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Page 8
Dallas Texas Siftings
Dallas, Texas Newspaper Extractions 
February 1890
Extracted from The Dallas Times Herald

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Mar 1, 1890 Dallas Times Herald

Painless -- If you want your teeth filled or extracted without pain, Dr. J. W. GURLEY, at No. 734 Elm street can do it for you.  He is one of the most thoroughly educated and scientific dentists in the south.  His fees are reasonable.  Set of teeth as low as $5.



Leading wholesale grocers, have a complete stock of celebrated Royal Baking Powder, which they have procured to meet the existing growing demand from the retail dealers in Dallas, and the surrounding country.  These goods owing their great superiority in strength and purity are rapidly taking the lead over all baking powders here or elsewhere.



One clay-bank mare, branded LC on shoulder.  Finder will be rewarded by bringing her to 320 St. Louis street.



Col. C. C. SLAUGHTER Thrown From His Buggy on Elm Street.

While driving down Elm street yesterday evening the horse drawing a buggy in which was seated Co. C. C. SLAUGHTER, became frightened and ran away.  When about oposite Carter's stock yards Col. SLAUGHTER'S buggy collided with another vehicle and he was thrown out on the pavement.  He became entangled some way and was dragged some distance, receiving numerous cuts and bruises, the most severe being a gash over the eye.  He as resting easy this morning and no serious results are expected fro the injuries received.


For Chief of Police

Capt. J. C. ARNOLD announces in to-day's paper for re-election to the office of chief of police.  Mr. ARNOLD is a man whom the Times-Herald can conscientiously commend.  He is an able, a faithful and an efficient officer.  Having served the city in some capacity as peace officer during the past sixteen years, being first elected to his present position in 1881, he is well known and justly popular.  The large majority he received at the polls at the last election over an able opponent was a merited tribute to his worth as an officer and his popularity as a citizen.  he has lost none of that confidence and esteem during his present term, which is drawing to a close and which he asks to be extended.


The renowned PEAK family from Alaska state will give an entertainment at the J. M. H. A. hall Tuesday night under the auspices of the Young Ladies Aid Society of the First M. E. church.  the entertainment will be interspersed with various vocal selections from members of the PEAK family.


James O'NEIL'S Monte Christo captured Dallas.  O'NEAL is a great actor and as "Monte Christo" DUMAS himself could not find fault with him.


Thirty-seven dead bodies have been found near the scene of the dam disaster in Arizona.


Capt. D. D. DAWSON, sheriff of Brazos county, is in the city.


A stranger froze to death at Whiteright, Texas last night.


A Colored Minister Gets Damages

New York, March 1 --A decision was handed down to-day by Judge BEACH in the supreme court, part three sustaining a verdict recently rendered by a jury in favor of Rev. Albert P. MILLER, the colored clergyman of New Haven, Conn., who, with his family refused stateroom accommodation in the steamer Drew of the People's line to Albany.  Judge BEACH, in his opinion says: the verdict must represent what the jury found to be a suitable compensation to the plaintiff for violation of a legal right and for injury done to his feelings.  Although a verdict of $500 seems to be more than adequate for the plaintiff's compensation, it cannot, in my opinion be held excessive, creating the belief that the jury was mislead by passion, prejudice or ignorance.

He then quoted from similar cases in other states, there being no precedent in this state where juries have awarded from one hundred to one thousand dollars in similar cases.


A Woman in the Case

Louisville, KY., March 1 -- There had been a long standing ill feeling between KINCAID and TAULBEE without any definite cause being generally known.  This was aggravated two years ago by KINCAID'S sending the Louisville Times, for which he was a correspondent an account of unbecoming conduct between TAULBEE and a female clerk in the patent office.


Died at Marshall

Marshall, Tex., March 1 --W. A. PRICE died at the Texas and Pacific hospital from injuries received from being run over by a freight train at Woodlawn several days since.


Whitaker star hams and breakfast bacons, dried beef, elgin creamery butter, golden drips, maple syrup by the quart or gallon, cheese, plum pudding, etc., at T. H. CRADDOCK'S grocery, 803 and 805 Ervay street.


A False Rumor

Mr. J. MOOK will continue his dancing school till warm weather; the rumor that he would soon leave being a mistake.  The next term will open March 8th at 4 p. m. at the Y. M. A. hall.


Christian Science

Those wishing to consult a Christian Science Healer will find Mrs. M. E. BISHOP of Cleveland, O., at the Christian Science rooms in the Lanskie building, corner Main and Harwood streets from 3 to 6 p. m.



The Sprinter Convinces the Court That He is All "O.K."

Edward CUMMINGS, alias Teddy ECKLAND, alias O'BRIEN, arrested Thursday evening on the vagrancy charge had his trial yesterday before Judge BROWN of the city court.  Dick FLANIGAN and others testified that CUMMINGS was not a vag; that he was and is a sprinter.  A number of women of the town were introduced as witnesses by the state and the facts adduced in the case were not at all complimentary to the prisoner.  The judge decided however, that the charge had not been sustained by the evidence and the sprinter was given his liberty.

Other suspicious characters have been ordered to jump the town and several of them have promised to obey the mandate.



His Old Stamping Ground

Col. D. A. WILLIAMS, prosecuting attorney, takes a deep interest in the movements of the crusaders at Spicardsville, Lathrop, Trenton and other towns in northern Missouri.  That country was the colonel's stamping ground in his boyhood.  His father founded a town near Spicardsville in Grundy county many years ago, before the railroads spread new work of rails over the country.  The town boomed and became a good sized hamlet and a will-known trading point.  But the railroad fever struck the country.  A line was built to the north of the prosperous village several miles, and it went down like a rocket.  In those days there were live boys in the country district.  They drank whiskey, run horses, were inveterable gamblers and when they visited a town it was for the purpose of running it.  Now all is changed.  In all country districts saloons are prohibited by the local option law.  That is they were until a very recent date when a judge decided that the local option law was null and void in Grundy county owing to some oversight in giving the proper notice of the election.  The county court however, refused to grant dramshop license and club houses and "joints" soon began to flourish.  The ladies of the county charged that the officers winked at this lawlessness and made an attack on the saloons in many places, completely demolishing the same.  They were arrested and fined and the Colonel, as well as other Missourians in Dallas, are patiently awaiting new developments in this latest mode of warfare inaugurated by the women of Northern Missouri against an enemy which they regard as the greatest curse ever visited upon humanity.


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