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Page 4
Dallas Texas Siftings
Dallas, Texas Newspaper Extractions 
More January 1890
Extracted from The Dallas Morning News.

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Jan 10, 1890 Dallas Morning News
Corner-Stone Ceremonies - Young Eldridge Wrongfully Held - Damage Suit.
San Antonio, Tex., Jan 9,  The corner-stone of the new Cumberland Presbyterian church was laid this afternoon with imposing ceremonies under the auspices of the Alamo and Anchor lodges of masons.  The Masonic ceremonies were conducted by Gen. J. H. McCleary, in place of the grand master of this state.  The address was made by Rev. Charles Morton of Paris, who recalled the fact that the present structure was erected upon the site of the first Protestant church edifice erected in San Antonio, built by the Methodists in 1852 and the corner-stone of which was laid by Alamo lodge in that year.
Among other articles placed in the corner-stone were the same square and compass and the same old coins which were placed in the corner-stone of the old Methodist structure, which was sold to the Cumberland Presbyterians.  A crowd of some two thousand people witnessed the ceremonies in which the pastors of other Protestant churches assisted.
The case of E. Eldridge, the young man against whom an affidavit for petty theft was made by J. McGuire, was called for preliminary trial to Justice McAllister's court this morning.  Both state and defense announced ready, but after a few minutes, a consultation with McGuire the county attorney stated to the court, that he found absolutely no foundation upon which to base a prosecution and must therefore ask the court to dismiss it, which was done.
County Attorney DeWitt stated that there was nothing in the case further than that the prosecuting witness had received a package from the express office and that he had lost it.  the result of the proceeding this morning serves vindicate the good name of the young man, who has always occupied a high position and who is well connected.
Young Eldridge's attorneys have advised him to prosecute his accusers for false imprisonment and he will probably do so.
The suit of Hettie Fisher against the Galveston, Houston and Henderson railway for $89,000 damages for the loss of her husband, who was fatally scalded while working under an engine in the roundhouse in 1885, was decided to-day in favor of the railway company under the charge of the court to the jury.
VAN ALSTYNE, Tex.,  Jan 9,  Four new two-story brick houses are going up on Jefferson street at once.  One to be occupied by a national bank.  The building to cost $5000.  The organization took place yesterday.  The following are directors: R. M. Cannon, H. L. Bowen, J. C. Umphress, J. N. Taylor, J. M. Kelly and Louis Garver.

The new two story hotel on Main street is nearing completion.  When finished it will be a handsome structure of a large city.

Louis Karthman met with an accident three days ago while out feeding his horses before day.  One ran against him knocking a bar from his hand and sticking a splinter through his two small fingers, fastening them solid together.  His wife with great effort removed the splinter, which was quite painful.

This town is one not to be laughed at.  During the year 1889 we shipped from this city seventy-five carloads of wheat, 225 cars of oats, 250 cars of corn, 2500 tons of cotton seed.  Our receipts to date on cotton for this season are 9500 bales.  We will reach 10,000 before the season is over.

Murdered by Mexican Robbers
Fort Davis, Tex., Jan 9,  Last Saturday two men were killed in Jeff Davis county near this place.  Both were of Servian nationality and just from old Mexico.  They were travelers and were very poor.  One was perhaps 40 years of age and the other quite a boy - in all probability, father and son.  The bodies were brought into Fort Davis this evening.  There were two of the murderers, booth Mexicans and well known in this county.  The murderers took the horses from the travelers' wagon and escaped.  The public is quite excited over the affair, but so far only one man has been arrested and he is probably not the guilty one.
Quarantine Declared
Rio Grande City, Tex., Jan 9, Drs. Rutherford, Wolff and Capt. Emerson, of the state board of health, have been here and declared strict quarantine against all places in Mexico infested with smallpox.  Camargo, Mier and Reynosa being especially interdicted.
Dr. Wolff is stationed here as an officer in charge.
Starr county has been fighting the scourge.  The state has now assumed control and will continue until the disease is suppressed. 
Gen. Robertson's Funeral - Notes
Brenham, Tex., Jan 9,  The search for the body of the boy Bob Lee who was drowned in New Year's creek with Commissioner Brown still continues.  The buggy was found yesterday in the creek almost entirely covered with quicksand and it is thought the body went down with it.
The remains of Gen. J. B. Robertson who died in Waco Tuesday arrived on the Central today and were taken charge of by the masons and carried to Independence, his old home for burial.
An old boiler at the oil mill exploded yesterday causing a panic among the employees.  No one was hurt.
The machinery for the pulp factory is being placed in position and will soon be in operation.
Man Killed - Arrested - New Paper
Texarkana, Ark., Jan 9,  A machinist named Matt Gribble was run over by a switch engine in the Texas and Pacific yards last night and instantly killed.  He formerly lived at Corpus Christi and only recently arrived here.
A young man formerly a resident of Waxahachie, Texas, was arrested last night on a charge of embezzlement committed at his former home.  He was under an assumed name but admits his identity.
The Texarkana Call, a five-column four page paper, made its appearance last evening.  It is edited by F. G. Wootten, an able journalist and one of the oldest newspaper men in the city, and will be independent in politics.
Plead Guilty - Big Contract
Jefferson, Tex., Jan 9,  Maggie Partello pleaded guilty to-day to infanticide and was given five years in the penitentiary.

The Lone Star Iron works gave a big contract to-day for iron ore.

