's brother, is a South Caro-lee-nee-an.  He is a very quiet chap, like all natives of the Palmetto state and never hunts ducks with a brass band.



Addie CHAPMAN vs. James E. CHAPMAN, divorce.  Decree granted.



R. B. GODLEY and Millard STORY to F. S. IRVINE, lot on south side Main street, in block 70, according to Murphy & Bolanz' official map of East Dallas, $40,000.


J. W. FIELDS and wife to M. B. FIELDS, lot 4, block 3, official map of East Dallas, $4933.


Z. P. WHITE to W. B. KNIGHT and F. S. LEARY, lot 3, block 11, West End addition, $400.


Thomas FIELD and Florence C. FIELD to G. H. SCHOELLKOPF, lot 11 sub-division lot 2, block 78-A, Akard's addition, $15,000.


Thomas FIELD and Florence C. FIELD to G. H. SCHOELKOPF, block 5 in Jefferson Peak's subdivision addition of Dallas, according to Murphy & Bolanz' official map, $12,000.


Thomas FIELD and Florence C. FIELD to G. H. SCHOELKOPF, part of block G--5--272, according to Murphy & Bolanz' official map of the city, $8000.


Thomas FIELD and Thomas C. FIELD to G. H. SCHOELKOPF, lon on the south corner of Jackson and Akard streets, $10,000.


WEBSTER & WOOD to Mrs. M. J. COLE, lot 12, block M, North Park addition, $100.


WEBSTER & WOOD to W. F. KELLEY, lot 18, block Z, North Park addition, $100.


E. M. O'NEAL and wife to S. E. JOURDAN, lots 6, 7,8 and 9, block 13; lots 16 and 17, block 5, shown by map of West End addition to city of Dallas, $8100.


Thos. FIELD and wife to the Oriental Hotel Company, 128x200 feet in block 78, Murphy & Bolanz official map; $85, 625.


G. H. SCHOELKOPF and wife to Thos. FIELD, lots 3 and 4, block 781-133, Murphy & Bolanz official map, $40,000.


John OZMAN et al to D. C. DAVAITTE, interest in 320 acres, $100.


Daniel DOVOULT to D. C. DOVOULT, interest in same tract, $25.


D. C. DOVOULT and wife to C. T. WINFREY, same as above $3000.


G. S. DEVOULT and wife to D. C. DOVOULT, same as above, $25.


James A. CROUCH and wife to E. G. BOWER, county judge, one acre for a school house, $30.


WEBSTER & WOOD to S. H. SINGLETON, lot 34, block M, WEBSTER & WOOD North Park addition, $100.


WEBSTER & WOOD to James MUSTACHIA, lot 19 in block R, WEBSTER & WOOD North Park Addition, $100.


W. A. H. MILLER to J. W. McMANUS, lot 1, block M, Simpson & Clark's addition, $600.


J. M. REGAN to W. A. MILLER, lot 1, block M, Simpson & Clark's addition, $750.


EAKINS, HUGHES & EAKINS to Mrs. W. A. BISHOP, lot 21, block B, Hughes Bros.' subdivision block 873, $2500.


John R. WEST to James H. MATHIS, tract on Elm Fork of Trinity river, $25.


Mary E. and J. Y. ARNOLD to James H. MATHIS, lot 4, block 2, J. W. Allen's addition, $600.






Several horses in Sheriff LEWIS' stable have been sick of late and this morning Dr. Alf QUALLS, V. X., recommended that the sheriff purchase a number of Angora goats and permit them to frisk about the stables.  It is a never-failing remedy.



Augusta J. WELCH vs. C. E. WELCH; divorce.

John W. ADAMS vs. Mary ADAMS; divorce.


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