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Wichita Falls Newspaper Clippings
of April 1908
Extracted from Wichita Daily Times, Texas

These newspaper articles are extracted from the Wichita Daily Times.  They mention many names and events in Texas including obituaries.  Articles have been selected for genealogy value.  Spelling has been left as found in the articles.  I hope you enjoy them.  Be aware, there are clippings from all over the state included in these, so don't be put off by the fact that they were copied from Wichita Falls newspapers.  

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April 1, 1908

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April 1, 1908

Page 1


Amarillo, Tex., Apr. 1 -- Jasper HAND, a wealthy retired ranchman, formerly of Collin county, died here today from injuries received yesterday in an auto accident.  He was driving the car at high speed when the machine skidded, capsized and crushed him beneath its weight.



Passed Away at His Home in Fort Worth This Morning.

Fort Worth, Tex., April 1 -- Judge F. E. DYCUS, aged 48 years, a native Texan and a prominent Fort Worth attorney, died this morning.  He removed here from Archer City ten years ago.  He is survived by a widow and five children.

In addition to the above special telegrams announcing Judge DYCUS death were received by Judge CARRIGAN and other parties in this city.

For years deceased made his home at Archer City and was favorably known to most of the people in this judicial district.  He took up his residence at Fort Worth several years ago, but continued to visit and practice his profession in his part of Texas.

The news of his death was not altogether unexpected, as it has been known for three days that he was lying at death's door, suffering from blood-poisoning; which started from a slight scratch on one of his hands.

At his death Judge DYCUS was in his forty-eighth year, and had risen rapidly in his profession.

Knew Him From Boyhood

A telegram from Fort Worth tells the sad news of the death of this noble, ???? man.  I have known him from boyhood, when he was struggling for an education.  I received him into the church and baptized him when he was about 18 years old.  I also baptized his wife when she was a mere girl and said the words that made them one in their young manhood and womanhood.  I have been a frequent guest in their home during those years.  He was a faithful friend, a kind and affectionate husband and father, a noble Christian gentleman, and he had risen to an honorable position in his profession - the law.  He leaves a host of friends, besides his devoted wife and children to mourn his untimely departure.  But they sorrow not as those who have no home.  My deepest sympathy goes out to the bereaved ones.


Glenn KESTLER, who was arrested on a charge of wilfully killing a horse belonging to N. C. McINTYRE, was released yesterday under $300 bond for his appearance before the grand jury.


Frieberg Happenings

Frieberg, Tex., Mar. 31 -- The revival that has been in progress at Thornberry in the Methodist church closed last night.  The meeting was a decided success; having twenty conversions and thirty accessions in the church.

The evangelist, Rev. J. E. BATES has returned to his home at Greenville.

Miss Ola JOHNSON of Thornberry, who is been sick with measles, is some better.

There is a case of smallpox at Thornberry.  Mr. HARMON, Mr. DRINKARD's hired man, HAS A CASE OF SMALLPOX.  He was reported better this morning.  Quite a number have been exposed.



Miss Mamie STEPHENS and W. P. BLEDSOE Married at the Court House.

Married at the couirt house at 11:30 o'clock this morning by Judge M. F. YEAGER, Mr. W. P. BLEDSOE and Miss Mamie STEPHENS, both of Eschill, Oklahoma.  The bride and groom, accompanied by their friends, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. WILLIAMS arrived this morning from Eschill on the Wichita Falls and Northwestern, and will return to that place by the same route this afternoon.  The groom, Mr. BLEDSOE was formerly a resident of Wichita county and has many friends who will be glad to learn he has taken for himself one of Eschill's fairest young ladies as his bride.


Page 2


Joseph ROMINE, aged 58 of Ficklin, Ill., has slept but two hours a day out of the twenty-four since he was a child.


Mrs. Jacob SHARP of Georgetown, Del. was so affected by grief at a funeral that she suddenly lost her voice, the nerves of the throat having become paralyzed.


A Youngstown, Ohio, Count Auditor William B. JONES came near being sent to jail for offering the Judge ROBINSON a cigar after a case had been dismissed in which JONES was interested.


