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Wichita Falls Newspaper Clippings
More of April 1908
Extracted from Wichita Daily Times, Texas

These newspaper articles are extracted from the Wichita Daily Times.  They mention many names and events in Texas including obituaries.  Articles have been selected for genealogy value.  Spelling has been left as found in the articles.  I hope you enjoy them.  Be aware, there are clippings from all over the state included in these, so don't be put off by the fact that they were copied from Wichita Falls newspapers.  

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April 6, 1908

Page 1



Forfeiture of License Involved and the Saloon Men are Watching the Case Eagerly

At the opening of the April term of the county court this morning, the first case to come up for trial was one wherein M. S. SKINNER is charged with selling liquor to a minor, contrary to the Baskin-McGregor law.

The case is being heard by a jury with Judge YEAGER presiding.

This is the first liquor case to be prosecuted under the Baskin-McGregor law and if a conviction is secured the defendant's license will be forfeited.

District Attorney P. A. MARTIN is representing the State and Attorney C. C. HUFF , L. H. MATHIS and Judge Edgar SCURRY are representing the defendant.  As there are a number of indictments under the Baskin-McGregor law against Wichita Falls saloon keepers, the trial of the case is attracting unusual interest.



Despondent Man Then Fired Bullet Through His Own Brain

Pittsburg, Pa., April 6.-- Samuel GARDNER, a prominent resident of McKee's Rocks, shot and instantly, killed Dorothy BRADLEY, 16 years old, and then fired a bullet through his own head today and probably fatally injured himself.  he is said to have been brooding over the loss of his position.  Miss BRADLEY lived next door to GARDNER, who was 50 years of age.



With Her Clothing Aflame a Woman Jumps to the Street During Fire

New York, April 6 -- One woman lost her life and nearly a score of men and women were injured and as many more rescued from death in the flames today during a fire which destroyed a four-story tenement house on Pearl street.

The dead woman, Julia OSOLA , was 22 years of age.  She jumped from a window after her clothing had taken fire and was crushed into a shapeless mass on the stone paved street below.



Man Received Current of Two Thousand Volts From Light Globe

Chillicothe, Ohio, April 6 -- James RYAN, a bottlemaker, was electrocuted here today.  Bryan grasped an electric light globe without gloved hands and received the full current of 2,000 volts from wires which had become crossed.


Page 2


In a divorce court at Detroit Charles F. HIGGINS produced a box of his own needle work to show that he spent spare time at home.


John KITTAK or KITTAL aged 75, has married his son's divorced wife, aged 50, just for spite, he says.


A robber named RASPBERRY of Stroud, Oklahoma is in danger of getting a sentence of ninety-nine years in the penitentiary.


Within a year all the DAVIDSON family of Clarendon, Ohio -- mother, father and two sons -- were found dead in their beds.


After a search of twenty-four hours Mr. and Mrs. Charles GLICK of Tower Hill, Ill, found their 2-year-old son asleep between two big hogs in a pen.


Walter WYCOFF, a farmer, while waiting his turn to be operated on in the Creston (Iowa) hospital and in a position to see other patients under the knife, died of fright.


Mrs. John C. KELLER of Fort Wayne, Ind., who is suing for a divorce, at the trial tossed their child into her husband's arms, saying, " I have fed her four months on air; now see what you can do.


Page 8


John MANN is transacting business in Vernon.

R. H. JOYCE went to Petrolia this afternoon to look after his oil interests.

Prof. G. J. CLARK of Iowa Park was shaking hands with friends here today.

J. N. BRYANT  of Thornberry was attending to business matters in the city today.

Frank COLLIER, the clothing merchant was not able to be at his store today on account of illness.

C. M. DOLEN of Charlie, Texas, was here today en route to Wheeler county on a prospecting tour.

Mrs. A. L. FORD and children of Denison are in the city visiting Mr. and Mrs. George EAGLE, Mrs. Ford's parents.

C. H. SONNEMAKER, one of the well to do farmers of this couinty, was transacting business in the city today.

Mrs. A. E. BULLOCK and baby and daughter, Miss Ruth, left Saturday for a visit with relatives in Jack county.

Captain R. W. HYDE, a prominent hardware man of Iowa Park, was transacting business in the city today.

Spencer A. TALLEY, who was called home on account of the illness of his mother, Mrs. G. L. TALLEY, has returned to Dallas, his mother being much improved.

