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Marriage and death notices from early Texas newspapers.
Fort Worth Gazette
Articles by this name were published in The Fort Worth Gazette on a regular basis.  Abstracts of those articles will be published here.  They include marriages and deaths from across the entire state of Texas and could be quite helpful to those of you searching for Texas marriage and death records in the 1890's.  They will be listed exactly as they appear in the newspaper article.  Marriages are listed:  Groom, Bride, place of marriage, date of marriage. 
Deaths are listed:  Name of deceased, place of death and date of death. 
NOTE:  I have noticed some of the marriages and deaths are repeated in the articles.  
Marriages are arranged alphabetically by Groom's surname and deaths are arranged alphabetically, however, I recommend using your browser search feature to locate names.

This page contains April 2 1891.
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April 2, 1891
ALTAR AND TOMB (remember, all of these occurred in 1891).
Conductor Allen and Miss Mary McCray, Henrietta, March 22.
Mr. Scott Arnold and Miss Mattie Wilson, Gainesville, March 15.
Mr. G. S. Backus and Miss Sarah J. Spadley, McKinney, March 29.
Mr. Henry Baer and Miss Mina Seelar, Brenham, March 25.
Mr. Jim Barber and Miss Georgia Sipes, Gainesville, March 15.
Mr. J. Barclay and Miss Annie Bennett, Bonham, March 20.
Mr. James H. Barnett and Miss Mary Carding, Bonham, March 21.
Mr. John Bell and Miss Sallie Tucker, Sherman, March 25.
Mr. M. Beskoro and Miss Sallie I. Dinwiddie, Lone Oak, March 20.
Mr. C. M. Blalock and Miss Maggie E. Harrison, McKinney, March 20.
Mr. M. Boskow and Miss Sallie Dinwiddie, Live Oak, March 18
Mr. H. F. Brandt and Miss M. A. Tarrant, Brenham, March 25.
Mr. H. F. Brandt and Miss Mamie Tarrant, Chappel Hill, March 22.
Mr. R. F. Briggs and Miss Della Buckner, Corsicana, March 25.
Mr. J. A. Brown and Miss Mattie Kendricks, Bonham, March 23.
Mr. E. B. Bruce and Miss Minnie Rollins, McKinney, March 25.
Mr. W. M. Brumby and Miss Thekia Meagher, Cameron, March 25.
Mr. H. S. Brummett and Miss Blanch Massengale, McKinney, March 21.
Mr. J. H. Buff and Miss Edna Shelton, Whitesboro, March 24.
Mr. W. T. Byars and Miss Mollie F. Merritt, Waxahachie, March 20.
Mr. W. F. Byars and Miss Mollie F. Merrett, Waxahachie, March 24.
Mr. James R. Caldwell and Miss Lola Smith, Beaumont, March 25.
Mr. Lorick B. Carlton and Miss Mary R. Perkins, Beaumont, March 27.
Mr. T. S. Cartwright and Miss Lee Pattie, Sherman, March 19.
Mr. T. S. Cartwright and Mrs. Lee Pattie, Whitesboro, March 24.
Mr. J. D. Chappell and Miss Mattie F. Goolsby, Belton, March 24.
Rev. A. S. Cobb and Miss Addie Ashburne, Cisco, March 20.
Mr. J. R. Collinworth and Miss Jennie T. Murrell, Lewisville, March 19.
Mr. John M. Corey and Miss Bettie A. McCarrell, Gainesville, March 19.
Mr. James L. Cottrell and Miss Josie T. Cook, near Clinton, March 25.
Mr. Dallas Counts and Miss Josie Rummage, Jacksboro, March 19.
Mr. G. A. Coulson and Miss Carrie Sartin, Greenville, March 25.
Mr. J. S. Crossley and Miss Lucy Walton, Gatesville, March 16 or 18.
Mr. John K. Davis and Miss Mary Evans, near Red Springs, March 25.
Mr. Herbert Dockham and Miss Florence Starr, El Paso, March 16.
Mr. F. M. Dunn and Miss Marilla Boyd, Temple, March 18.
Mr. A. J. Emmons and Miss Lottie Robertson, Mount Zion, March 11
Mr. Robert Evans and Miss Gracie Merrett, Oak Cliff, March 18.
Mr. John Flanagan and Mrs. Eveline Baldwin, Sherman, March 18.