Owing to a quarrel over a chicken at Ambler, Pa., B. S. RUSSELL sued his neighbor Samuel J. JONES, the result of which was JONES got the chicken and had the line fence moved a foot.


A. Brockfield, Mo., merchant received the following written order: "Send me a sack of flour, five pounds of coffee and one pound of tea.  My wife gave birth to a big baby boy last night.  also five pounds of Starch, a screw driver and a fly trap.


Notice of Dissolution.

Notice is hereby given that I have purchased the interest of my former partner, Mr. W. M. COLEMAN, in the Wichita Plumbing Co. and have accepted all indebtedness against the company, and all accounts ???? the company ??? payable to me.


Wichita Falls, Tex., Apr. 1, 1908.


Page 5



Located at the O K Wagon Yard in Wichita Falls.  Treats all diseases curable in cows and horses.  Night calls.  Phone 51.


Page 8

Brought Home a Bride

Billy HANSARD, the postmaster at Thornberry; arrived this afternoon with his bride from Arkansas, where the wedding took place a few days ago.  Some of the Thornberry people who were in town say that they are preparing to give Mr. HANSARD and his bride a rousing welcome tonight and that all the ??? cows in the neighborhood will be relived of their neck bells in order to furnish the most necessary instruments that cut such an important part on an occasion of this nature.


A marriage license as issured yesterday to J. D. CRISWELL and Miss Ora BAILS.



Call on D. P. SMITH

For all Kinds of


Painting a Specialty, Will shrink tire and will not injure wheels.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  Located on Ohio avenue, near Minnetonka Lumber Yard.



April 2, 1908

Page 1

Sentenced to Hang.

Weatherford, Tex., April 2 -- J. B. CASON, who was convicted of killing Jeff McLEMORE near here in January 1907, was today sentenced to hang on May 22nd by Judge PATTERSON.  CASON appears unaffected by the sentence.



Flames Sweep Over Thousands of Acres in Nebraska

Paxton, Neb., April 2 -- A prairie fire has been raging in the sand hills for two days.  James KANE is known to have been burned to death, many houses have been destroyed and hundreds of head of live stock lost and thousands of acres of prairie burned over.



Big Forty-Horse Power Machine Turned End Over End.

A dispatch yesterday announced the death of Jasper HAND at Amarillo as the result of an automobile accident.  The Daily Panhandle gives further details of the accident, concerning which it says:

"Without fully regaining consciousness Jasper HAND, secretary of the Will A. Miller Immigration Company, died this morning from injuries received in an automobile accident yesterday evening.

Yesterday afternoon in company with Ellsworth DILLON, Mr. HAND started out for a trial spin in his new 30-40 horse-power Mitchell touring car.  He had come for a number of miles south and west and was on his way back when at a point in the lane, a mile south of C. O. WOLFLIN's place on Washington street and near the home of George HAYDEN, the auto skidded out of the road.  Apparently Mr. HAND ????? he then swerved the machine ???? back to the road.  The machine turned beyond his control, one fore wheel entrapped under it in such a way as to reverse the momentum and the machine turned end over end and landed with its wheels in the air twenty feet from the street, where the tires left the ground.  DILLON was hurled clear of the machine and to a greater distance than Mr. HAND, who was thrown violently against the steering wheel and dropped within a few feet of the machine.  Both were unconscious and lay like dead men.

George HAYDEN at his home saw the wreck at or just after the accident and at once jumped on a horse and rode to C. O. WOLFLIN's a mile away. to the nearest phone and sent for physicians. 

Before he returned, Mrs. HAYDEN had endeavored to help the two men, who began to show signs of life.  DILLON recovered enough to get up and help her care for Mr. HAND.  Then he fainted dead away and did not revive until physicians had arrived from town.  DILLON, however, beyond being painfully bruised, considered himself out of danger, stayed up and assisted the others who came to carry Mr. HAND back to his home.

From the first it was seen that Mr. HAND's injuries were such that there was little hope of recovery.  Besides serious bruises elsewhere, one rib was broken and his chest was crushed in.  These bruises caused internal hemorrages, which could not be checked.  His veins, especially in his throat, filled with clotted blood and he finally passed away shortly after midnight."

