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Wise County, Texas Marriage Records.  Indexed by groom.  These marriage records include bride's name, groom's name and marriage date.

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Wise Co, Texas Marriage Records P-R

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Palmer, D. D. Wiley, Miss Mattie 24 Dec 1882
Palmer, J. F. Chumley, Miss Mattie 4 Nov 1883
Parrot, J. W. Osborne, Mrs. A. E. 21 Jun 1885
Parson, J. F. Heffner, Elmira 30 Dec 1884
Paschall, M. K. Scrimpshire, Alice 16 Jun 1882
Paschall, R. Meredith, Bettie 24 Sep 1884
Patterson, J. B. Douglass, Mrs. Diana 13 May 1883
Patterson, J. W. Baker, Miss Fannie V. 24 Nov 1881
Patterson, Wm. Haggerty, Sarah 30 Dec 1885
Patton, G. M. Jones, C. J. 11 May 1884
Paturn, J. P. Johnson, Miss Lillie R. 13 Nov 1890
Pavillard, C. Wilkinson, Annie 22 May 1884
Payne, A. D. McGowan, Levona Y. 21 Jan 1886
Payne, J. B. F. Hefley, G. A. 2 Oct 1884
Payne, J. C. Palmer, Miss Adolphus 19 Nov 1890
Payne, Thomas Francis Marion Boley, Miss Sarah Margaret 11 Oct 1883
Pearson, H. J. Kelly, Hattie P. 14 Apr 1882
Pennington, J. W. Glosup, E. J. 6 Sep 1884
Perkins, George A. Prince, Josephine 13 Nov 1881
Perrin, A. B. Williams, Miss Maude 9 Dec 1890
Perrin, T. Sensibaugh, Miss Jennie 28 Jun 1883
Perry, H. E. Beasley, Miss Cynthia A. 5 Dec 1882
Perry, R. B. Moore, Mrs. A. C. 17 Aug 1884
Perry, R. S. Fitzgerald, Mattie 16 Nov 1884
Perry, T. C.  Hugh, Mrs. Gollie 18 Jan 1883
Phillips, W. A. Proctor, Miss Belle M. 10 Dec 1882
Plout, Thomas Cook, Miss H. 29 Jul 1883
Plumlee, W. C. Bird, Miss M. L. 6 Apr 1891
Plywell, J. F. Banick, Mrs. W. A. 18 Oct 1883
Poe, T. M. Trayler, Miss Mary F. 25 Sep 1883
Poole, S. C. Maxey, Mrs. M. A. 7 May 1883
Potter, Clark L. Taylor, Miss Elizabeth A. 18 Dec 1881
Poundexter, W. A. Whellock, N. J. 22 Jun 1882
Powers, James A. Hamilton, Miss Matilda 20 Mar 1883
Preskitt, R. N. Williamson, Miss J. A. 6 Aug 1882
Preskitt, M. W. Jr. McIntyre, R. 3 Jul 1884
Preskitt, S. D. Anders, Lena 19 Sep 1884
Preston, W. R. Lawrence, Mrs. Josephine 13 Aug 1882
Previtt, G. M. Baldwin, W. G. W. 16 Jul 1884
Previtt, James Goodwright, Virginia A. 9 Sep 1885
Price, J. B. Mathews, Mrs. Mary 5 Oct 1884
Price, J. T. Dryer, Mrs. S. E. 4 Nov 1883
Price, W. T. Morgan, M. C. 21 Sep 1884
Proctor, J. R. Conner, Miss Janie 26 Dec 1890
Proctor, R. M. Bailey, Mary E. 3 Dec 1885
Proctor, William Boggs, Miss Hettie 1 Jan 1883
Prother, W. F. Kepler, Miss M. J. 25 Nov 1883
Pry, B. S. O. Jones, Josephine 25 Feb 1884
Puryear, H. E. Summerville, Miss A. I. 15 Oct 1883
Quinn, Moses Wood, Nannie E. 4 May 1884
Radford, J. C. Williams, N. J. 9 Nov 1882
Ragland, J. W. Brown, Miss Caruida 27 Jan 1886
Raibourn, John F. Patton, Mrs. Mary A. 4 Nov 1883
Ramsdale, J. M. Burnett, Annie 1 Nov 1884
Ramsdale, J. F. Peak, M. L. 5 Oct 1884