Mr. John Flannagan and Mrs. Eveline Baldwin, Whitesboro, March 20.
Mr. J. R. Fleming and Miss Irena Johnson, Bonham, March 31.
Mr. Fritz Foss and Miss Mary Nohrkorn, Brenham, March 19.
Mr. L. E. Frank and Miss Tillie Mundelstamm, Tyler, March 22.
Mr. W. Garrett and Miss Grace Finch, Blooming Grove, March 15.
Mr. W. E. Gotcher and Miss Dora Hartman, near McKinney, March 15.
Mr. William Graves and Miss Lucy Crumpling, McKinney, March 29.
Mr. Morgan Griffith and Miss Julia Bibb, Taylor, March 25.
Mr. Rubin Grundy and Miss Logue Smith, Atlanta, March 17.
Mr. E. A. Gunny and Miss Sephona Ceasaley, McKinney, March 21.
Mr. R. A. Gwyn and Miss Mollie Fields, Temple, March 17.
Mr. David Haggard and Mrs. M. A. E. Todd, Waxahachie, March 25.
Mr. Berthold L. Hausman and Miss Mattie Terry, Cuero, March 25.
Mrs. Harmon Hall and Miss Rosie King, Cuero, March 25.
Mr. E. D. Hawkins and Miss S. A. Gunter, McKinney, March 23.
Mr. Joseph I. Hendricks and Mrs. Nettie Sterling, Fairfield, March 15.
Mr. J. T. Hodges and Miss Delia Perkins, Bonham, March 20.
Mr. Robert Holland and Miss Corneila Moore, March 15.
Mr. Charles Hubank or Eubank and Miss Lou McFadden, Waxahachie, March 28.
Mr. Henry Jackson and Miss Mollie Young, Atlanta, March 19.
Mr. F. J. Johnson and Miss Ophelia Johnson, Brenham, March 23.
Mr. George W. Johnson and Miss Ada Russell, Mansfield, March 21.
Mr. T. N. Jonett and Miss Belle Nelson, McKinney, March 23.
Mr. W. C. Josey and Miss Kate Wiley, Huntsville, March 25.
Mr. J. W. Kissleburg and Miss Annie Rainwater, Temple, March 19.
Mr. Ernest W. Klopper and Miss Esther Moffatt, Coleman, March 16.
Mr. Charles Kouth and Miss Emma Buesing, Halletsville, March 18.
Mr. Samuel M. Lamb and Miss Drucilla Boyd, Temple, March 16.
Mr. Ham Lee and Miss Delia Kavanaugh, Paris, March 25.
Mr. W. C. Lemon and Miss Pinkie Beckley, Paris, March 25.
Mr. J. F. Leonberger and Miss Mollie Rehkoff, Texarkana, March 24.
Rev. J. F. Leonberger and Miss Mollie Rehkoph, Texarkana, March 24.
Mr. W. H. Letsinger and Miss Della C. Iker, Greenville, March 19.
Mr. W. T. Lewis and Miss May Nicholson, March 16.
Mr. W. G. Lorance and Miss Annie Lynch, Greenville, March 22.
Mr. John Manning and Miss Lucy Coffey, McKinney, March 24.
Mr. Mord Martin and Miss Carrie Hadley ?, Rockwall, March 23.
Mr. C. T. McClure and Miss S. E. Wood, Gatesville, March 18.
Mr. J. H. McClure and Miss Lizzie Giles, Sherman, March 20.
Hon. W. P. McComb and Miss Lula Berkley, Montgomery, March 25.
Mr. John McCovey and Mrs. Bettie McCarroll, Whitesboro, March 22.
Mr. J. McDowgall and Miss Hattie Walker, Sherman, March 26.
Mr. W. S. McDuffie and Mrs. A. C. Smith, Sherman, March 20.
Mr. John McKinnis and Miss Donie Peare, Bonham, March 24.
Mr. J. L. McMaster and Miss Julia Rollins, McKinney, March 23.
Mr. M. V. Miller and Miss Ida Savage, Greenville, March 18.
Mr. Tony Montgomery and Miss Annie Nesbitt, San Angelo, March 17.
Mr. J. D. Mucklerry (Mackleroy ?) , and Miss Emma Fuller, near Melrose, March 19.
Mr. Mike Mullane and Miss Maggie S. Diseker, Clarksville, March 24.
