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Washington Co, Tennessee Marriage Records A

Washington County is located in East Tennessee.  Washington County, TN, was formed in 1796 from portions of Washington County, NC.  Study of this county should include the study of the Lost State of Franklin and many early inhabitants of this county are also found in Greene County, TN.
Surnames:  A   B   Bi-By   C   Co   D   E   F   G   H   Hi   I-K   L   M   Mi   N-O   P   Q-R   S   T-V   W-Z
Acton, James Bayles, Zilla 19 Aug 1822
Adams, Alexander Brown, Lindy 14 Oct 1826
Adams, Isaac Nelson, Sarah 25 Nov 1831
Adams, Marten Casaday, Jane 22 Oct 1835
Adwell, John Hale, Mary 29 Aug 1816
Aiken, Robert Kennedy, Nancy 4 Sep 1822
Allan, Daniel Hale, Allathy 27 Mar 1788
Allen, C. Kiker, C. 27 Oct 1839
Allen, George Mitchell, Esther 16 Apr 1833
Allen, J. W. Maxwell, C. K. 3 Apr 1839
Allen, James Bains, Rachel 17 Apr 1834
Allison, Robert Hodges, Elleanor 23 Nov 1818
Allison, Robert Williams, Margaret 27 Mar 1833
Allman, Thomas Huffman, Sarah 14 May 1811
Ambrose, Henry Tilson, Rhoda 11 Feb 1838
Ambrose, Jonathan Tinker, Mary 28 Apr 1829
Anders, Reuben Summers, Rebecca 3 Apr 1823
Anderson, Alexander Deadrick, Eliza Rose 7 Jun 1825
Anderson, John Christian, Margaret 31 Mar 1808
Anderson, William Russell, Hester 27 Jan 1817
Andes, J. Walter, C. 12 Mar 1839
Andes, John Harvey, Polly 15 Mar 1821
Andrew, Dan D. Tyler, Nancy 14 Mar 1821
Apperson, Samuel Holland, Milly 25 Jan 1788
Archer, John Smith, Rebecca 4 Dec 1827
Archer, Levi Archer, Rachel 15 Jan 1818
Arrington, James Bell, Patsy 12 Oct 1808
Arrington, T. F. Bell, L. G. 3 Feb 1840
Arrington, Thomas Bell, Tebitha 18 Jan 1816
Armstrong, James Horton, Nancy 24 Jan 1837
Arthurburn, John Billingsley, Nancy 17 Aug 1819
Asten, John McCracken, Mary 31 May 1832
Atkinson, Wilton M. Macksen, Martha B. 26 Feb 1817
Ausmus, Henry Price, Linda 16 Feb 1799
Austin, Jesse Bean, Camilla 9 Feb 1824
Surnames:  A   B   Bi-By   C   Co   D   E   F   G   H   Hi   I-K   L   M   Mi   N-O   P   Q-R   S   T-V   W-Z
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