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Page 2
Dallas Texas Siftings
Dallas, Texas Newspaper Extractions 
More January 1890
Extracted from The Dallas Morning News.

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Jan 5, 1890 Dallas Morning News
Gainesville, Tex., Jan. 4,  Rev. Dr. Hayden of Dallas, editor of the Baptist and Herald, will preach at the Baptist church in this city to-morrow at 11 a. m., after which five deacons will be ordained.
Harvey Hulen and D. W. Gordon have been appointed on the board of jury commissioners.  Capt. Smelser was appointed also, but was afterward excused upon the grounds that he is a citizen of Oklahoma.
The fourth quarterly meeting of the North Dixon street Methodist Episcopal church will be held to-day and to-morrow, Jan. 4 and 5.  The first service will be held Saturday night at 7 o'clock.  Rev. H. Webb, presiding elder of the panhandle district, will be present and conduct all of the services.
The funeral of little Lulu May Wright yesterday was largely attended.  The church where the services were held was beautifully decorated with evergreens and mistletoe.  The choir was composed of the schoolmates, grade 6, Belcher school, led my Miss Sneldon, their teacher.
Mr. J. A. Underwood of Wilson, I. T., was in the city to-day and employed legal counsel to take steps to recover a wagon and team confiscated from him by deputy marshals a few days ago in the Chickasaw Nation just across Red river from Gainesville.
Mr. Underwood states that he had been to Gainesville and purchased a small amount of liquor for christmas purposes for himself and one or two of his near neighbors, and while in this city some one put deputy marshals on his trail, who followed him to the territory and arrested him, charging him with being a whisky peddler.  He was taken to Purcell before Commissioner Hocker, who held him in bond of $300 for his appearance at the next term of the United States court at Paris.
Mr. Underwood readily filed the required bond, and was released form custody, but his wagon and team were kept by the officers, who it is said took the property to Paris and turned it over to the United States marshal, as confiscated goods and chattels.  Mr. Underwood says he is not a whisky peddler, and was not taking the liquor found in his possession to the nation to sell it.  He feels that an outrage has been perpetrated upon him, and he will appeal to the government courts and ascertain if there is not relief for him somewhere.
Newspaper Man Assaulted - The Courts
Sulphur Springs, Tex., Jan. 4,  An assault occurred on the west side of the square this evening at 5 o'clock in which Elmo (or Kid) Barnett struck Jeff C. Jones on the back of his hand, felling him to the ground.  The blow was struck from behind and as Mr. Jones was walking up the street.  It took him wholly unawares, as nothing of the kind was said to be expected.  Mr. Jones is one of the proprietors of the Sulphur Springs Gazette, and for several weeks has made war on the sporting fraternity here under the nom de plume of Lounger.  A few days ago, it leaked out as to who Lounger was, and this is supposed to be the cause of the attack.  
Jones wounds are serious, but not necessarily fatal.
Barnett is under arrest and from the many expressions of condemnation heard on every hand should he be able to make bond it would be safer that he kept moving.
The county court closed a two weeks term this evening, transacting considerable business.  Eighteen cases against the St. Louis, Arkansas and Texas railway company were transferred to the district court on account of one of the bondsmen for the road being related to the county judge within the third degree, which disqualifies him.
Leavenworth, Kan., Jan. 4,  The vicinity of High prairie, ten miles from this city, has lately been the scene of a religious revival that has greatly excited the people of the community.  In some instances, persons have gone crazy with enthusiasm.  Word has been received here yesterday of two cases of insanity, and the insane persons came near losing their lives.
During the revival about two weeks ago, a brother and sister, Frank and Minnie Boland, became so enthusiastic and excited over religion that they lost their reason.  They were living alone, and no one noticed their condition.  Thursday evening a couple of persons passing Boland's house noticed smoke issuing from it.  On gaining entrance they found a well kindled fire on the floor of one of the rooms, with brother and sister in an almost nude condition, singing religious songs and dancing around it, seemingly getting ready for cremation.  The fire was finally put out, and brother and sister overpowered.  When questioned about the fire, Minnie replied that the Lord had made the fire, and they would not put it out.  Late yesterday evening they were placed in jail, where they will remain until a method of treatment for their case has been determined on.
Horse Thief - New Comers
Snyder, Tex., Jan. 4,  Some two weeks ago a horse was stolen on the Spur ranch in Kent county and Deputy Sheriff John Falkner of this county, and J. W. Standifer, sheriff of Crosby county, went in search of the rogues.  Yesterday Falkner returned, bringing with him a party who is accused of the felony.  They followed him several hundred miles, and finally discovered the missing horse near Endee, N. M.  In a few days he was found , surrounded by several of his pals.  There is some talk of his turning state's evidence; and if he does it will probably involve a great many in the lower panhandle.  There is something rotten between the panhandle and New Mexico.
Standifer of Crosby county is undoubtedly one of the best officers in Texas.  His daring feats last winter on the plains is without a parallel in Texas history.
W. E. Farmer of Minneola arrived here last week with his family and will now be a citizen of Snyder.
Dr. S. T. Culbertson of Hico has located here.
Rev. J. L. Simpson of Ennis now claims Snyder as headquarters.
R. M. Cumbie of Alexander has bought a section cornering with the town, section and ere long will be here with his family.
P. J. Ingle of Alvarado is already here with his family and will immediately begin the erection of a magnificent residence.
This is but a partial list of the new arrivals.  Every day they come by ones, twos, threes and even dozens.
The News correspondent has just returned from a ramble over the county, and never before has he seen grass and cattle in such fine shape.
A Terrible Tragedy in the German Quarter of Williamsburg, N.Y.
New York, Jan. 4,  In the German quarter of Williamsburg a terrible murder and suicide was reported shortly before noon today.  A man named Franklin killed his wife and child and then committed suicide.  A man called at the sixth precinct station house and stated that no member of the Franklin family, who lived in the rear of 180 Munger street, had been seen since last Wednesday.  He thought something was wrong.  Two officers went to the house.  One effected an entrance through the front window.  All was quiet in the house but passing to the bedroom Franklin was found sitting on the edge of the bed with a revolver grasped in his right hand.  As the officer was about to enter the man drove him out of the room at the point of the weapon.  Then a pistol shot rang out.  The officer rushed in and found taht Franklin has shot himself through the left breast.  He was not yet dead, but his wife and 3-year-old child were lying dead on the same bed.  Franklin died soon after.  Both victims had been shot through the heart.  From appearances they had been dead two or three days.
Way of the Winchester
Paris, Tex., Jan 4,  A bloody fight took place in the Chickasaw nation twenty-five miles east of Ardmore yesterday morning, in which a negro named Pink Ford killed another negro named Charlie Varner.  Ford had charge of some horses belonging to another party, and Varner rode one of them without his permission.  This angered Ford and he went in search of Varner with a winchester.  Failing to find him he returned home and found Varner there.  A fight immediately ensued in which Ford shot Varner dead with his rifle.  Ford immediately surrendered to Deputy Marshal Little, who arrived here with him this afternoon and lodged him in jail.
Jan 8, 1890 Dallas Morning News