Page 2


L. F. WILSON of Kansas City is here on business today.


Mrs. O. S. YOUNG of Seymour is in the city visiting her daughter, Mrs. Fred CARTER.


Mrs. G. F. TALLEY is reported as quite sick at her home, corner Eleventh street Austin avenue.


Mayor T. B. NOBLE and family have moved in their handsome new home at 800 Burnett street.


J. W. BLACKSTOCK, a prominent citizen of Petrolia, was transacting business in the city today.


Mrs. Alex HENDERSON underwent a successful surgical operation at the Wichita Falls sanitarium this morning.


Rev. S. J. THOMAS of Goodnight, was shaking hands with friends here today.  He was on his way to Olney to visit his parents.


Mrs. Laura BALLEW of Albuquerque, New Mexico, who has been visiting her brother, Mr. J. B. MARLOW and family of this city, left for her home this afternoon.


F. J. SELEY, after an illness of several weeks with a severe case of the small pox, is now able to be up, but has not yet been released from quarantine.


Mr. J. A. DEATON has torn away his old residence on the northeast corner of Eleventh street and Travis avenue, and is now having constructed on the site a neat six room cottage.


Mrs. P. C. MARICLE of Childress, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. A. S. COCKRELL of Fort Worth, arrived in the city this afternoon and will visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. BRADLEY, before returning home.


Judge A. H. CARRIGAN, returned to Archer City this afternoon, where the criminal docket in the district court will open tomorrow.  Hon. I. H. MATHIS also went to Archer City, where he is an attorney in a case that comes up for trial tomorrow.


Page 3


In falling downstairs at Oil City, Pa., the tongue of John MIGAS was caught between his teeth and cut off.


The mother of a St. Louis boy, who stole $177 and had great fun for three days forgave him when the youngster shed real tears.


Oscar MORROW of Unionville, Me., who stole a horse to buy a wife for $25, dug through the eighteen inch wall of the jail with an iron stove poker and escaped.


John HALL, a chaffeur of Chicago after advertising that he would commit suicide at a certain hour, refused to do so, saying to the crowd that had collected: "If you are all goin' to stand around and rubber, I ain't a-goin' to do it."


Page 4


Fort Worth Telegram

Judge F. E. DYCUS, who was 48 years old last Sunday, a prominent member of the Fort Worth bar and former member of the city counsel of Fort Worth, died Wednesday morning at his home 1601 Hemphill street, after an illness of one week's duration.  An accidental scratch on the hand developed into blood poisoning from which death resulted.

Judge DYCUS was in all senses of the word a self-made man.  A native born Texan, he was left an orphan when a small boy and made his home with a sister in Archer City.  He worked at a various pursuits, but at all opportunities studied law, and in that way fitted himself for the practice of the profession.


He was married at an early age, and shortly afterward, was admitted to the bar.  Judge DYCUS had pracitced law for twenty-one years.  Some years ago, he was elected county judge of Archer county, and filled the position with honor and credit.

Ten years ago Judge DYCUS removed with his family to Fort Worth, where he has since resided.  He formed a law partnership with Judge George E. MILLER.  His wife and five children survive him, and all were present at his bedside when death came.  The children are Harold, I???, Eula, Jewel and Av???.  Harold, the eldest, resides in Archer City, and others make their home here.


In deference to the wishes of the deceased, expressed some days before his death, the remains will be held two days before buried, the funeral taking place Friday at some your yet to be selected.  The arrangements for the funeral and the names of those selected as pall bearers will be announced later.

The C. W. R. M. of Tarrant county which had been called to meet Friday afternoon at the Tabernacle, will meet instead the first Friday in May.  The postponement is ordered owing to the death of Judge F. E. DYCUS.


April 3, 1908

Page 1


The funeral of Judge Frank E. DYCUS, who died Wednesday morning, will be held this afternoon at 3 o'clock from the Christian tabernacle and will be conducted by the Revs. E. M. WAITS of Fort Worth and A. J. BUSH of Wichita Falls.  The former pastor of the Christian tabernacle, and the latter is the minister who performed the marriage ceremony between Judge and Mrs. DYCUS twenty-six years ago. -- Ft. Worth Record.



