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Wise County, Texas Marriage Records.  Indexed by groom.  These marriage records include bride's name, groom's name and marriage date.

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Wise Co, Texas Marriage Records I-K

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Inklebarger, John Gregory, Virginia R. 27 Dec 1884
Ivy, Hugh Miller, Mrs. Sarah A. R. 18 Oct 1883
Jackson, Henry Loftis, Mary A. 14 Jan 1886
Jackson, J. S. Kidd, E. F. 8 Dec 1884
Jackson, Robert Russell, Rebecca 25 Dec 1884
Jackson, W. J. Pior, L. E. 15 Jan 1884
Jackson, W. M. Gose, Miss Josie 11 Nov 1883
James, George M. Grubbs, Miss Sarah M. 3 Dec 1882
Jarrell, A. J. Haus, Mrs. M. I. 28 Mar 1882
Jennings, H. D. Stewart, Miss Emma 13 May 1883
Johnson, A. N. Pond, Lou 1 Dec 1881
Johnson, J. D. Shaver, E. 3 Jul 1884
Johnson, M. L. Scroggins, Miss E. J. 26 Jun 1881
Johns, J. S. Flannery, Miss Martha Alice 30 Jul 1882
Johnson, J. C. Walls, Sallie C. 9 Jul 1882
Johnson, R. Parnell, Miss Dora 15 Jul 1882
Johnston, M. W. S. Walker, Miss Drucilla 3 Aug 1883
Jones, A. C. Green, Miss Eliza J. 2 Nov 1882
Jones, A. J. McCoy, Alice M. 3 Aug 1884
Jones, George M. Goodwin, Mary B. 13 Nov 1884
Jones, J. G. Sullins, Malinda E. 28 Oct 1884
Jones, J. L. Smith, Miss M. V. S. 4 Jan 1883
Jones, J. W. Brown, Miss E. B. 20 Dec 1881
Jones, J. Y. French, Annie 8 Sep 1884
Jones, James J. Mershon, Miss Mary 3 Dec 1882
Jordan, W. C. Haney, Mrs. Josephine 23 Dec 1883
Jules, J. H. Penrod, Miss V. A. 30 Nov 1890
Kane, G. V. Corney, Gabrella 3 Feb 1886
Kayser, F. W. Carpenter, Emma 13 Oct 1884
Keen, J. W. Bradley, Miss Caroline 24 Dec 1882
Keen, James T. Wolf, Miss Deel 5 Jan 1891
Keith, Samuel Simpson, Rosie 27 Apr 1884
Keller, George M. Miller, Miss Mary E. 29 May 1891
Kelsey, J. B. Lowrey, Miss J. A. 10 Mar 1882
Kennedy, Green Autry, Martha A. 28 Dec 1882
Keown, John A. Foster, Miss Mary L. 31 Dec 1882
Kidd, A. C. Castleman, S. M. 31 Oct 1882
Kilbough, G. A. Hulett, Miss E. G. 22 Feb 1883
Kilbough, W. A. Keetes, M. L. 4 Aug 1884
Kilgore, B. S. Harvey, M. E. 4 Jan 1882
Kimble, William H. Olson, Miss Breacha 21 Jun 1882
Kindle, George Scoggins, Miss Jennie 14 Jan 1883
Kindle, George Thompson, Rosie 27 Apr 1884
Kirby, R. E. Crenshaw, Mary Alice 30 Nov 1881
Kinnard, A. J. Bond, Miss Anna 3 Jan 1884
Knight, W. Wallace, Mary E. 4 Apr 1882
Koeninger, Joe F. Baker, Mary F. 28 Oct 1884
Koiner, D. W. Brownlow, Mrs. E. J. 4 Oct 1883
Kyle, A. J. Donaldson, Miss Catharine 3 Nov 1882
Surnames starting with:  A-B  C-D  E-F  G-H  I-K  L-M  N-O  P-R  S  T-V  W-Z

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