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Page 12
Dallas Texas Siftings
Dallas, Texas Newspaper Extractions 
February 1890
Extracted from The Dallas Times Herald

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Mar 2, 1890 Dallas Times Herald


Augusta J. WELCH vs. C. E. WELCH; divorce.

John W. ADAMS vs. Mary ADAMS; divorce.


From Friday's Daily

The papers were filed in a sensational divorce suit in the office of the district court to-day.  Mrs. P. J. PUCKETT brings suit for a divorce against P. W. PUCKETT.  Plaintiff alleges in her petition that she married defendant in this city on the 22nd day of December 1887, and lived with him until December, 1888.  At the time of the marriage she supposed that she was the lawful wife of PUCKETT, and their union was free from strife until she made a terrible discovery that PUCKETT had deceived her; even worse that that.  She was the victim of a bigamous marriage, and had no claim on the sacred name of wife.  In Craig county, Virginia, August 24, 1880, PUCKETT wooed and won Miss Martha A. MILLS.  The lady is a resident of that county, according to the petition of plaintiff and has never been divorced from her recroant spouse.  For these good and sufficient reasons Mrs. PUCKETT No. 2 asks that the marriage be declared null and void and for other relief generally extended in such cases.



The injunction case of DINKELSPEIL against the city was called this morning, but as several of the parties interested were not ready for trial it went over until some future time.

Elizabeth GROSCUP vs. William; divorce; decree granted.



In federal court yesterday the case of WEST vs. CABELL was decided for the defendant.

Convictions were had as follows:

E. J. BRADY, raising a banknote of $1 denomination to $10.

James KELLY, passing counterfeit money in Hood county.

Sam MARTIN, passing a $5 counterfeit gold coin in Dallas.

These parties will be sentenced later in the term.

John GRAY, was brought from Erath county under the charge of selling liquor without a license.  He was placed in jail to await an examination before the commissioner.



John MAINZER, recently convicted of selling liquor without license was granted a new trial by Judge BOWER to-day.



Samuel ROTH vs. John P. LAUGHLIN; suit on note for $1643.60.

SCHNEIDER & DAVIS vs. W. G. BAIRD, to recover $641.90 on judgment.

Same vs. J. L. CRABTREE, debt.



EAKINS, HUGHES & EAKINS to A. S. TOPPIN, lot 12, block A of EAKINS, HUGHES and EAKINS' subdivision, $1775.


Dallas Land and Loan Company to Mrs. A. L. REDDING, lots 1 and 2, block 60, grantors' No. 2 to Oak Cliff, $1000.


Dr. A. L. BIBB to Mrs. C. L. BIBB, lots 17 and 18, block 108, Bentley's subdivision, love and affection.


John W. COWEN nd wife to H. D. WORNOCK, lots 5 and 6, Lear's addition, $35,000.


Expressmen's Investment Company of Dallas, Texas to Arthur Henry RENSHAW, west half of lot 2 and east half of lot 3, block 23-7 Murphys & Beanz' official map, $0,000.


Webster & Wood to George A. LANDELL and R. C. BRAMITT, lot 11, block R, North Park addition, $100.


C. M. TERRY to John M. STEMMONS, tract of land 23 1/2 acres 1 1-4 miles southwest of Dallas in Leonard survey, $425.


G. L. DeFREES to Minnie DeFREES, part of lot 7, block 5, Bowser & Lemmon's addition, $100.


Hughes Bros. Real Estate and Loan Association, lot on Grand avenue and Harwood street, $225.


J. B. HATCH to El'a F. PARKER, tract of land near the bank of Mill creek on southwest line of Park avenue and lots 1, 2, 3, and 4, block #, C. W. Guild's park addition, $8000.


M. McCLELLAN to W. H. ABRAMS, lot 7, block 4, North Dallas Improvement Company's addition, $3700.


John AMBURN to J. T. BERRY, lot 12, C. W. Stearns' subdivision of block 26, $2004.



J. A. MARTIN and Lillion McCLAIN.


James COLEMAN and Jo. Either TERRELL.



W. BILLINGSWORTH made affidavit this morning that a man named Pat STINSON had forcibly entered his room in the Sun hotel and taken away many articles of value, including $2.50 in cash, a pocket-book, note for $140, an English farthing, etc.  STINSON was arrested and is now in county jail awaiting trial.




The jury commissioners have completed their work of drawing jurors for the various courts.  Seven hundred and forty names were drawn.  The following named gentlemen will officiate as grand jurors.  That body will be organized on March 10, 1890:  W. H. PRATHER, A. R. WHITE, J. T. MEWSHAW, A. H. RAWLINS, B. B. HOWELL, A. C. BROWN, J. W. ALLEN, MARSH ?. MILLER, C. E. BIRD, M. S. COLE, W. H. LEMMON, Joe A. CRAWFORD, T. C. BROWN, Mark ELLISON, B. J. CARTER AND J. D. CULLUM.



W. N. COE, chief deputy in the sheriff's office, is at Sherman to-day on official business.



W. K. SNOW and wife to Edith L. SNOW, part of block 20, Railroad addition, $3300.


Thomas C. BARRY to George F. ALFORD, lot 1, block 1, Seegar & Robertson's addition, $9500.


Mary E. WILKINSON and Husband to Wm. S. SPROILES, lot 5, block 1, Dallas & Wichita reservation, $1000.


BLAKENSHIP and BLAKE to H. W. BEAUCHAMP, part of lot 1, block 9, Embree, $2500.


B. BLANKENSHIP and S. D. BLAKE to H. W. BEAUCHAMP, lots 10 and 11, block 1, Blankenship & Blake's East Dallas addition, $1850.


H. W. BEAUCHAMP to S. H. McBRIDE, lot 11, block 1, Blankenship & Blake's addition, $1000.


A. E. BATEMAN to Parry Bros., lots 1 and 2, block 5, Exposition Park, $2500.


L. W. BOND and wife to Mrs. L. A. BEALMER and Mrs. A. I. ACRES, a lot on Gillespie avenue, $1450.


Mrs. Lou H. WILLIA to Mrs. C. W. WATKINS, lot 5, block A, Guild's subdivision, $350.


W. C. BALDRIDGE and wife to J. N. HARRISON, lot 9, block 826, A. W. Stearns' addition, $1.


A. A. BALDRIDGE and wife to L. N. HARRISON, lot 5, block 826, A. W. Stearns' addition, $1.


Continued on next page.




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