Mrs. Albert WILLIAMS, nee Miss Florence GIDDINGS, of Clarendon, was in the city today en route to Archer City to visit her sister, Mrs. S. C. WALKER and other relatives.

Mrs. Russell EAKIN and little ones of Nacona, were in the city today en route to Dundee, in response to a telegram announcing the serious illness of Mrs. J. H. RAYBORN, Mrs. EAKIN's sister.

Rev. C. I. CARTWRIGHT and wife of Munday, Texas, were in the city today on their way home from the Sunday school convention which was in Dallas recently.  While here they were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. George W. EAGLE.

Judge CARRIGAN and District Attorney P. A. MARTIN came up from Archer City Saturday, where the criminal docket in the district court was completed Saturday morning.  Mr. MARTIN remained here for the opening of the county court today.


April 7, 1908

Page 1


Class of Five Members Will Graduate From the Local High School.

The annual commencement of the Wichita Falls High School will be held this year on May 15th and the baccalaureate sermon will be delivered Sunday, May 10th.

The graduating class this year is smaller than usual, there being five members.

The final examinations have been held and the graduates will be: Ruby MORRIS, Geoffrey SHAW, Lena GARDNER, Carrol SMITH and May KEIHL.

The honor pupils are: Ruby MORRIS, Geoffrey SHAW, and Lena GARDNER, who rank in the order named.



U. S. ROBERTSON, a member of the "Denver" bridge crew, fell from the roof of the freight depot of that road in this city yesterday, landing on the ground between a freight car and the depot platform, sustaining a serious scalp wound which rendered him unconscious until 3 o'clock this morning, at which time he regained consciousness.  At noon today the wounded man was placed in the baggage car of the southbound "Denver" and taken to the road's hospital at Fort Worth.


The evidence in the case of the State vs. M. S. SKINNER charged with selling liquor to a minor, in violation of the Baskin-McGregor law, was concluded this afternoon and the attorneys are now making their closing arguments.  The case will probably go the the jury this afternoon.




Huntington, W. Va., April 7 -- Seven men were injured today in a dynamite explosion at Meadow Creek, where a force of men are at work removing a landslide on the Chesapeak and Ohio railroad tracks.  A blast threw a rock into a box of dynamite overturning the explosive in the fire.  In the explosion following C. W. KINCAID, foreman of the work , was the most seriously hurt.



Combination Hose and Chemical Wagon is a Beauty.

The new combination hose and chemical wagon ordered some months ago by the city council from the American-LaFrance manufacturing company arrived this morning, after being on the road from the factory at Elmyra, New York, thirty days.

The wagon was at once unloaded and George DOBSON groomed up the big black city team in horse show style and harnessed them in the resplendent new harness purchased from the Hale Fire apparatus Company and hitched them to the new wagon, and drove it to city hall, where the whole outfit was admired by a large crowd.

The wagon is attractively painted in red, with trimmings of gilt and brass.

The wagon has a capacity for more than one thousand feet of hose and is fitted with the latest and most approved type of chemical engine, to which is attached a string of hose.  It also carries two ladders and has steps to carry very comfortably more than half a dozen firemen.  The wagon is regularly sold at $1,850, but under the stiff competition for the sale, this wagon was sold to the city of Wichita Falls for $1,550.

For the present the wagon will be housed at the city hall and it is probable that a good team of young horses will be purchased and trained for service in the fire department.

Chief McHAM and the fire department boys are highly pleased with the new wagon and as soon as they can do so will practice in its use.



Major Cason of Kaufman County Circulating Petition to Governor in Behalf of Condemned Man

Weatherford, Tex., April 7 -- Major CASON of Kaufman county is circulating a petition in Kaufman and Van Zandt counties for signatures, praying Gov. CAMPBELL to commute the sentence of his brother J. B. CASON, to imprisonment for life.  J. B. CASON is under sentence of death for the murder of L. F. McLEMORE in this county in February 1907, and his execution has been ordered for Friday, May 22.

Major CASON is a farmer, 46 years of age, and is doing all possible to save the life of his brother.  He will, return here with the petition in a few days and seek to obtain signatures asking for the executive clemency.


Frieberg News Notes.

Freiberg, Tex., April 6 -- Mrs. NEWTON and two children, J. S. and Miss Belle, of Lowery, Texas are visiting Mrs. John BRYAN, her sister of Thornberry.  They expect to spend several weeks in our midst.