Aaron Trexler won $10 and the pie-eating belt of Schuylkill county, Penn., by eating four and a half unsweetened squash pies at Ringtown a few nights ago.

Jan 27, 1890 Dallas Morning News

Miss Vinie Boles.
Milford, Tex., Jan 26,  Miss Vinie Boles died at the residence of her father last night at about 1 o'clock.
Miss Vinie was a most excellent young lady and had a host of loving friends, and was to have been married this morning to Mr. George H. Hudson, they expecting to start at once for Mexico for her health.  Miss Vinie has been in feeble health for some time, though her death was sudden and unexpected.  She was taken worse a few hours before her death.
W. H. Crutchfield
Chattanooga, Ten., Jan 20,  Hon. Wm. H. Crutchfield, who was a member of congress in 1873-74 from the third congressional district of Tennessee, and who was noted for his eccentricities, died here last night after an illness of several months.  He was during the war, an uncompromising union man and was a guide for the federal armies.  He was a great friend of Grant, Thomas and Rosecrans.  After the war he was distinguished in services to ex-confederation in their struggles to get their shattered fortunes together.
Mrs. Dennis P. Hills
Sulphur Springs, Jan. 26,  Mrs. Dennis P. Hills of Greenville, formerly Miss Buelah Waller of this place, died at the residence of her father, Mr. W. R. Waller in this city this afternoon after a lingering illness of several weeks.
Mrs. George Phillips, Mrs. James Tedford and Mr. Green Beasley have died here within the past twenty-four hours of pneumonia, while several others are lying dangerously ill with this fatal disease.
Col. Henderson Markham
Shreveport, La., Jan 26,  Col. Henderson Markham, aged about 70 years, died last night and was buried to-day.  He was one of the best known sporting men in the state and notwithstanding he rolled in wealth during his lifetime he died poor.  He was always a generous man and in the days of his prosperity was always a generous contributor to charities of all kinds.
Hinton Grizzard
Honey Grove, Tex., Jan 26,  The remains of Hinton Grizard arrived on the 6 o'clock Santa Fe train this evening from Cincinnati and were met at the depot by a large number of sympathizing friends.  The funeral will take place here to-morrow.
Charles W. Read
New Orleans, La., Jan 26,  Capt. Charles W. Read, president of the board of harbor masters here and a famous confederate naval officer, died yesterday at Meridian, Miss., of pneumonia.
Fair Association
Cleburne, Tex., Jan 26,  At a meeting for the purpose of effecting a permanent organization of the Johnson county park and fair association, the following directors were elected by the stockholders.
M. Hart, O. P. Arnold, Phil T. Allin, Coon Williams, S. W. Lovelady, Sam Graham, T. A. Scurlock, Willis Souther, J. C. Conway, M. L. Kennard, L. M. McDowell, Roscoe Hix, J. M. Milam, C. T. Thomas and J. V. Leatherwood.  The following officers were elected:  O. P. Arnold, president; Sam Graham, vice president; J. C. Conway, secretary; Phil t. Allin, treasurer.
The capital stock will be $20,000.  A committee was appointed to purchase available lands for the fair grounds and race track.
Application for a charter will be made at once.
Collin County
McKinney, Tex., Jan 25,  All officers look out for and arrest one Dick or H. D. Cannon who stands indicted here with assault to murder.  Described as follows: Thirty to thirty-two years old, about 5 feet 8 or 10 inches high, slender built, red complection, dark hair, large gray eyes, light sandy mustache and goatee, high cheek bones and sharp chin, is comsumptive and coughs considerable.  When left wore dark striped suit, sack coat, coat and vest newly lined with gray flannel, woolen shirts, wore No. 7 blue-forked top broad heeled boots, black hat.  Twenty-dollars reward will be paid for the arrest and delivery of the above named party to me in any jail in this state.  Address me at McKinney, Tex., W. H. Phillips, sheriff, Collin County, Texas.
Travis County
Austin, Tex., Jan 26,  Jail the following discribed white man, about 5 feet 10 inches high, heavy set, weighs 150 or 160 pounds, wore a derby hat, is a Swede, is riding gray horse, thin mane and tail, no brand.  Think he will try to get to Dallas.  Ten dollars for man or $15 for man and horse.  R. E. White sheriff of Travis county.
Wood County
Mineola, Tex., Jan 26,  Who wants a yellow negro man about 23 years old, height about 5 feet 10 inches?  Had a colt 45-caliber pistol, carved barrel and a flaten patent screw for carrying in belt.  Address R. L. Terrell deputy sheriff.
DR. GEO. WILKINS received the first premium on Artificial Teeth, and everything else pertaining to Dentistry at the Texas State Fair and Dallas Exposition in 1888 and 1889.
Don't wear Artificial Plates
Have teeth made without plates.
Gold and Porcelain Crowns $2.50 to $3.00
Teeth, upper or lower, $6.00 a set.
Gold Fillings $1.00
OFFICE:  Corner Elm and Harwood streets.
709 and 711 elm street.
Specialty, Preservation of the natural teeth.  Telephone No. 340
The Dentist.
Most skillful in the state.  The best is the cheapest.
DR. J. W. GURLEY, the painless dentist.  734 Elm street.  Teeth filled without pain, extracted without pain, teeth and gums restored to a healthy condition.  Set of teeth for $5.  Gold fillings as low as $1.  Graduate of dentistry and medicine.




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