Adolph Eisenberg
Mexia, Tex., Jan. 7, Died of disease of the kidneys at his home this morning,  Adolph Eisenberg.  Mr. Eisenberg was on of our most respected citizens.  He was about 56 years old, and had been a resident of Mexia since 1873.  All the Hebrew business houses were closed during the funeral this evening at 2 o'clock, showing their respect for him.  He was buried under the auspices of the knights of pythias.
Lucy Latimer
Marshall, Tex., Jan. 7,  Mrs. Lucy Latimer, consort of Clifton Latimer, died at the family residence.  Deceased leaves a husband and eleven children.
Carl Frederick Wolz
Marshall, Tex., Jan 7,  Carl Frederick Wolz, well known in business circles, died here yesterday.  The funeral ceremonies were conducted by the knights of pythias.  He was also a member of the fire department.
Mrs. Mira Shields
Jefferson, Tex., Jan. 7,  Mrs. Mira Shields dropped dead at her home last night with heart disease.
Mrs. Joel Glass
Brenham, Tex., Jan. 7,  Private dispatches from Bellville state that Mrs. Glass died there to-day.  She is the widow of Joel Glass, who was killed here last October.
Aaron Clafilin
New York, Jan. 7,  Aaron Clafilin, the well known dry goods man of this city, died at his home in Brooklyn this morning.




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