After a good deal of excitement at Thornberry over the smallpox it is dying down and the school will take up in full force this morning.


Page 3


Constable RANDOLPH did some good work last week in causing the exodus of nine worthless buck negroes.

One afternoon Mr. RANDOLPH walked into a Mulberry Row restaurant, which is patronized by negroes and observed actions which induced him to believe that a crap game had been in progress.  He promptly ordered the bunch to follow him to the street, but about the time he reached the front door the negroes were in a frantic scramble through the back door and were hot-footing it for liberty.  The officer gave pursuit, but succeeded in catching but one of the gang.  Far better results, however followed than if he had landed the whole outfit, for that same night, the bucks, nine in number, were seen to catch a freight train for Fort Worth and have not since reappeared.


Page 4


For County Tax Assessor:



For District and County Clerk:


For County Judge:


For Sheriff and Tax Collector:



For County Treasurer:

Tom W. McHAM

For Representative 105th District: 

G. E. HAMILTON of Childress.

For Constable, Precinct No. 1: 



Page 6


Young Men Arrested For Pistol Toting Make Confession To Officers


Took Horses From Pasture Near Cache Creek and Drove There Here to Sell Them.

It developed a few hours after their arrest by Constable RANDOLPH that Babe SHIPMAN and Charley STEPHENS, the two young men who were arrested in a wagon yard here yesterday for pistol toting, had stolen four horses from a pasture and also a saddle from along East Cache creek, twenty miles west of Lawton, Okla., a few days ago and that the horses brought with them to this city were the horses that had been stolen.

These facts were brought out in a confession made by both young men to Marshal GWINN at the county jail late yesterday afternoon.

the young men sent for the marshal to come to the jail, where each voluntarily confessed and told practically the same story.

They said that they had stolen the horses from a pasture and that STEPHENS, the older of the two, had stolen a saddle at a dance a night or two later.

They drove the horses to this city with the plan of selling them and getting safely away with the proceeds.  Upon their arrival here they sold the four horses to F. M. TIDWELL for $80 for the lot, but the money had not been turned over to them at the time of their arrest.  They had also traded one of the saddles for a watch.

Both young men are fully repentant and the plight of SHIPMAN, who celebrated his eighteenth birthday yesterday, is indeed pitiable.

STEPHENS, the older of the two, is apparently about 24 years of age and he, too feels his ???? very keenly, and told the officers he thought that if his old mother ever learned of his troubles he knew it would kill her.

The sheriff of Comanche county has been notified of the arrests, but it is not yet determined whether the young men will be tried at Lawton.


April 8, 1908

Page 1


Palestine, Tex., April 7 -- More than usual interest was taken in the race for City Tax Assessor and Collector, due to the fact that one of the candidates was a woman:  Miss WARD has been deputy Assessor and Collector for the past four years, and during this time has won the esteem and confidence of the voting public of this city as was demonstrated at the polls today.  Miss WARD enjoys the distinction of being the first woman ever chosen in this city by the voters to fill an office of public trust.



Fight Follows Attempt to Arrest Nasville Man.

Nashville, Tenn., April 8 -- As the result of a sensational pistol duel last night on a West End avenue between Officer VANTLEN and Edwin SWEENEY, a well known carriage dealer, the latter lies at the city hospital suffering from a serious wound and R. H. DUDLEY of the firm of GRAY & DUDLEY Hardware Company, who was accidentally hit by a bullet intended for VANTLEN, is suffering form a scalp wound.

When the shooting occurred, the SWEENEY residence was on fire and the officer was endeavoring to arrest SWEENEY on account of reports circulated as to the origin of the fire.



Dallas, Tex., April 8 -- E. BEILBARZ, a wealthy citizen, shot himself through the heart today at his business house, dying instantly.


Page 3


The following subjects have been assigned to the graduates of the class of 1908 in the Wichita Falls high school:

Ruby MORRIS - Joan of Arc

Geoffrey SHAW - The Great West

Lena GARDNER - Class History and Prophecy

Carrol SMITH - The Value of Athletics in the High School

May KIEHL - Our Debt to Antiquity

It is probably that Rev. George BUSH of Gainesville will be secured to deliver the Baccalaureate sermon.


A Telephone message received by the officers here last night from the sheriff of Comanche county, Oklahoma, stated that he would come to Wichita Falls tonight to take charge of Babe SHIPMAN and Charles STEPHENS, the two young men who have confessed to the theft of four horses from a pasture near Cache, Oklahoma.  The owner of the horses is said to be a wealthy Indian farmer.  He will accompany the Lawton sheriff to this city to reclaim his property.


