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Page 6
Dallas Texas Siftings
Dallas, Texas Newspaper Extractions 
February 1890
Extracted from The Dallas Times Herald

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Feb 26, 1890 Dallas Times Herald


A Black Brute

Horrible Story of Outrage and Murder

Athens, Ga., Feb. 28 -- Brown WASHINGTON, a negro, who was arrested for criminally assaulting and murdering the little nine-year-old niece of Alfred HORTON, near Madison, confessed his crime when taken before the coroner's jury yesterday.  In his confession he told how he had accomplished his design and when the little one "hollered" for her life, he cut her throat with his dull pocket knife.  So intense as the feeling that the jurors could hardly refrain from violence.  There was soon formed a band of cool, determined men and he sheriff knew it would be hard to keep them at bay.  At 9 o'clock last night the mob succeeded in forcing the jail and dragging the prisoner out.  The crowd carried the doomed negro down the railroad track one and a half miles toward Augusta and told him to prepare for death.  They placed a rope around his neck and swung him up to a telegraph pole.  The revolvers in the crowd were discharged rapidly and the negro's body was riddled with bullets.



Danny NEEDAM and Patsy KERRIGAN Disgrace Themselves.

San Francisco, Feb. 28 -- Danny NEEDAM and Patsy KERRIGAN fought 100 rounds at the California Athletic Club last night, when the referee declared the fight off and stated that the amount of the purse which should be awarded the men would names later.  He said that he had examined the hands of both men and had found that they could not continue the fight.  It was 3:15 a. m. when the fight closed after lasting six hours and thirty minutes.  The fight was a walk-around from the start and there were not more than half a dozen rounds in which the men attempted to force the matter.  NEEDAM was pushed down three times in the 70th, but he arose and fought desperately both rounds.  After the 70th there was little or no attempt at any real fighting as both men were greatly exhausted.  During the last ten rounds not a blow was struck.


Governed by a Negro:

Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 28 -- A prominent railway official has just returned from Oklahoma and brings word that there is much indignation in the territory over the supposed changes of E. P. McCABE for the governorship.  Threats are openly made that if McCABE should be appointed he will be assassinated within a week after his arrival in the territory.  These threats do not come from the rougher element, but are made by those who hold the position of leaders.  They say they will not be governed by a negro.



Walton's Lawyer Creates A Scene In Court

Detectives Charged with Appropriating to Their own UseGold Coin.  The Most Complicated Case of Modern Times.

St. Johns, NF., Feb. 28 -- It now appears that when WALTON, the Dallas express robber, was arrested and searched in St. Johns, the act was illegal as there was no warrant issued by the Montreal authorities until two days later.  In court yesterday the prisoner's counsel turned the table by reading affidavits charging Detectives GOSS and Express Messenger VICKERS with having appropriated to their own use money taken from WALTON.  GROSS and VICKERS took the gold coin to PAGE & FERGUSON'S jewelry store and had their initials and date engraved thereon to-day, melting up the coin as a souvenir metal of the arrest.  The judge was thunderstruck and issued an order for the examination of all parties concerned under oath.  He said he would make the most searching investigation into the arrest and treatment of the prisoner if it took three months.  This defiance of the court in holding back WALTON'S gold coin is likely to result in serious trouble to the Montreal officers, and coupled with their attempt to induce the chief of police to disregard a supreme judge's habeas corpus order of the prisoner to Montreal has aroused public indignation.  Judge PALMER considers the situation so complicated that he will consult Judges KING AND TUCK, and probably Sir John ALLEN, chief justice of New Brunswick, before rendering his final decision.  Attorney General BLAIR, the provincial premier, has also been communicated with, and it is likely that the crown will be represented before many days.


E. D. CONGER takes charge of the Waco postoffice to-morrow as the Republican appointee vice G. B. GERALD, his time having expired.


In an interesting suit in Justice Jack HARRISON'S court to-day J. C. CORBETT sues R. W. DAVIS for the possession of a Scotch terrier pup.  DAVIS claims to have brought the dog from Dallas last October and tells a pretty straight story.  CORBETT claims to have raised the pup and also talks straight.  The case has not been concluded yet.


The Galveston Bill

Special to the Times-Herald

Washington, Feb. 28 -- Mr. GRESHAM has settled down and is working quietly but earnestly for the Galveston harbor bill.  He does not anticipate organized opposition to the bill, but is will probably have some enemies among the Texas delegation.  Representative SAYERS was reported as being hostile to the bill but he has denied the report.  Representative ABBOTT is one of the strongest supporters of the bill.



Cases Called and Disposed of in the Courts

A Number of Suits Filed in the Offices of the District Clerk -- Real Estate Transfers.


James B. SIMPSON vs. T. WADSWORTH; dismissed by plaintiff.


F. H. SHUMATE vs. A. C. REEVE; plaintiff has leave to amend.


SCHNEIDER & DAVIS vs. H. J. NOE et al; plaintiff's dismiss as to H. J. NOE, not served under writ of inquiry plaintiff's damages proven to be $808.30, for which amount judgment is given against W. M. ROGER and against the late partnership of H. J. NOE and W. M. ROGER, with foreclosure of attachment.



G. FINKER vs. G. C. TUQUA et al; suit on note to recover $107.


S. A. MAHON vs. Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway Company; damages caused by the overflow of his land on the banks of the Trinity river on the Oak Cliff side.  Mr. MAHON says he has taken injured to the extent of $1000 and asks damages in that amount.


COOK & MITCHELL vs. J. and S. A. L. HATHAWAY; to collect debt and foreclose mechanic's lien.

Same vs. Dallas Land & Loan Company; garnishee.


BLOCK BROS. vs. the Southern Pacific Company and Texas Pacific Company.  Plaintiffs are commission merchants and sue to recover the value of a car load of produce consisting of 160 crates of cabbage, on the value of $735.60.  The produce was ruined owing to the ventilators being closed against the positive instructions of plaintiffs.



Judge BOWER did not convene court this morning and Judge BURKE transacted no business of importance to-day.



The last grand jury returned indictments for swindling and perjury against J. C. DENNY, a well-known traveling man, the representative of a Dallas house.  Mr. DENNY, who has been out on the road for several weeks and was ignorant of what had transpired, returned to the city this morning and as informed by a friend of the action of the grand jury.  Mr. DENNY was greatly surprised, but at once proceeded to the office of his lawyer, saying that he desired to probe the matter to the bottom and he at once visited the court house and entered into recognizances in the sum of $2000 to appear for trial when his cases are called.  The indictments grew out of the S. S. MORMAN failure, and Mr. DENNY'S friends scout at the charge that his connection the with failure was crocked in any way, shape or manner. MORMAN is now in New York City.


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