Caused Woman to Drown Herself in the Mill Pond.

Millville, N.J., April 3 -- While brooding over the death of her pet dog, which had been killed by an electric car several weeks ago, Mrs. Hanna WILLIS threw herself into the Richmond mill pond, near her home early today and was drowned.


Aaron SMITH of Weatherford, and who is quite well-known here, having on several occasions visited his sister, Mrs. Joe ERWIN of this city, has been selected as the editor of the Farmers' Union official organ which is soon to be established at Fort Worth.  In speaking of Mr. SMITH, the Weatherford Herald has the following to say: "Aaron SMITH is something of a prodigy in newspaper circles, Born into this world without arms, he has had to meet and overcome obstacles that would have easily deterred a less resolute character.  The fact that he has succeeded where men better equipped by nature have failed, only serves to illustrate the unwavering determination and high spirit of the man."

"The Herald thinks that Aaron SMITH deserved much credit for what he has been able to accomplish in life, and that the man is but little short of a genius.  We rejoice to see him attaining still further success in his chosen profession, and predict for him additional laurels in his newspaper career.  He will give the members of the Farmers' union a paper that will be a credit to the union if they will but give him the proper and necessary encouragement and support."



In a letter to Walt SMITH, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, J. V. C. CHRISTENSEN; the Nacogdoches man who is preparing to put in a foundry and machine shop here, writes as follows:

"I expect to get out of here by Thursday of this week and will see you soon.?


Clyde THATCHER and family are today moving into their palatial new home on Ninth street.



New York, April 2 -- Daniel DELANEY, of Brooklyn, cashier of the law firm of Henry COE & Company of this city was arrested at Mountaindale, Sullivan county today.  He is charged with taking $26,000 of the firm's funds.



Rochester, N. Y., April 3 -- For the second time in six weeks, a bomb has been exploded by the "black hands" at the home of Frank DIMARIA, a well to do Italian here.  The windows were blown in and the cellar wall was crushed.  No one was injured.



While pinioned under the wheels of a wrecked train near Brookfield, Mo., yesterday, J. A. McKITTRICK, a stockman, took out of his pocket his knife and directed Rev. R. C. ALLEN, a fellow passenger, to cut off his crushed leg in order to release him from his position and save him from being scalded to death by escaping steam.  The knife was dull, but the preacher managed to cut the ligaments and release the man.


Bryant H. FULKERSON, a Methodist preacher of Franklin county, Tennessee, who, it is alleged, deserted his wife and family and eloped with a young lady by the name of Miss Ada TEMPLETON, was placed under arrest at Riverside, California, yesterday.


Page 8


Mrs. C. C. HUFF went to Fort Worth this afternoon.


Judge C. B. FELDER went south today on the Denver.


Mrs. B. C. JACKSON of Kell City, Oklahoma, was among the visitors in the city today.


W. T. LOCKRIDGE of Petrolia was transacting business in the city today.


Miss Gretchen ZIEGLER left this afternoon for Holliday to visit her sister, Mrs. LEE.


J. Lee JACKSON, of the Panhandle Implement Company, made a business trip to Dundee this afternoon.


Judge SCURRY returned yesterday from Mineral Wells, where he had been for the benefit of his health.


Mrs. Elizabeth PATTERSON left yesterday for a visit with relatives at Amarillo.


L. C. GLASSCOCK has filed an application for a license to sell liquor in the city of Wichita Falls.


Mr. C. A. SOUTER, one of the pioneer citizens of Wichita Falls, but now of Fort Worth, is in the city looking after business matters.


The friends of Mrs. H. E. STEARNS, who was recently stricken with paralysis, will be glad to learn that her condition is greatly improved.


Mrs. P. C. MARICLE and children left this afternoon for Childress to join Mr. MARICLE in their new home.  They have many friends here, whose best wishes accompany them to their new place of residence.


Mr. Harvey CHANAULT and family of Lebanon, Tennessee, are moving into the residence recently purchased from Clyde THATCHER.  Mr. CHANAULT has also purchased a 360 acre farm in the Wichita Valley and has made a considerable investment here.  Two of his sons have located at Burkburnett.


Jack BUTLER continues critically ill at his house near this city.