Page 4


Occurs During School Entertainment at Mount Enterprise.

Mineola, Tex., April 7 -- While practicing for a school entertainment n the Mount Enterprise community, the 16-year-old son of John ROBINSON was accidentally shot and instantly killed by his younger brother.

The boys were acting the part in the play which called for the use of a gun.  They used a target rifle which was supposed to be unloaded, buy happened to have a cartridge in it, which exploded and entered the back of the young man's head, killing him instantly.


Page 5


A Pennsylvania jury the other day found little Joe WOODS guilty of murder in the second degree.  Joe is 16 and several months ago he lured a little 9-year-old girl away from home and murdered her with a hatchet.  The boy is not insane and his lawyer made no plea of insanity in his case.

But, when the jury said "Guilty in the second degree," the prosecuting attorney said he was glad of it because he did not want to see the boy electrocuted.  The lawyer for the for the defense said he was glad of it because it was all he could have expected.

The jury seemed to have overlooked the law and made itself a court of equity inasmuch as the evidence clearly showed murder with deliberate intent, otherwise murder in the first degree.

But everybody is satisfied, including possibly Joe WOODS, who knows that life, even in prison, is sweet.

Such is a sample of the way our legal system - the product of weighty brains for ages, deals with problems that come before it all the time.  Joe WOODS was a stray boy.  He had practically no raising, was ignorant, backward in studies, and generally stupid.  He committed an atrocious crime and the law says he must suffer for it.  It is a beautiful system.  If Joe WOODS' parents had owned a pet cat and had gone away on a summer vacation without providing food for it, with with the result that the cat killed and ate a neighbor's canary, the parents could have been punished for cruelty to animals.  The law takes good care of animals, but apparently there is nothing in it to care for stray boys.

Joe WOODS will go to prison.  Prison for a boy at 16 is a find place to begin an education.  If Joe gets out at all, he will, at the least, be a stupid sort of man with an imperfect knowledge of some trade and nobody will hire him because he is an ex-convict.

At the worst Joe, will be turned out a hardened and highly educated criminal.

Stray boy problems are turning up all the time, but the attention they get is when somebody bemoans their existence loudly enough to be heard by half a dozen people who are as helpless as the bemoaner.

Wouldn't it be a good thing if there were some time a legislature which forgot the ??rnsty, the railroads, the advalorem tax and the political ambitions of its members long enough to consider and do something for the stray boy? -- Fort Worth Telegram.


Page 6


After an attack of typhoid fever the black hair of Calvin LYONS, aged 28 years of Lake City, Iowa became red.


Of four calves born on the farm of Charles ROBERTSON, near Chanute, Kan., the only survivor is being cared for in an incubator.


The chief of police in St. Louis is receiving requests from a certain class for residents to keep cows, pigs, chickens and dogs int he second story of the houses.


William WELCH of Vineland, N.J. attacked by a vicious cow, saved himself by choking the animal until she weakened sufficiently to enable him to escape.


W. H. FRYE, a mail clerk, 71 years old and engaged in his work since 1869, who has traveled 2,000,000, or eighty times around the world, calculates that he has eaten in thirty nine years, pies equivalent to a strip eighteen inches wide extending twenty-seven miles.


Page 8


R. P or R. B. WEBB of Alvord was transacting business in the city today.

Mrs. T. B. SMITH left this afternoon for Seymore to visit relatives.

W. H. TAYLOR of Holl???? is transacting business n the city today.

Miss Jane BELCHER of Henrietta arrived in the city this afternoon and is the guest of her sister, Miss Connie WILLS.

Ed GARDNER, one of Wichita county's progressive young farmers, was attending to business matters in the city today.

Mrs. M. I. JORDAN of Clarendon, who has been visiting her daughter Mrs. W. C. HEATH, of this city for the past two months, left for her home this afternoon.

H. L. LIBERMAN and son of Olney were here today on their way to Lawton, Oklahoma, where Mr. LIBERMAN is going to look after business matters.  He reports plenty of rain in the Olney country and fine crop prospects.  He believes that the differences between the railroad and the citizens of Olney will be adjusted satisfactorily to all parties concerned and that Olney will soon enter upon the most prosperous era the town has ever known. 



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