Mr. J. Neal and Mrs. Polly Hickey, Atlanta, March 24.
Mr. J. B. Noble and Miss Mattie Teague, McKinney, March 20.
Mr. Jack Pearson and Miss Georgiana Hall, Brenham, March 23.
Mr. William Pearson and Miss Luretta Kelly, near McKinney, March 15.
Mr. Robert Pitts and Mrs. Huldy Davis, Texarkana, March 20.
Mr. J. Potts and Miss Julia Henderson, Sherman, March 19.
Mr. J. W. Ragsdale and Miss Ida R. Atkins, Temple, March 19.
Mr. J. W. Ralston and Miss Amanda Ferguson, Temple, March 19.
Mr. W. M. Ray and Miss H. C. Abbott, Temple, March 18.
Mr. O. A. Reich and Mrs. M. D. Tolly, near Trenton, March 24.
Mr. O. A. Reich and Miss M. D. Totty, Brenham, March 21.
Mr. M. E. A. Reskaw and Miss S. L. Dinwiddie, Greenville, March 20.
Mr. R. A. Rines and Miss Mary A. Fitzgerald, Texarkana, March 19.
Mr. S. M. Saylor and Miss Fannie Timmons, Bonham, March 19.
Dr. W. A. Scott and Miss M. J. Jordan, Atlanta, March 17.
Mr. Levi Sheets and Miss Claudie Ayres, Corsicana, March 25.
Mr. W. A. Shelton and Miss Ida Belle Cozier, McKinney, March 22.
Mr. C. A. Skillon and Miss M. E. White, McKinney, March 24.
Mr. D. W. Smith and Miss M. A. Cobb, Gainesville, March 18.
Mr. Thomas E. Smith and Miss Mollie Moss, Gainesville, March 16.
Mr. W. M. Smith and Miss Mattie Thomas, Baird, March 19.
Mr. R. Solmons and Miss F. A. Plant, McKinney, March 23.
Mr. J. J. Stephens and Miss Della Wheeler, near Pine Mills, March 28.
Mr. James Spradley and Miss Mollie Elmore, Bonham, March 20.
Mr. C. M. Stines and Miff Jane Eyre, Denison March 26.
Mr. John Story and Miss Josephine Winston, Mexia, March 23.
Mr. John Story and Miss Josephine Winston, Groesbeck, March 28.
Mr. J. M. Strickland and Miss Nettie Morrow, McKinney, March 19.
Mr. William Sullivan and Miss Annie Clipper, Minks Prairie, March 18.
Mr. T. P. Tack and Miss Bell Dudley, near Benjamin, March 15.
Mr. E. W. Teague and Miss Maggie C. Ferguson, Pittsburg, March 22.
Mr. J. L. Thomas and Miss Viola Caswell, Pittsburg, March 22.
Mr. C. S. Tiner and Miss Medora Newland, Waxahachie, March 20.
Mr. L. M. Trague and Miss Maggie C. Ferguson, Pittsburg, March 22.
Mr. F. P. Warren and Miss Lillie M. Culberson, Waxahachie, March 24.
Mr. M. W. Whatley and Miss Lula Nixon, Atlanta, March 21.
Mr. W. B. Willis and Miss Dora Harris, near Kyle, March 25.
Mr. Ira Willy and Miss Olie Rhodes, Greenville, March 18.
Mr. C. H. Wilson and Miss Sallie Norris, Bonham, March 21.
Mr. L. G. Wilson and Miss Killion, Wylie, March 15.
Dr. Womach and Miss Annie Powers, Iowa Park, March 16.
Mr. W. P. Wood and Miss ____ Russell, Navasota, March 25.
Mr. Ben Wyatt and Miss Mollie Batches, Atlanta, March 25.
Mr. R. L. Young and Miss M. C. Milan, Greenville, March 22.
DEATHS (remember the year is 1891).
Mr. Loyd Adams, near Collins, March 15.
Mr. E. Adkins, Willow Springs, March 21.
Mrs. ____ Bearcroft, Cusseta, March 21.
Mr. Albert L. Beckwith, Galveston, March 24.
Miss Fannie Bradford, Austin, March 23.
Mrs. ____ Baron, Gainesville, March 29.
Mrs. Mary J. Bomas, Sherman, March 24.
Mr. Saul Bronson, Dallas Plain, March 22 or 23.
Mrs. Elmira Cason, Collinsville, March 16.