April 4, 1908

Page 1


Attendance is Large and Floral Offerings are Numerous

Fort Worth, Tex., April 3 -- The funeral of Judge Frank E. DYCUS was held at 2 o'clock this afternoon from the Christian Tabernacle, Rev. A. J. BUSH of Wichita Falls and pastor Rev. E. M. WAITS conducting the service.

Attendance was large and floral offerings were numerous.  The acting pall bearers were Judge G. E. MILLER, Mayor W. D. HARRIS, W. B. PADDOCK, J. H. BARWISE, R. J. RHOME, and H. M. DURRETT.  Honarary pallbearers were J. H. BARWISE, Leroy A. SMITH, W. S. ESSEX, Judge I. W. STEPHENS, Judge E. R. MEEK, Hon. W. A. HANGER, W. D. WILLIAMS and H. M. CHAPMAN.





And Condemned Man Was Also Visibly Affected and Earnestly Protested His Innocence.

Weatherford Herald.

James B. CASON, the convicted murderer of L. F. McLEMORE, is to pay the extreme penalty of the law by being hanged by the neck until he is dead, on Friday, May 22nd.

This was the awful sentence imposed upon CASON in district court this morning, and a crowd of several hundred had assembled in the court room to hear Judge PATTERSON fix the date of execution.

It became known late yesterday afternoon that CASON was to be sentenced at the opening of court this morning and in spite of the bad weather, a large crowd was present to witness the event.

Sheriff POPE and deputies left the jail with CASON promptly at 8"55 and arrived in the courtroom with him at 9 o'clock.  Judge PATTERSON entered from the rear of the room and instructed the sheriff to open court; which was done.  Asking if James B. CASON was in the room, the answer was returned that he was and he was ordered to stand up.

CASON, who was attired in a light suit of clothes, clean shaved except for a thin, light mustache, and with his face covered almost with the pallor of death, slowly arose to his feet and faced the judge.

In a voice tremulous with suppressed emotion, Judge PATTERSON briefly reviewed the fact that CASON was convicted of murdering L. F. McLEMORE at the April first term of the district court, the crime being fixed by a jury of his own selection of murder in the first degree, with the death penalty assessed.  The court referred to the fact that the defendant had been furnished the services of able attorneys who had carried his case to the court of criminal appeals, where it was affirmed according to the mandate received in the case.  He stated that under the laws of the State of Texas, it was necessary for him to impose sentence and asked CASON if he had anything to say before sentence of death was pronounced upon him.  In a husky voice CASON replied:

"Nothing more than that I am not guilty, and I ask the court for all the time it can give me."

That was all he said, and his face was of an ashy whiteness when he made his statement.

Judge PATTERSON assured the prisoner that he had been given a fair and impartial trial and his guilt established by the evidence to the satisfaction of the jury and the courts that had passed upon it.  Accordingly, there was nothing for him to do but to impose the sentence and fix the date of execution.

The sentence of the court is that you, J. B. CASON, shall be taken by the sheriff of Parker county on Friday, May 22, to the place of execution and hanged by the neck until you are dead.

and if you have any arrangements to make, either concerning this world or the next, my advice to you is to make them.  And may the Lord have mercy on your soul.  Remove the prisoner, Mr. Sheriff.

The crowd began to surge out the front door and the sheriff and his deputies carried CASON out the back door and to the jail, where he has been placed in the condemned cell, and will be under constant watch day and night until the hour arrives for his execution.

CASON is still vehemently protesting his innocence, and evidently still has some hope the governor will commute his sentence or grant him a reprieve.  It is not believed he will make a confession until the last ray of hope is gone, and perhaps not then.  It may suit his purpose to enter the presence of his maker with a denial on his lips, and if that is the case, there is no method of compelling him to make a confession.  The majesty of the law will be vindicated when he gives his life for the one he is alleged to have taken.

He has about six weeks to make his preparations to pay the penalty and it may be that during that time, he will make up his mind to make a clean breast of the awful occurrence that took place in the EDDELMAN pasture, last February a year ago, during which McLEMORE was murdered, his money and team taken, and an effort made to burn the dead man's body in order to conceal the horrible crime.