Ramsey, J. N. Byers, Mary J. 24 Dec 1890
Ratliff, J. H. Kindrick, Miss Maggie 30 Mar 1891
Ratliffe, A. E. Warren, Miss Mollie 27 Sep 1882
Ray, J. C. Miller, Miss G. A. 1 Jul 1885
Ray, John Gordon, Mrs. Alice 5 Jul 1883
Ray, W. E. Ball, Miss J. V. 30 Aug 1883
Razor, A. J. Rose, Miss Nancy J. 21 Dec 1882
Read, J. H. Taylor, Miss L. A. 25 Nov 1885
Read, J. T. Anderson, Delia 26 Feb 1882
Read, W. O. King, Eva 1 Sep 1884
Reed, George H. Motsonbocker, Miss Sylvanie 1 Oct 1882
Reed, H. W. Austin, Lula 19 Jan 1882
Reed, R. L. King, Miss Mattie E. 1 Apr 1891
Reeves, N. A. Read, Miss S. J. 15 Feb 1885
Reeves, W. B. Cook, Mary Ellen 3 May 1885
Reid, G. H. Glover, Miss M. E. 1 Feb 11883
Reid, George T. Hutchinson, L. Lee 29 Nov 1884
Reid, N. A. Austin, Miss N. E. 9 Jan 1884
Reid, R. M. Sewell, Miss E. H. 28 Nov 1883
Renfro, J. M. Harmon, Miss M. A. 3 Jan 1886
Rennels, J. T. White, Sarah 22 Nov 1885
Rennels, W. J. Taylor, Miss M. J. 220 Dec 11885
Revils, Riley Walker, Miss Julia 29 Dec 1881
Ribble, J. N. Green, Eula 15 Jan 1891
Rice, A. D. Smith, Susan 7 May 1884
Rich, E. C. Taylor, Miss M. E. 8 Jul 1885
Rich, I. C. Ingram, Miss S. A. 23 Dec 1883
Rich, N. M. Oldham, Miss S. F. 20 Dec 1885
Richardson, B. F. Preevill, L. 18 May 1884
Richardson, K. T. Clymer, Miss Mollie 24 Dec 1890
Richardson, R. K. Sutton, M. E. 19 Sep 1884
Rinker, A. F. Price, Mrs. R. J. 22 Aug 1883
Rish, N. W. Ivey, Miss Leona 10 or 14 May 1891
Robason, C. C. Miller, Sarah F. 13 Nov 1885
Robbett, W. C. Wallace, Almira 20 Aug 1882
Roberts, G. W. Shortis, Miss Anna 4 Dec 1881
Roberts, J. J. Day, Alice 23 Mar 1884
Roberts, John Kingston, Miss Ida 7 Jun 1883
Robertson, J. H. McCraw, Miss M. J. 19 Aug 1883
Robertson, Samuel A. Smith, Bettie 12 Nov 1885
Robinson, J. Q. Derrick, Miss M. W. 24 May 1885
Rodgers, A. P. Webb, Nancy B. 28 Sep 1882
Rodgers, Henry Robertson, Miss E. 8 Jul 1883
Rodgers, W. J. Willmuth, Miss Ella 10 Feb 1883
Rogers, J. L. Williams, Mattie 21 Feb 1884
Rogers, J. W. Willis, M. A. 4 Nov 1884
Rogers, J. W. Hollis, Miss Mary L. 1 Jan 1885
Rogers, John H. Washburn, Miss Fannie 10 Sep 1883
Rogers, John W. Mullins, Miss Berta 17 Dec 1890
Rogers, P. J. Stamps, Mrs. N. C. 27 Jul 1884
Rogers, R. A. Moore, Miss Fannie 7 Jun 1883
Roller, S. W. Hunter, Mattie 6 Aug 1882
Rose, W. P. Laws, Miss Winnie 30 Sep 1883
Rose, William Ferguson, L. N. 28 Dec 1884
Rosenbert, C. L. Wheelis, Miss Eliza 19 Jan 1891
Rowan, W. R. McIntosh, Miss M. S. 1 Jan 1884
Rowden, R. J. Hobbs, Laura Belle 24 Feb 1884
Rowlett, R. R. Waits, C. E. 13 Aug 1882
Ruffman, Henry Yarbrough, Miss Ann 19 May 1883
Rush, William Muligin, M. E. 6 Jul 1882
Russell, J. C. Younger, Miss M. A. 2 Jul 1885
Russell, J. E. May, Miss S. L. 21 Dec 1890
Ruth, Jacob McCabe, Mrs. W. E. 24 Jul 1884
Rylunt, H. B. Watson, E. V. 1 Nov 1883
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