Mr. Henry F. Chambers, near Bastrop, March 23.
Mrs. Ella Cheatham, Moody, March 19.
Mr. Ger Cockran, New Birmingham, March 22.
Mr. A. F. Coley, Greenrock, March 21.
Mr. William G. Crockett, Flatonia, March 17.
Mrs. H. N. Davis, Sherman, March 23.
Mr. W. A. DeHay, Navasota, March 27.
Mr. George Dishon, Forestburg, March 20.
Mrs. Liza Dorming, Pennington, March 12.
Mr. T. G. Eason, Junction City, March 13.
Mrs. Jane Edison, Beeville, March 21.
Mrs. Jane Edison, Shiner, March 21.
Mr. Joseph Ellis, Nocona, March 21.
Col. J. M. Gibbs, Uvalde, March 24.
Col. Jeptha Gill, Uvalde, March 24.
Mr. M. A. Glass, Daingerfield, March 23.
Mr. Elias T. Graham, near Marshall, March 19.
Mrs. J. M. Harris, Clarksville, March 16.
Mrs. Milton Harris, Clarksville, March 15.
Maj. N. C. Harris, Tyler, March 26.
Mr. G. S. Harrison, Neches, March 21.
Mr. Van Hatton, Brenham, March 28.
Mrs. W. V. Holley, Austin, March 26.
Mr. Eugene F. Horton Jr., Greenwood, March 19.
Mr. Bob Jenkins, near Bastrop, March 23.
Mrs. Julia C. Jenkins, Stephenville, March 16.
Mr. Charley Johnson, Palestine, March 25.
Mrs. Eliza Johnson, near Simpson, March 26.
Mrs. L. E. Kennedy, Houston, March 15.
Maj. G. W. Kerr, McKinney, March 20.
Maj. Glen W. Kerr, Sherman, March 20.
Miss Nannie Lamb, Breckenridge, March 15.
Mrs. Deida Manor, Flatonia, March 23.
Dr. H. M. Markham, McKinney, March 25.
Mr. Wm. Martin, Sherman, March 23.
Mrs. Fannie McBride, Rhome, March 19.
Mrs. Fannie McBride, Decatur, March 24.
Mr. E. R. McCurdy, Wilbarger, March 15
Mr. Thomas McDonald, Hubbard City, March 18.
Mr. Wm. Mermer, Uvalde, March 25.
Mr. Billie Mickels, near Gainesville, March 18.
Mr. W. H. Middleton, Sherman, March 24.
Mrs. Mary Moore Duncan, Paris, March 25.
Mrs. Geneva Newcomb, Wills Point, March 20.
Mrs. S. L. Parks, Seymour, March 20.
Miss Lelia G. Paschals, Brady, March 18.
Mr. Adelph Pasy, Roger's Station, March 21.
Rev. J. S. Perkins, Honey Grove, March 24.
Mrs. ___ Pine, near Norton Switch, March 23.
Mr. Blair Pybas, Gainesville, March 19.
Mrs. Sarah Ragsdale, Flatonia, March 23.
Mr. William Reinhardt, Marshall, March 25.
Mr. D. Vol Riley, Corsicana, March 26.
Mr. Fayette Robinson, Cameron, March 22.
Mr. J. W. Rogers, Paris, March 24.
Mrs. Annie L. Samfored, Hayrick, March 12 or 22.
Mr. O. P. Sewell, Springtown, March 19.
Mr. J. Ruben, Seymour, March 12.
Mr. Gibson Slosson, Merkle, March 26.
Mrs. H. E. Smith, McKinney, March 19.
Mr. George Stofford, San Antonio, March 21.
Mr. J. M. Swanson, Palestine, March 25.
Mr. Geroge W. Thompson, Pilot Point, March 18.
Mr. R. H. Torley, Seymour, March 21.
Mr. Perry Thut, Mobile, March 21.
Mr. Samuel Walker, Jacksboro, March 22.
Mr. J. F. White, Overton, March 25.
Mr. W. W. White, San Antonio, March 20.
Mr. Zee Whiteman, near Clarksville, March 23.
Mr. T. H. Wickers, Red Oak, March 18.
Mr. T. H. Wickers, Red Oak, March 19.
Miss Areta Woodward, Dallas, March 22.
Mr. H. Wolters, San Angelo, March 24.




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