"An Hour of Pleasure Free"

On Tuesday night next we will give to the people of Wichita Falls and surrounding country a moving picture show free in front of our store, 8 to 9 o'clock.



More Trouble Over Alamo

Special to the Times

Austin, Apr. 4 -- Capt. DAY, Superintendent of public buildings and grounds today returned from San Antonio with $3000 rent for 15 months paid by Hugo SMELZER & Co for the Alamo property.


San Antonio, April 3 -- There is more trouble over the possession of the Alamo property here and a committee of women representing the De Zavala Chapter, D.O.R. of F. will wait on Gov. CAMPBELL and file protest.  They will be headed by Miss Adina de Zavala.

Miss de Zavala claimed that under the agreement with the Governor that the Alamo was to be put in charge of some person who would represent neither faction of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.  Instead, it is claimed that Mrs. Sarah EAGER, who represents the Alamo Mission Charter is still in possession of the Alamo.

An attempt to have her removed will be made.



Body of Hackman Discovered in Amarillo Rooming House this Morning

Special to the Times

Amarillo, April 4 -- The dead body of Roy BLASGERGANSE, a hack driver, was found in his room at a rooming house here this morning with evidences of poisoning.  The coroner is now investigating the case and sensational developments would not be surprising.


This afternoon T. M. McCULLOUGH, formerly of Cache, Oklahoma was found dead in the county jail.  His death is believed to have been caused by an attack of heart failure.


Page 7


C. H. ROYALS and Miss Eva DENNIS of Byers, were married at the court house Monday afternoon, Judge DENNY officiating.  They were accompanied to Henrietta by a party of friends, and after the wedding; they took in the sights of the city. -- Henrietta Independent.



On Saturday W. S. DIXON and Mrs. Gertrude ANDERSON of Wichita Falls were married in Henrietta.  Judge De HAY performed the ceremony at the court house. -- Henrietta Independent.


At the Presbyterian manse ?? last night Mrs. Gladys BLACK and Mr. J. F. F??BARGER were united in marriage by Rev. J. J. DALTON.  Both of the contracting parties are well-known residents of Wichita Falls and will make this city their home.


Page 8


Thad SHAW, a popular drug salesman of Dallas, is in the city today.

Tom MANKINS, a prominent cowman of Archer county was here today on business.

Henry FORD, one of Holliday's staunch citizens, was here today on business.

Clane BURNETT, a prominent cow man of Ringgold, Texas was shaking hands with friends here today.

Sidney WEBB, a capitalist of Bellevue, was in the city today en route to his ranch in Baylor county.

Rhea LOGAN, one of Archer City's business men, was here today en route to Seymour on business.

W. H. ELLINGER of Henrietta, was in the city today en route to Petrolia to look after his oil interests.

Monte HART, one of Archer City's enterprising citizens, was transacting business in the city today.

Mrs. W. J. CLASBEY left this afternoon for Amarillo to visit her mother Mrs. F. B. BAKER, and other relatives.

Miss Sazie FIELD of Kell City, Oklahoma is here to take part in the praise service at the Presbyterian Church tomorrow night.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe WEIDMAN and son Stanley, returned this afternoon from a six weeks visit with relatives in Chicago and Indiana.

J. T. HARDING, a prominent citizen of Bryan, Texas was in the city today on his return from a business trip to Fort Worth and Sherman.

W. Y. McCUNE, auditor and secretary for the Wichita-Valley railway company of this city is transacting business in Fort Worth.

Mr. W. A. SMITH of Odessa, Mo., arrived yesterday for a visit to his brother, Mr. J. C. SMITH, whom he had not met for over twenty years.

Luther PURYEAR, one of the leading business men of Ponder was in the city today on his return from ????? City were he had been attending court.

J. A. GREEN, traveling salesman for the Wichita Mill and Elevator Company of this city, with headquarters at Vernon, was transacting business here today.


In making mention of a disturbance which occurred at a negro restaurant located in the Mulberry row neighborhood one day this week, The Times stated that the restaurant belonged to Joe WISE.  It seems that this was a mistake and did Joe an injustice.  He says he does not own nor has any connection whatever with the restaurant.  The Times makes the correction with pleasure.


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